Grand Prix Montreal Coverage Round 2 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on March 15, 2014

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Amar, Selim [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Li, Chen [USA]
2Schnayer, David [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Mens, Devin [CAN]
3Marion, Daniel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.McVean, Daniel [CAN]
4Johnson, Connor [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cormier, Frank [CAN]
5Matteau, Jean-Philippe [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Pinsky, Matt [CAN]
6Bouchard, Yoan [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Thibeault, Vincent [CAN]
7Cormier, Mario [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bold Wark, Lewis [CAN]
8Couture, Mathieu [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Hopkins, Michael [USA]
9Gascon, Jean Francois [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lourie, Jared [USA]
10Sacks, Neal [USA]Won 2-1vs.Duthoit, Xavier [CAN]
11Cadieux, Alexandre [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Morency, Antoine [CAN]
12Shiels, Brian [USA]Won 2-0vs.Canham, Derek [CAN]
13Trudel, Christian [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Morison, Kyle [USA]
14Maisonneuve, François [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lazaro, Andrew [USA]
15Page, Stephane [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Minick, Mark [USA]
16Strause, Brandon [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Bresett, John W [USA]
17Hernandez, Marcos [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lebel, Maxime [CAN]
18Renaud, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Colapelle, Alex [CAN]
19Cameron, Shaun [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Grondin, Alexandre [CAN]
20Arteau, Gabriel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Green, Kevin [CAN]
21Be, Ronald [CAN]Won 2-0vs.St-Hilaire, Gabriel [CAN]
22Elder, Dylan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Freedman, Kevin [CAN]
23Merowsky, Nick [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Lozinski, Daniel [CAN]
24Monette, Hugo-Olivier [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dubé, Jean-sebastien [CAN]
25Daigle, Carl-Francis [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Stevens, Chris [CAN]
26Cousins, Charles [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Watters, Ryan [CAN]
27Schulz, Brendan [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Canieso, Robert [USA]
28Drouin, Simon [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Liu, Ying-Di [CAN]
29Badrudin, Karim [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Prémont, Antoine [CAN]
30Casselman, Jeffrey [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lau, Toby [CAN]
31Egashira, Kenji T [USA]Won 2-1vs.Black, Seth [CAN]
32Drouin-Bourque, Ariel [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Paske, Logan [CAN]
33Gendron, Marc-Olivier [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Pepin, Alain [USA]
34Usman, Nicholas [USA]Won 2-1vs.Danilkow, Alex [CAN]
35Diamant Boustead, Andr [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Robert, Francis [CAN]
36Longo, Tyler [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Wu, Gavin [USA]
37Neuteboom, Chris [USA]Won 2-0vs.Chamberland, Colin [CAN]
38Seguin, Alexandre [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Danylyshen, Nicholas [CAN]
39McNamara, Brendan [USA]Won 2-1vs.Seagram, Jason [CAN]
40De Blois-Richer, Chris [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Finn, Robert [CAN]
41Bergeron, Mathieu [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Ngo, Jackson [CAN]
42Gagne, Timothy [USA]Won 2-0vs.Tibbetts, Fraser [CAN]
43Risi, Geoff [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Herr, Joshua [USA]
44Murphy, Melissa [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Duguay, Maxime [CAN]
45Bourque, Bobby [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Joyall, Vince [CAN]
46Edmunds, chris j [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Yamasaki, Shogo [CAN]
47Nyström, Per [SWE]Won 2-0vs.Wang, Linda [USA]
48Dearing, David [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Kovac, Chase [USA]
49Yee, Jonathan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Trites, Ceilidh [CAN]
50Shao, Xiran [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Pincus, Max [USA]
51Davids, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Davis, Angus W [CAN]
52Berry, Evan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Renton, Stephen [CAN]
53Hall, Mathew [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kashmar, Ali [CAN]
54Sun, Blake [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Roy, Marc-Andre [CAN]
55Song, John [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Anning, Devon [CAN]
56Repta, Joel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Carter, Harrison [CAN]
57Belanger, Guillaume [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Guitard, Sean [CAN]
58Galves, Victor [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Rivard, Maxime [CAN]
59Lapierre, Samuel [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Brandon, Alan [CAN]
60Herr, Elijah [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Bedard, Raphael [CAN]
61Jette, Fabien [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Abalos, Sam [USA]
62Sivaneswaran, Jeremy [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cecchetti, Daniel [USA]
63Simard, Marc [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Thompson, Connor [USA]
64Benoit, David [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Labranche, Frederic [CAN]
65Vegh, Michael [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Murphy, Joshua [CAN]
66Beaulieu, Marc [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Quevillon, Jonathan [CAN]
67Woyiwada, Tyler [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Morizet, Matthieu [FRA]
68Bergeron, Julien [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Leahy, Nicholas [CAN]
69Vossen, Alex [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Nadon, Alexandre [CAN]
70Denault, Jean-Francois [CAN]Won 2-1vs.De Vries, Peter [CAN]
71Painchaud, Guillaume [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Heittola, Carl [CAN]
72Lavalliere, Michael [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Blaquiere, Julien [CAN]
73Bastos, Russell [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Arthur, Patrick [CAN]
74Beaudry Auger, Nicolas [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Martineau, Robert [CAN]
75Moir, Ben [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Shvachkin, Gabriel [USA]
76Harabas, Christopher [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Pigeon, Jeffrey [CAN]
77Priemer, Tyler [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Westbrook, Matthew [USA]
78Jarrell, Amanda [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Terrasse, Nicolas [CAN]
79Joyce, Adam [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Garant-Rousseau, Guill [CAN]
80Cyrenne, Mathieu [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Miller, Andrew [USA]
81Beaudet-racine, Marc-a [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Laterreur, Etienne [CAN]
82Pelletier, Martin [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Villeneuve, Sebastien [CAN]
83Fink, Erik [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Znoj, Tyler [CAN]
84Abela, Andrew [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Tse, Felix [CAN]
85Hier, David [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Birrell, Taylor [CAN]
86Bastien, Christian [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Poirier, Eric [CAN]
87Deslauriers, Marc [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Cantin, Lawrence [CAN]
88Nguyen, Rob [USA]Won 2-0vs.Labuda, Lucas [USA]
89Findlay, Andrew [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Pitsikoulis, John [CAN]
90Zarichny, Brandon [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Levstein, Alexander [CAN]
91Titizian, Sam [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Xiao, Liu [CHN]
92Boyko, Ivan [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Boyd, Sam [CAN]
93Roy, Mageael [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Fournier, Michel [CAN]
94Diminie, Josh [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Thibault, Gregoire [CAN]
95Piazza, Jon [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Patelakis, Steve [CAN]
96Leonard, Christopher [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Payot, Mathieu [CAN]
97Large, George [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Yu, Fred [CAN]
98Arella, Alex [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Laurin-Fortier, Thierr [CAN]
99Prado, Adrian [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Payne, Daniel M [CAN]
100Frebrowski, Daniel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Douglass, Andrew [USA]
101Bell, Steve [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hsieh, Ken [CAN]
