Grand Prix Las Vegas Day Two Metagame Analysis

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By Randy Buehler

Here's what made it to Day 2:

10 Donate
9 Junk
7 Walamies
5 Three-Deuce
3 Stasis
3 Sligh
3 The Rock and his Millions
3 Turboland
2 Secret Force
2 Green-Blue Control
1 Miracle Grow
1 Countersliver
1 Wild Zombies
1 Threshold Geddon
1 Enchantress
1 Finkula
1 Five-color green
1 Instant.dec
1 Oath
1 Tinker
1 Samurai-jack
1 Life

Basically, Donate came in as the most played deck, though it was only 13%. It was still the most played deck on day 2 and in fact made up a slightly higher percentage of the field. However, you can already see the green decks (especially the green-black deck) starting their charge up the standings. By the time day 2 ended there wasn't a single Donate anywhere in the Top 16 or a single blue card anywhere in the Top 8. The Top 8 was all green decks: 2 Junk decks, 2 copies of the Rock and his millions, 2 Three-Deuce, one Wild Zombies, and one Threshold-Geddon.

The tournament was summed up well by the performance of Alan Comer. He showed up with a neat new anti-Donate deck (called Miracle Grow) that could become a fixture at upcoming qualifiers because it does such a good job of smashing Donate. However, by the end of day 2 he found himself above all the Donate decks in the standings and got edged out of the Top 8 by decks that were a bit more flexible.

Your guess is s good as mine as to what happens to Extended now and if you guess right, you get to go to Osaka.

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