Grand Prix London Round 12 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on May 1, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Pauwels, Shaun [BEL]Won 2-1vs.Toth, Jakub [CZE]
2Barclay, Allan [NZL]Lost 0-2vs.Kwang, Sam [ENG]
3Rosenbak, Morten [DNK]Won 2-0vs.Esser, Florian [DEU]
4Andersson, Henrik [SWE]Won 2-0vs.Nielsen, Søren [DNK]
5Porojan, Raul [DEU]Won 2-0vs.Taylor, Nicholas [ENG]
6Sele, Yves [CHE]Lost 0-2vs.Savage, Jason P [ENG]
7Ho, Jun Feng Jack [SGP]Lost 1-2vs.Bergonzoni, Luca [ITA]
8Hammerer, Lucas T [AUT]Lost 1-2vs.Grant, David A [ENG]
9Lindström, Martin R [SWE]Won 2-0vs.Juza, Martin [CZE]
10Bevere, Gianluca I [ITA]Lost 0-2vs.Mather, Andrew D [ENG]
11Maxwell, Michael [ENG]Lost 0-2vs.Mulato, Daniel [ITA]
12Kondrk, Marcel [SVK]Lost 0-2vs.Nosowicz, Karol [POL]
13Cassini, Gregory [FRA]Lost 1-2vs.Levy, Raphael [FRA]
14Blake, Kevin [ENG]Won 2-1vs.Hugony, Francesco [ITA]
15Knight, Mark [ENG]Won 2-1vs.Sarti, Nicolò [ITA]
16Golia, Patrizio [ITA]Won 2-1vs.Svedby, Fredrik [SWE]
17Szegho, Dalibor [SVK]Won 2-0vs.Köstler, Jonas [DEU]
18Nordahl, Andreas [NOR]Won 2-0vs.Royde, Daniel [ENG]
19Star, Leon [NLD]Won 2-0vs.Darnhofer, Robert [DEU]
20Cattrysse, Sabbe [BEL]Won 2-0vs.Grover, Charlie [ENG]
21Samra, Baljeet [ENG]Lost 1-2vs.Nakamura, Shuuhei [JPN]
22Kopec, Mateusz [POL]Lost 0-2vs.Musial, Lukasz [ENG]
23Jurkovic, Robert [SVK]Lost 0-2vs.Scoones, Ben [ENG]
24Richardson, Thom [ENG]Lost 0-2vs.Huang, Jan [ENG]
25Mcgovern, Mark [IRL]Lost 1-2vs.Bertiou, Simon [GRC]
26Frezard, Julien M [FRA]Lost 0-2vs.Severin, Thoralf [DEU]
27Henshaw, Christopher J [ENG]Won 2-1vs.Hart, Thomas [ENG]
28La Placa, Andrea [ITA]Won 2-1vs.Wilbrand, Robert [DEU]
29Koch, Florian [DEU]Lost 0-2vs.Kristensson, Martin [SWE]
30Gregoir, Christophe [BEL]Lost 1-2vs.Vallin, Hannu [FIN]
31Canavesi, Daniele [ITA]Won 2-0vs.Abed, Arasch [ENG]
32Lane, Adam [ENG]Won 2-0vs.Guzel, Adam [AUS]
33Ganz, Andreas [CHE]Lost 0-2vs.Bohny, Nico [CHE]
34Floch, Ivan [SVK]Won 2-1vs.Lemoine, Vincent [BEL]
35Bosler, Fabian [DEU]Won 2-1vs.Pikula, Chris P [USA]
36Young, Paul [ENG]Lost 1-2vs.Llano, Enrique [ESP]
37Deltour, Louis [FRA]Won 2-1vs.Oberg, Kenny [SWE]
38Weidemann, Felix [DEU]Won 2-1vs.Gräfensteiner, Daniel [DEU]
39Mango, Gennaro [ITA]Won 2-1vs.Van Luijtelaar, Michae [NLD]
40Kim, Nikolaj [DEU]Lost 1-2vs.Van Medevoort, Robert [NLD]
41Bjørnerud, Sveinung [NOR]Won 2-0vs.Ruel, Olivier [FRA]
42Samra, Manveer S [ENG]Won 2-1vs.Patarca, Humberto [VEN]
Davis, Ian [ENG] * BYE *
Vegh, Tomas [SVK] * BYE *
Hill, Oliver G [ENG] * BYE *
Jaklovsky, Lukas [CZE] * BYE *
Patrick, Blaine [USA] * BYE *

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