102Savic, Mark [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Couture, Felix [CAN]
103Desaulniers, Charles [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ribeiro, David Antonio [CAN]
104Marchand, Simon [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Ho, Eric (Ting) [CAN]
105Gareau, Philippe [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Deer, Kenyon [CAN]
106Cuellar, Christopher [USA]Won 2-0vs.Moran, Nate [USA]
107Stewart, Kevin [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Xu, Gang [CAN]
108Bartsch, Alexander [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Guay-Provost, Philippe [CAN]
109Goupil, Jonathan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tremblay, Martin [ECU]
110Sawyer, Dave [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Zhang, Peter [CAN]
111He, Daniel [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Robison, Billy [USA]
112Mackenzie, Ronald [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ha, Chris C [CAN]
113Werbalowsky, Sam [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Joseph-Pare, Bertrand [CAN]
114Gagne, Sebastien [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lepine, Tomy [CAN]
115King, Kevin [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Liquidano, Jairo [CAN]
116Santiago, Jeffery [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Pirat, Guillaume [CAN]
117Wong, Matthew [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Dufour, Jimmy [CAN]
118Cheung, Tom [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.McEachern, Robert [CAN]
119Vieira, Pedro [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Wohns, Dan [CAN]
120Young, Matthew [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kaplow, Robert [CAN]
121Simpson, Ian [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.PERRIN, NICHOLAS [CAN]
122LeRoux, Colette [USA]Won 2-0vs.Liorti, Andrew [CAN]
123Cohen, Zach [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bilodeau, David [CAN]
124Reardon, Justin [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Choi, Jerome [CAN]
125Nguyen, Lan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Chu, Stephen [CAN]
126Boudias, Axel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Comber, Jonathon [CAN]
127Lafenetre, Gael [FRA]Won 2-1vs.Lemish, Josh E [CAN]
128Hurej, John [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lai, Conan [CAN]
129Arends, Randolph [USA]Lost 0-2vs.O'Neil, Will [USA]
130Griffith, Michael [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Nixon, Jon R [CAN]
131Poirier, Maxime [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Dubreuil, Patrice [CAN]
132Vuong, Richie [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Rousseau, Pierre-Antoi [CAN]
133Tran, Mykael [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Brennan, Gerald [USA]
134Watson, Chris [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kelahan, Seamus [USA]
135Allen, Thomas [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Chabot, Stephane [CAN]
136Graham, Lawrence [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Adams, Kevin [CAN]
137ONeill, Johnathan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Houde, Louis [CAN]
138zzVIP Allard, Françoi [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Kukla, Nicholas [USA]
139Gurette-Villeneuve, Fé [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Ashley, Romario [CAN]
140Pirro, Jacob [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Ball, Chris [CAN]
141zzVIP Balle, Sam [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Mekallach, Ahmed [CAN]
142Beland-Daigle, Alexand [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Baszto, Michael [USA]
143Lacroix, Francis [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Pasch, Korey [CAN]
144Blackwell, Jeremy [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Sachlas, Peter [CAN]
145Gomelyuk, Andre [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Cochrane, Olivier [CAN]
146McIelwain, Glenn [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Paquet, Alex Steve [CAN]
147Kalbfleisch, Robert [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Bishop, Eric [CAN]
148Marien, Jean-Francois [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Gelinas, Mathieu [CAN]
149zzVIP Blanchet, Andrew [USA]Won 2-1vs.Sigrist, Christian [USA]
150zzVIP Bliss, Travis [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Gaspari, Philip-Gianni [CAN]
151Dufour, Terrence [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Blevins, John [USA]
152zzVIP Bremner, John [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Pigeon, Justin [CAN]
153Wong, David [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Brezinski, Mark [USA]
154Leggett, Jonathan [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Giordano, Patrick [USA]
155Lam, Steven [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Brule, Simon [CAN]
156zzVIP Brumsey, Peter [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Murray, Aaron [CAN]
157Ouellet, Benjamin [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Bu-Mansour, Chad [CAN]
158zzVIP Carr, Mary-Kate [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Pineault, Mark [CAN]
159Tremblay, Jérome [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Rambarran, Ricardo [CAN]
160Burrows, Matthew [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Chau, Raymond [CAN]
161Gauthier, Samuel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Savoie, Alexandre [CAN]
162Dion, Gabriel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Clarke, Brendan [CAN]
163Snow, Jonathan [USA]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Cogdill, Jeremy [USA]
164Pluim, Adam [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Linton, Richard [CAN]
165zzVIP Cook, Tyler [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Hallett, Robbie [USA]
166Babin, Francis [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Cooney, Peter [CAN]
167zzVIP Cooper, John [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Savard, Jp [CAN]
168Dang, Viet [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Potvin, Guillaume [CAN]
169zzVIP Couture, Dan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Wilson, Karen [CAN]
170zzVIP Darlow, Ari [USA]Won 2-0vs.Marshall, Samuel [CAN]
171Russell, Thomas [USA]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Darlow, Kyle [USA]
172Janes, Brian [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Worrall, Ryan [CAN]
173zzVIP Desrosiers, Rafa [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Buduroi, Nicolas [CAN]
174zzVIP Dore, Alexandre [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Depratto, Marc [CAN]
175Tsigounis, Thomas [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Dowsett, Barry [CAN]
176zzVIP Dreher, Gregory [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Simard, Yves [CAN]
177Bennett, Haydn [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Evangelho, Ricardo [CAN]
178Kramer, Daniel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kohos, James [CAN]
179Gurevych, William Jame [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Eadie, Tyler [CAN]
180Blackborow, Josh [USA]Won 2-0vs.Funchion, John [CAN]
181zzVIP Fairley, John [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Beauregard, Benoit [CAN]
182Barber, William [USA]Won 2-0vs.Desbiens, Alex [CAN]
183zzVIP Fritz, James A [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Rioux, Marc-Antoine [CAN]
184Stocker, Karl [USA]Won 2-1vs.Mullahoo, Steven [USA]
185Achilles, Brian [USA]Won 2-1vs.Marcotte, Guillaume [CAN]
186Michaud, Frederic [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Gallagher, Rober [CAN]
187zzVIP Gaudreau, Jean-D [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Perami, Keivan [CAN]
188Santa, Richard [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Pedersen, Chris [CAN]
189Chareux, Francois [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Gurnther, Nolan [CAN]
190Jones, Nathan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Bertone, Christopher [USA]
191Daigle, Stephane [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Rollet-boutin, Simon-c [CAN]
192Imery, Jesus [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Kunkel, Jeremy [CAN]
193De Sousa, Justin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Mitchell, Kyle [CAN]
194Lavoie, Alex [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Huard, Yan [CAN]
195Miller, Matthew [USA]Won 2-0vs.Belanger, Patrick [CAN]
196zzVIP Hurst, Christoph [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Wolfman, Steven [CAN]
197Leverone, Ryan [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Elliott, Garth [USA]
198zzVIP Jung, Leo [USA]Won 2-0vs.Elzeisa, Daniel [CAN]
199zzVIP Jung, Theodore [USA]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Dutton, Mathew [CAN]
200zzVIP Kasunich, Rodney [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Sachs, Matthew [CAN]
201Francoeur, Maxime [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Kilravey, Matthe [CAN]
202zzVIP Kirwan, John [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Beaulieu, Jean Paul [CAN]
203Manios, Timothy [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Lachance, Jonath [CAN]
204Hui, Brian [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Laforest, Mark [CAN]
205Boismenu, Mathieu [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Laufer, Ben [USA]
206Cournoyer-Michel, Maël [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Lawfer, Max [USA]
207Lemelin, Laurent [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Lavigne, Mario [CAN]
208Parlato, Richie [USA]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Lee, Jackie [USA]
209Yang, Daniel [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Lemery, Jason [USA]
210Le, Thi Xuan Thu [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Leon Valencia, F [CAN]
211zzVIP Liu, Brian Jason [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Tampold, Mik [CAN]
212Oake, Evalyn [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Louie, Shawn [USA]
213Helguero, Marcos [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Richard, Pascal J [CAN]
214zzVIP Madden, Gregory [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Detmer, Jameson [USA]
215zzVIP Mann, Tyler [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Sauvé, David [CAN]
216zzVIP Marin, Alan [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Gagnon, Louis [CAN]
217Foot, Derek [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Matthews, Mark [CAN]
218Job, Scott [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Ernst, Phillip [USA]
219Wang, Austin [CAN]Drew 1-1-1vs.zzVIP Mercier, Frederi [CAN]
220Carrier, Samuel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Monh, Christopher [CAN]
221zzVIP Millspaugh, Just [USA]Won 2-0vs.Cooney, Steven [CAN]
222zzVIP Moles, Tommy [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Menard, Pierre [CAN]
223Mercier, Maxime [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP MacInnis, Alex [CAN]
224Robert, Pierre Olivier [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Rudyak, Rada [USA]
225Garceau, Veronique [CAN]Drew 1-1vs.zzVIP Murillo-Rivard, [CAN]
226Deragon, Alexandre [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Nowak, Richard [CAN]
227Vaillant, Nicolas [FRA]Won 2-0vs.Kotok, Malcolm [USA]
228Sandrin, Ryan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Baumiller, Ronald [CAN]
229Fortin5167, Alexandre [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Marsh, Jordan [CAN]
230Cosic, Refik [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Tardif, Danny [CAN]
231Poulin, Guillaume [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Pham Le, John Da [CAN]
232Rousseau, Hugo [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Picard5625, Maxi [CAN]
233Thompson, Kale [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Lewis, Mike [CAN]
234Gao, Jeffrey [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Sagermann, Christian [CAN]
235Baillargeon, Pierre [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Wong, Marcus [CAN]
236Filiatrault, Benoit [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Provost, Jonatha [CAN]
237Dewan, Kanwaljeet [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Putnam, Zackary [USA]
238Mai, Gary [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Champagne, Michael [CAN]
239zzVIP Ray, Alexander [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Parker, Gregory [USA]
240Vincent Ardea, Félix [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Chenard, Julien [CAN]
241Arnold, Andrew M [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Hancock, Lewis [CAN]
242Carroll, Maya [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Asselin, Erick [CAN]
243zzVIP Robert, Mathieu [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Mirehouse, Clayton [CAN]
244zzVIP Rochon, Jeremy [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Krasnozon, Jefferey [CAN]
245zzVIP Roussy, Guy [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tiger, Daniel [CAN]
246Sun, Raymond [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.zzVIP Sarmiento, Louis [CAN]
247zzVIP Schwab, Jason [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Van Driel, Boaz [NLD]
248zzVIP Seto, Galone [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Courtemanche, Ma [CAN]
249Demaine, Cory [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Braun, Benjamin [MAR]
250Franzini, Giancarlo E [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lesage, Robert [CAN]
251Duffield, Ryan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lacelle5636, Olivier [CAN]
252Topping, Greg [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lewis, Jonathan [USA]
253Frey, Liam [USA]Lost 0-2vs.zzVIP Stapleton, Joshu [CAN]
254zzVIP Stewart, David [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hotman, Jacob [USA]
255Gervais, Simon [CAN]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Tang, Jacky [CAN]
256Boutin, Jon [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ando, Michael [USA]
257Martoni, Tim [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Belhumeur, Scott [CAN]
258zzVIP Tremblay, John [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Simard, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
259Volclair, Cyrille [FRA]Won 2-0vs.Gagné, Étienne [CAN]
260zzVIP Turcotte, Owen [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Mathers, Avery [CAN]
261zzVIP Turpin, Jacques [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Yeung, Stephan [CAN]
262Jeffrey, Scott [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Evans, Lyra [CAN]
263Bouthot, Olivier [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Sciesinski, Marcin [IRL]
264Lambert, Alyssa [USA]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Viau, Laurent [CAN]
265Hancock, Willy [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Dutson, Corey [CAN]
266Caltabiano, Giancarlo [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Wells, Todd [CAN]
267Gago, Daniel [USA]Won 2-0vs.zzVIP Wise, Kevin [CAN]
268Thatcher, Kevin [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Bonov, Alexander [BGR]
269Seigman, Daniel [USA]Won 2-1vs.Blais Bourget, Gabriel [CAN]
270Abcede, Ryan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Larsson, Chris [CAN]
271Capalongan, Ronald [USA]Won 2-1vs.Simmonds, Nicholas J [CAN]
272Dumont, Xavier [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Wakeman, Tommy John [USA]
273Preda, Ciprian [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kraft, Vincent [CAN]
274Disterheft, Julian [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Goldfarb, David [CAN]
275Tolls, Daniel [CAN]Drew 1-1-1vs.Davis, Brandon J [CAN]
276Scott, Kenny [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Choy, Charles [CAN]
277O'Connor, Aaron [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bautista, Gino [USA]
278Harrigan, Daniel [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Leblanc Falardeau, Céd [CAN]
279Vazquez, John-Philip [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Calvez, Pierre [CAN]
280Wright, Philip [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Dean, Paul [CAN]
281Greenidge, Jamal [USA]Won 2-0vs.De Carolis, Paul [CAN]
282Roy, Gabriel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Littman, Fai [CAN]
283Navid, Pedram [CAN]Won 2-0vs.duford, dan [USA]
284Ross-Latour, Jeremie [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Johnston, Vincent [CAN]
285Wojceshonek, Brad [USA]Won 2-1vs.Belley, Eric [CAN]
286Aw, Roland [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dizon, Mark [CAN]
287Samms, Phil [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Longo, Andrew [USA]
288Meyers, Stephen [USA]Won 2-1vs.Pileggi, Riccardo [CAN]
289Hamel, Julien [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Palamar, Max [CAN]
290Desjardins, Nicolas [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Demers, Hugo [CAN]
291Santos, Diego [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kandziolka, James R [USA]
292Vincent, Dominic [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Sanderson, Scott [USA]
293Mainville, Olivier [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Hill, Zac [USA]
294McDonough, Adam [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Ma, Will [CAN]
295Allan, Dane [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cousins, Adam [CAN]
296Tavernier, John [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Gray, Andrew [CAN]
297Lens, Sacha [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Searles, James [USA]
298Shliselberg, Michael [USA]Won 2-0vs.Fazio, Andrew [CAN]
299MacLellan, Gary [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bakker, Les [CAN]
300Pangman, Robert [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Shannon, Brodie [CAN]
301Roussie, Shane [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Plouffe, Jeremi [CAN]
302Damien, Francois [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Zimmermann, Eric [CAN]
303Lu, Garry [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bolduc, Maxime [CAN]
304Jette, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Polyakov, Alex [USA]
305Kaspar, Kendall [USA]Won 2-0vs.Butler, Christopher [CAN]
306Girard, Maxime [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Druschel, Kevin [USA]
307LYRETTE, STYVE [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Flavell, Steven [CAN]
308Feeley, Sam [USA]Won 2-1vs.Tyndall, Nate [CAN]
309De Azevedo Piovezan, F [BRA]Lost 0-2vs.Johnstone, Ian [CAN]
310Wan, Jeffrey [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Buchanan, Jessica [CAN]
311Mcallister, Carl [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Carino, Joseph [CAN]
312Poulin, Anthony [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Fox, Christopher [CAN]
313Langevin, Marjorie [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Finch, Matthew [CAN]
314Wong, Luan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.tsitiridis, peter W [CAN]
315Bilodeau, Sebastian [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Hoel, Jeremy [CAN]
316Wells, Venu [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Gagné, Pierre-Alexandr [CAN]
317Petronzio, Nicolas [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Oneill, Thomas [CAN]
318Giles, Michael [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Malchman, Noah [USA]
319Ivany, Roger [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dykes, Cristina [USA]
320LeBlanc, Bobby [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lachance, Marc-Antoine [CAN]
321Beamish, Malcolm [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Vega, William [CAN]
322Romano, Enzo [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tang, Daniel [CAN]
323Dumais Allain, Hugo [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Morozov, Kirill [CAN]
324Braun, William [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tremblay, Sébastien [CAN]
325Courtney, Daniel [USA]Won 2-0vs.Ghadiri, Misha [CAN]
326Roy, Vincent [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Dunkelman, Steven [CAN]
327McClellan, Mason [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lalonde, Chris [CAN]
328Boudreau, David [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Johnston, Chad [CAN]
329McMahon, David [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Monast, David [CAN]
330Shrestha, Bishwa [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bruce, Andrea [CAN]
331Czaja, Brandon [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Nadeau, Jerome [CAN]
332Lussier, Maxime [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Blanchette, Jamie [CAN]
333Tan, Marcus [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Anctil, Kevin [CAN]
334Berube, Philippe [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kimmell, Dylan [CAN]
335Giustino, Anthony [USA]Won 2-1vs.Brian, Thomas [CAN]
336Rourke, Justin [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Guérette, Simon [CAN]
337Goldenthal, Joshua [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Mihajlovic-Gendron, Ni [CAN]
338Liang, Christopher [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Toussaint, Francis [CAN]
339Beckemeyer, Dustin [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Dettelis, Philip [USA]
340Slykhuis, Dan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Nevarko, Serguei [CAN]
341Genna, Peter [USA]Won 2-1vs.Martin, Philippe [CAN]
342Alt, Judah [USA]Won 2-1vs.Adam, Wilson [CAN]
343Switzer, Wesley [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Perreault, Elliot [CAN]
344Boulet, Felix [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Labelle, Olivier [CAN]
345Simms, Matthew [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Godin-Monat, Maxime [CAN]
346Chong, Jack [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Noworaj, Anna [CAN]
347Kim, Isaac H [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Gagnon, Jean-Nicolas [CAN]
348Podtburg, Adam [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Allard, Jocelyn [CAN]
349Wasson, John [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Chasan, Zev Y [USA]
350Richards, John [USA]Lost 0-2vs.McLean, Louis [CAN]
351Beauchamp, Mark [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Leger, Philippe [CAN]
352Huot, Simon [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Yang, Guang [CAN]
353Lapierre, Matt [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Richardson, Matthew [USA]
354Storey, Derek [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bernier, Alain [CAN]
355Nguyen, Patrick [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Sedore, Norman [CAN]
356Smith, Chris [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Guermazi, Sarah [CAN]
357Cheng, Ian [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Lane, Mikael [CAN]
358Senécal, Philip [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cullerton, Evan [USA]
359Darmouni, Olivier [USA]Won 2-0vs.Quinones, Tomas [USA]
360Legris, Stephane [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kiverago, Nicholas [CAN]
361Iriyama, Daiki [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Robertson, Ian [CAN]
362Schapurga, Kyle [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Villeneuve, Vincent [CAN]
363Parent, Mathieu [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Vaccaro, John [CAN]
364DiMaggio, Matthew [USA]Won 2-1vs.Bouchard, Maximilien [CAN]
365Thiara, Devinder [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.LePine, Jacob M [USA]
366Janjanian, Armen [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Newby, Andrew [CAN]
367Baker, Ryan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Giuliani, Lucas [CAN]
368Dore, Maxime [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Schnayer, Tobias [CAN]
369Gian, David [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Archambault, Julien [CAN]
370Parks, Ian [USA]Won 2-1vs.Allen, Travis [USA]
371Ratajczak, Matthew [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Proano, Gina [CAN]
372Nunes, James [USA]Won 2-0vs.Desmarais, Curtis [CAN]
373Angers, Marc [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Moreau, Simon [CAN]
374Sauve, Sebastien [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Gravel, Gabriel [CAN]
375Sigrist, Mike R [USA]Won 2-0vs.Chan, Samuel [CAN]
376Blondon, William [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Vairamuthu, Jason [CAN]
377Grayson, Shane [USA]Won 2-0vs.Duclos, Alexandre [CAN]
378Viens, Marc-Alexandre [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Sly, John [CAN]
379Kastelein, John [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Boyling, Adam [CAN]
380Wallerstein, Robert [USA]Won 2-0vs.Tremblay, Etienne [CAN]
381Godsoe, Keith [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Fontaine-Asselin, Fred [CAN]
382Chapman, Kevin [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kerr, David [CAN]
383Smith, Jeffrey [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Huot, Michael [CAN]
384Ho, Eugene [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Patel, Hemant [USA]
385Paquin, Sebastien [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kwolek, Dymitri [CAN]
386Bouthot, François [CAN]Won 2-1vs.McLeod, David [CAN]
387Samson, Louis-Alex [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tremblay, David [CAN]
388O'Brien, Matt [USA]Won 2-0vs.Bickle, Phillip [CAN]
389Decarie, Tanya [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kozuch, Mallory [USA]
390Fleury, Ike [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Morardet, Franck [CAN]
391Jacques, Francois [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Giraldeau, Renaud [CAN]
392Anisman, Jeffrey [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Roy, Sébastien [CAN]
393Lavergne, Marc-Andre [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Morin, Pierre-Luc [CAN]
394Goodman, Benjamin [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Wybo, Alexander [CAN]
395De Pinho, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Ramasami, Anthony [USA]
396Wilson, Chris [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Camano Alonso, Alex [CAN]
397Blais, Jean-Philippe [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Bates, Christopher [CAN]
398Hirt, Kelly [USA]Won 2-0vs.Gao, David [CAN]
399COUILLARD, FRANCIS [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bouchard-Marcotte, Gab [CAN]
400Traikov, Erik [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Deslandes, Nicolas [CAN]
401Dufour, Marc [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Mullin, Samuel [CAN]
402Demers, Blake [USA]Won 2-1vs.Kaiser, Sarah [USA]
403Mayville, Luke [USA]Won 2-1vs.Hensels, Cody [CAN]
404Wilhelmy, Francois [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Fuentes, Kynan [CAN]
405Cleal, Brent [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Renaud, Domynique [CAN]
406ANDERSON, ALEX [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Cuillerier, Maxime [CAN]
407Murray, Adam [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Szeto, Thomas [CAN]
408Kelly, Keenan [USA]Won 2-1vs.Drolet, Jerome [CAN]
409Dupuis-Gervais, Philip [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Randev, Rajiv [CAN]
410Bonnauron, Patrice [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Yung, Richard [CAN]
411Amoroso, Marc [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Moskal, Greg [CAN]
412Sadler, Patrick [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Cunningham, Joshua [USA]
413Bain, Scott [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Byck, Jacob [CAN]
414Xing, Paul [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Wong, Colin [CAN]
415Bradbury, Wayne [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Hamel, Nicolas [CAN]
416Lapierre, Eric [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Wetlaufer, Marcus [USA]
417Dejean, Alan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Laplante, Ryan [CAN]
418Grourke, Vincent [USA]Won 2-0vs.Briss, Boris [CAN]
419Chew, Stephan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lariviere, Daniel [CAN]
420Hung, Richard [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Keays, Jason [CAN]
421Bujold, Mathieu [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dole, Andrew [USA]
422Simard, Philippe [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Farkavec, Andrian [CAN]
423zzVIP Morelli, Mike [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lessard, Etienne [CAN]
424Carama Duchesne, Patri [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Robert, Marie-Eve [CAN]
425Hebert, Justin [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Aelion, Ori [CAN]
426Khelou, Anton [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Maodus, Marcus [CAN]
427Millard, Quin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Machan, Steven [CAN]
428Huxel, Mathew [USA]Won 2-1vs.Villeneuve, Christian [CAN]
429Vannelli, Lucas [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Samuel-thomassin, Fran [CAN]
430Leduc-Blanc, Alexis [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.MacFarlane, Kate [CAN]
431Cayer, Marc-André [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lussier, Alexandre [CAN]
432Poterlot, Charles [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Gnann, Daryl [CAN]
433Sauve, Jacques Olivier [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Shaffer, Adrien [CAN]
434Elarar, Jasar S [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Campbell, Samuel [CAN]
435Van, Quoc Vinh [CAN]Won 2-1vs.zzVIP Hung, Sam [CAN]
436Dziambor, William [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Maedler, Marcus [CAN]
437Corrigan, Griffin [USA]Won 2-1vs.Clark, Tony [CAN]
438Gravel, Kevin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Curry, Alexander [CAN]
439Mustard, James [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Bernier, Yann [CAN]
440Ng, Coleman [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Ciappetta, Fred [USA]
441Sutton, Kevon [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.O'Reilly, Patrick [CAN]
442Sekieta, Matthew [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Leblanc, Samuel [CAN]
443Sargent, Joe [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Ponton, Sebastien [CAN]
444Artzy, Noa Q [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Mercier, Etienne [CAN]
445Chong, King [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Beauregard, Mathieu [CAN]
446MacPherson, Colin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kroll, Steven [CAN]
447Loblaw, Ian [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Belanger Noel, Amélie [CAN]
448Adams, James [USA]Lost 0-2vs.St-Onge, Jean-Sébastie [CAN]
449Beaudoin, Patrice [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Kwan, Richard [CAN]
450Chabot, Christian [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Stella, Daniel [USA]
451Remillard, Michel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Saint-pierre, Alexandr [CAN]
452Sullivan, Stephen [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Bathurst, Scott [CAN]
453Brassard, Pierre-Luc [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Burgess, Stephen [CAN]
454Pye, Benjamin T [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Wilson, Fred [CAN]
455Reed Verville, Patrick [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Sutliff, Casey [USA]
456Lopez, Mike [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Capriolo-Morris, Primo [CAN]
457Lau, Alvi [CAN]Drew 1-1-1vs.Fortin1531, Alexandre [CAN]
458Chong, Ernest [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Sauvé, Frédéric [CAN]
459Terry St-Jacques, Kevi [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Legault, Antonin [CAN]
460Battistelli, Alex [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Cannons, Matthew [CAN]
461Doré, Stéphane [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Ritz, Benjamin [USA]
462Chirnside, Adam [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Gingras-Lafleur, Gabri [CAN]
463Hamiltom, Ryan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Herberman, Erin [CAN]
464Irwin, Scott [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Morrison, Matthew [CAN]
465Perreault, Normand [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Banville Baillargeon, [CAN]
466Jean Leblanc, André-Ph [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Alcock, Brian [CAN]
467Gerber, Adam [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Song, Kathryn [CAN]
468Hazra, Samir [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hattwick, Nicholas [USA]
469Guedj, Colin [USA]Won 2-0vs.Zabatta, Matthew [USA]
470Macpherson, Stewart [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Stein, Jesse [CAN]
471Quesada, Ericka [USA]Won 2-1vs.Swart, Jake [CAN]
472Langdon, Jeff [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Saunders, Jordan [CAN]
473Tolvanen, Juha [FIN]Drew 1-1-1vs.McNaughton, Cole [CAN]
474Wong, Stats [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Roth, Philippe [CAN]
475Speight, Kevin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ouellet, Jonathan [CAN]
476Schilha, Eric [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Dugal, Andrew [CAN]
477Landry, Ulric [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Cohen, Matthew [USA]
478Shaw, Adam N [USA]Won 2-1vs.Gravel, Marc-André [CAN]
479Vaillancourt, Samuel [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Taimla, Christopher [CAN]
480Davies, Shawn [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Bernier, Francis [CAN]
481Soucy, Tristan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Moreau, Hubert [CAN]
482Gignac, Claude [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Rainville, Benoit [CAN]
483Girolamo, Joseph [USA]Won 2-0vs.Rose, Jean-Pierre [CAN]
484Dubuc, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.DeJesus, Josh [CAN]
485Paquet, Tom [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Madore, Blair [USA]
486Pineault, William [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Rowe, Jonathan [CAN]
487Rodgers, Owen [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Noworaj, Andrew [CAN]
488Tansey, Stephen [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Cocchio, Simon [CAN]
489Millette, Eric [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Herrera, Ricardo [CAN]
490Matheson, Craig [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Seltzer, Eric J [CAN]
491Beauregard, Charles [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Saucier, David [CAN]
492Gagné, Catherine [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Gendron, Pierre-Marc [CAN]
493Wong, Hok Lai [CAN]Won 2-0vs.DeJong, David [CAN]
494Miniati, Francis [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Zeeman, Michael [CAN]
495Smith, Mathew [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Shaker, Jacob [USA]
496Jutras, Fred [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lachance-Poitras, Davi [CAN]
497Cole, James [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Bentley, Johnathan [CAN]
498Tremblay, Eric [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.André-Lespérance, Alex [CAN]
499Cosic, Enes [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Madore, Eric [CAN]
500Townley, Robert [USA]Won 2-0vs.Dalling, Ed [CAN]
501Hamdi, Samuel [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Bisson, Stephane [CAN]
502Chapman, Ben [USA]Won 2-1vs.Coyle, Lauren [CAN]
503Richards, Phil [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Ting-A-Kee, Andrew [CAN]
504Aiken, Simone [USA]Won 2-0vs.McInnis, Myles [CAN]
505Laferriere, Eric [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Brisson, Simon [CAN]
506Tardif, Patrick [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Vazquez, Julien [CAN]
507Grenier, Melissa [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Wilcock, Chris [USA]
508Wylie, Kevin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.De Sandro, Timothée [CAN]
509Reiber, Jason [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Rafih, Joddat [CAN]
510Ostiguy, Kevin [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Boivin, Eric [CAN]
511Keung, Doria [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Li, Terrence [CAN]
512Young, Mal [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Janovsky, James [CAN]
513Hang, Hasan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Roesler, Michael [CAN]
514Maguire, Doug [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Boucher, Robert [CAN]
515Morin, Olivier [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Olders, Andrew [CAN]
516Chatel, Cedric [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Boulden, William [USA]
517Smiley, Thomas [USA]Won 2-0vs.Fortin, Christian [CAN]
518Melanson, Ben [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Darmouni, Guillaume [CAN]
519Lee, Jeffrey [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.LeBlanc, Nicholas [CAN]
520Lambert-Desjarlais, Pa [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Morin, Bruno-Pier [CAN]
521Slaton, Hunter [USA]Won 2-0vs.Wilson, Bradford [CAN]
522Briand, Wayne [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Vigneault, Lois [CAN]
523Doré, Félix [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Tsang-Hi, Victor [CAN]
524Rodrigue, Charles [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bellefeuille, Philipe [CAN]
525Switzer, William [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ferneyhough, Michael [CAN]
526Colbert Regan, Barker [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Gagnon Girard, Zachary [CAN]
527Pissardo, Benoit [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Major, Jordan [CAN]
528Naidu, Akash [USA]Won 2-0vs.Olivier, Ryan [CAN]
529Jutras, Michel [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Power, Chris [CAN]
530Meszaros, Jake [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Rosman-Simionescu, Tob [CAN]
531Brunelle, Moise [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Asselin, Philippe [CAN]
532Ducharme, Rebecca [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bellotti, Michael [USA]
533Hince, Abram [USA]Won 2-0vs.Beltran Franco, Mauric [CAN]
534Archambault, Eric [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bernier, Cyril [CAN]
535Smith, Adam [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Brandon, Charles [CAN]
536Deragon, Marc-antoine [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Brown, Steven [CAN]
537Leger, Francis [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.D'Aquila, Alex [CAN]
538Ilie, Alex [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Dezeeuw, Tyler [CAN]
539Lavigne, Sébastien [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Jacks, Eric [USA]
540Bouchard, Gabriel [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lachaine, Roch-Antoine [CAN]
541Custodio, Kevin [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Le Gendre, Randy [CAN]
542Kulisz, Chris [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Lessard, John [CAN]
543Fried, Norman [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Madon, Stewart [CAN]
544Tondreau, Jasmin [CAN]Won 2-0vs.McAlpin, John-Francis [CAN]
545O'Dell, Luke [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Pelletier, Jared [CAN]
546Dupuis, Mireille [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Poupart, Olvier [CAN]
547Parker, Cole [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Hayman, Tim [CAN]
548Pissardo, Jean-Franço [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.St-Denis, Simon [CAN]
549Fortier, Michaël [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Taylor, Joshua [USA]
550Boulanger, Vincent [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Van Os, Martin [CAN]
551Mitchell, Christian [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dao, Bruce [CAN]
552Nesrallah, Moses [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Bourque, Nicolas [CAN]
553Dumais, Dominic [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Duffy, Jacob [CAN]
554McFarland, Michael [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Gagnon, Gabriel [CAN]
555Douglas, Mike [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Henry, Brenton [CAN]
556Pearson, Dennis [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Moynihan, Christopher [USA]
557Plourde, Nicolas [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Neale, Alexander [CAN]
558Haidaraly, Nayaz [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.O'Neill, Alexander [USA]
559Lauzon, Justin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Parish-Cusson, Liam [CAN]
560Metri, Ramsay [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Pelletier-Grenier, Fre [CAN]
561Goldie, Christian [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Phillips, Nakeem [CAN]
562Chin Fee, Brendan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Smiley, Alyssa [USA]
563Ayotte, Charles [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Staszewski Hodgins, Jo [CAN]
564Maini, Quentin [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Brisson, Jonathan [CAN]
565Hirmiz, Fadi [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Huddlestone, Simon [CAN]
566Pham, Hoang Ha [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Pine, Mike R [CAN]
567Faynvits, Daniel [USA]Won 2-1vs.Pringle, Shawn [CAN]
568Perami, Kian [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.West, Alan [CAN]
569Hince, Jenny [USA]Won 2-1vs.JODOIN, FRANCIS [CAN]
570Levesque, Christian [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Marino, Mauro [CAN]
571Labelle, Olivier Alexa [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bismuth, Vincent [CAN]
572Vaillancourt, Sebastia [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Quinnell, Steve r [CAN]
573Raymore, Tj [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cantin, Maxime [CAN]
574Iglesias, Angel [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Labelle, Philippe [CAN]
575Pedneault, Alexandre [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.boisjoly, maxime [CAN]
576Cavanagh-Trudel, Ariel [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Brossard, Taylor [CAN]
577Duhaime, Christophe [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.St-Laurent, Jerome [CAN]
578Crump, Eric [USA]Won 2-1vs.Ouellet, Adam [CAN]
579Benoit, Felix [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lienhard, Paul [USA]
580Dallaire, David [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Annino, Louis [USA]
581Allard Dos Santos, Ale [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Delisle-grenier, Anne- [CAN]
582Sarrazin, Nicolas [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Grenier, Julien [CAN]
583Ayotte, Vincent [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Laplante, Christian [CAN]
584Kershaw, Matthew A [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Lynch, Sean [CAN]
585Dicaire, Dan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Goorts, Christopher [CAN]
586Henry, Mike [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Brecknock, Colin [CAN]
587Gauthier, Pascal [CAN]Lost 0-1vs.Egna, Mike [USA]
588Roy, Jean-philippe [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Monahan, Justin [CAN]
589Dunham, Nathan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cooper, Simon W [USA]
590Drolet, Vincent [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bucaro, Nicolas [FRA]
591Boyd, Alex [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Jetté, Francis [CAN]
592McManus, Tomas [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bonneville, Martin [CAN]
593Sacino, Joey [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Cayo, Robin F [CAN]
594Koltsov, Igor [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Normand, Jean-Françoi [CAN]
595Calce, Christopher [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Laflamme, Yanic [CAN]
596Turnnir, Cor [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.King, Brogan [USA]
597Kendal, Adam [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Christiansen, Nico [USA]
598Wicks, Robert [USA]Won 2-1vs.Beaulieu, Christian [CAN]
599Malo, Benoit [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Forget, François [CAN]
600Ghingold, Matthew [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Pilon-Boucher, Renaud [CAN]
601Leblanc, René [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Marcotte, Stephane [CAN]
602Martin, Cory [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Bellefeuille, Yan [CAN]
603Daigle, Christopher [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Catanzariti, Frankie [CAN]
604Loiselle, Maurice [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Miniati, Christian [CAN]
605Mailloux, Emmanuel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Fuentes, Didier [CAN]
606Montes, Guillermo [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Laroche, Samuel [CAN]
607Faludi, Michael [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lallier, Oscar [CAN]
608Reed, Matthew [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Sweeney, Kalvin [CAN]
609St-Denis, Francis [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lalumière, Abel [CAN]
610Moskal, Erik [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.White, Jeff [CAN]
611Zangrando, Matt [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Varin, Sonia [CAN]
612Brush, Emery [USA]Won 2-1vs.Simard, Raphael [CAN]
613French, Coleman [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Martin, Riley [CAN]
614Pelletier-Grenier, Pat [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Beaulieu, Keven [CAN]
615Ross, Tom [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Simard, Gabriel [CAN]
616Farago, Yansce [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Lepock, Michael [CAN]
617Lussier-Cullen, Alexan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Armenti, Mario [CAN]
618Audet, Frederick [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Maindron, Guillaume [CAN]
619Bouvrette, Guillaume [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Chabot, Karl [CAN]
620MacNaughton, Lucas [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Marcotte, Adrien [CAN]
621Gauthier, Martin Eric [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Schapurga, Mike [CAN]
622Luneau, Anthony [USA]Won 2-0vs.Laforce, Mathieu [CAN]
623Bourbeau-pelletier, Ph [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Maltopol, Alexandre [CAN]
624Tedeschi, Joey [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Desharnais, Mathieu [CAN]
625Mallette-Vanier, Guill [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Robidoux, Marc-André [CAN]
626Hübel, Sebastian [DEU]Lost 0-2vs.Wu, Dalton [USA]
627Ieropoli, Nick [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tarantini, Anthony [CAN]
628Dubuc, Eric [CAN]Drew 1-1-1vs.Knauer, David [CAN]
629Fortin, Jimmy [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Destrempes, Marc-André [CAN]
630Fadden, Collen [USA]Drew 1-1vs.Sherwood, Melissa [CAN]
631Blum, Michael [USA]Won 2-1vs.Laberge, Vincent [CAN]
632Leroux, François [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Niro, Andrew [CAN]
633Fang, Stephen [USA]Won 2-0vs.Drouin, Adam [CAN]
634Lister, Daniel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Conacher, Robert [CAN]
635Montgomery-Wilson, Bri [CAN]Won 2-0vs.C. Larocque, Olivier [CAN]
636Banho, Paulo [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Le Roy, Stephane [CAN]
637Reiber, Lawrence [CAN]Drew 1-1-1vs.Faulkner, Derick [CAN]
638Philipps, Sacha [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Freve, Stephane [CAN]
639Lefrancois, Mercedes [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Paolitto, Antonio [CAN]
640Le Goff, Alexandre [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Yu, William [CAN]
641Guindon, Guillaume [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Davis, Joshua [USA]
642Veillette, Chris [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Leavens, Penuel [USA]
643Farand, Herve [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Marshall, Craig [CAN]
644Guillerm, Steve [USA]Won 2-0vs.Szymanski, Paul [CAN]
645Lang, Christopher [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Fournier, David [CAN]
646Goodman, Logan [USA]Won 2-0vs.Rollin, Anna [USA]
647Mascioli, Chris [USA]Won 2-1vs.Lalonde-Clavette, Fred [CAN]
648Fournier, Kevin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Da Silva, Edgar [CAN]
649Meyers, Ian Albert [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Jaramillo, Blaven [CAN]
650Crete, Gaston [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Canieso, Christopher [USA]
651Roberge, Mathieu [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Stein, Mathew [CAN]
652Lourie, Nathan [USA]Won 2-0vs.Cormier, Réjean [CAN]
653Gonzalez, Oliver [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Belanger, Janic [CAN]
654Treherne, Andrew [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Leduc-Levesque, Guilla [CAN]
655Commanda, David [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Simmons, Keith [CAN]
656Corbeil, Louis-Philipp [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Luo, Jacqueline [CAN]
657Verreault, Jules [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Della Vecchia, Antony [CAN]
658Cossette-pacheco, Alex [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Birku, Samson [CAN]
659Fraser, Sean [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Berube Picard, Jeremi [CAN]
660Guerette Trottier, Kar [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Roxburgh, Mike [CAN]
661Pettigrew, Raphael [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kuipery, Zack [CAN]
662Zuo, Zhou [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Nadeau, Simon [CAN]
663Larocque, Vincent [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dupuis, Etienne [CAN]
664Leblanc, Hugo [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Leonard, Kate [USA]
665Stoker, Rex [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Merrill, Patrick [USA]
666Conrad, Cory [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Prevost, Francois [CAN]
667Cousins, Nick [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kelly, Patrick [CAN]
668Chabot, Nicolas [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Clement, Frederic [CAN]
669Pinault, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Browning, Richard [CAN]
670Lapointe, Larry [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Mathers, Kyle [CAN]
671Milligan, Joshua [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Curie, Jeremy [USA]
672Rowell, Tanner [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Luk, Christopher [CAN]
673Saint-Jacques, Mark [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Campbell, Seamus [USA]
674Gratton, Alexandre [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Goldfarb, Mathew [CAN]
675Yoshida, Brian [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Sadler, Shawn [CAN]
676Morissette, Philippe [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Allegrucci, Thierry [CAN]
677Do, Thanh Quang [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Caplan, David [CAN]
678Garand, Kevin [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lavoie, Marc-Antoine [CAN]
679Gelinas-proulx, Adam [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Boucher-Frappier, Andr [CAN]
680Rudolph, Joshua [CAN]Drew 1-1-1vs.Chapman, Paul [USA]
681Giancoulas, Donald [CAN]Won 2-0vs.MacDonald, Dan J [CAN]
682Lai, Tom [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Naylor, Jamie [CAN]
683Siembor, Michael [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Schmidt, Mark [CAN]
684Gervais, Pierre-Luc [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Ripley, Nathan [CAN]
685Navarra, Brian [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Wiper, Charles [USA]
686Leclair, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Meilleur, Jonathan [CAN]
687Maltais, Pierre-Louis [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.McMeekin, Scott [CAN]
688Durney, Ryan [USA]Won 2-0vs.Small, Brad M [CAN]
689Dunn, Payne [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Girouard Lavoie, Franc [CAN]
690Lianopoulos, Dimitrios [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Duguay, Mathieu [CAN]
691Crowley, Kevin [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Lach, Sigismond [CAN]
Butterfield, Nathaniel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Ritchie, Scott [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Simpson, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dery, Jonathan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
St-Martin-Alard, Jonat [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Schooley, Patrick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hertz, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Metzger, Jonatha [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Utter-Leyton, Jo [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Jividen, Jonatha [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gagnon, Marc-André [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Engelen, Jessica [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Allegrucci, Xavier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Chan, Philip [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Zeman, Tyson [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mercier, Mathew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Moody, Mitchell [USA] * Awarded Bye *
White, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Schumacher, Ryan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ouellet, Étienne [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kraupa, Richard [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Ngo, Alan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tan, Al Andy [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Murray, Justin [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Racine Leblanc, [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Herron, Nic [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
D'Agostino, Vince [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Richard, Francoi [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Messaoudi, Nizar [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Demestrio, Joe [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dejoy, Joe [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hooper, Kyle [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Hirt, Douglas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nance, Hunter [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pite, Derek [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Brown, Ethan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mariani, Johnny [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
So, Kaspar [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Yang, Charles [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Holness, Devagha [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Desjardins, Ivan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Mostarac, Demetr [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Chin, Ricky [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Derksen, Geoff [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Davoudi, Mani [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Fung, Kenny [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Smith, Robert [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Gagne, Vincent [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tran, Simon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bianchi, Alex [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Maynard, Pascal [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cox, Patrick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Orabona, Scott [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Beland, Nicolas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Tom, Kar Yung [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Oliver, Neal [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Biron, Xavier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hum, Barry [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Fazekas, Matt [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Ochoa, David [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Akow, Sacha [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Bérubé, André [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tharmaratnam, Samuel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Tanner, Chas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Benn, Adam [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Gomes, Benjamin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kenyon, Thomas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Findlay, Shaun [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Betit, Jean-Fran [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Belanger, Maxim [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mancuso, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Stern, Jon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Dauteuil, Miguel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Fisher, Aaron [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Manfield, Seth [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mercier, Antoine [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Vance, James [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Rollins, Nicholas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Herman, Jason [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Anderson, Robert [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lewis, Aaron [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fleurant, Julien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Breau, Josh [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mermet, Olivier [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gade, Brandon [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bouzane, Alexander [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Bisson, Steeve [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Miller, Christopher [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Spinner, Seth [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Siow, Lucas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Musser, Daniel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ogreenc, Greg [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Couture, Jean-Philippe [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Cook, Nick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
MacLean, Stuart [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kambourakis, Joseph [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Van Cleave, Trey [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Moulton, Jesse [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mann-Hielscher, Eric [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Hilson, Ian [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson, Derek [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Pienaar, Ivan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Proulx, Simon [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Alvarez De Araya, Vice [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Calcano, Christian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP (2) Duke, Reid [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fallarme, Mark [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
(21) Fennell, Chris [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fournier, Daniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gagnon, Jacob [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gerard, Stephane [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Giannopoulos, Steve [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson-Epstein, Jaspe [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jordan, Daniel [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Tucker, Cory [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Blum, Tyler [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Burnett, Kai [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Corvese, Harry [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Costa, Matthew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fabiano, Gerard [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Feingersh, Ben [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Friedman, Ben [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hatch, Benjamin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Johnson, Courtney [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Khare, Anand [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Prell, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bertorelli, Philip [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chapman, Kacey [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gryn, Maksym [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Magalhaes, Edgar [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Poncelet, Kevin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Reiber, Zachary [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP (7) Shenhar, Shahar [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Shunamon, Jonathan [MAR] * Awarded Bye *
Simon, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tatian, John [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Veil, Bryan [AFG] * Awarded Bye *
Alarie, Sébastien [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Brown, Max [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cuneo, Andrew [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lax, Ari [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lloyd, Alex [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Majlaton, Alex [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Parke, Jamie [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Vasovski, Mike [USA] * Awarded Bye *
(23) Vidugiris, Gaudenis [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ellis, Jason [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Robdrup, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Rochette, Alex [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Spencer, Dale [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Wetlaufer, Roscoe [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Tankus, Nathan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lanthier, Dan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lalague, Marc [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ledvinka, David [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Parker, Brock [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Aeschbacher, Dav [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Morawski, Jonathan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Norton, Chris [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Shiels, Dave [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Heal, Nicholas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Haak, Bryan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Skarren, Frank [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Merriam, Ross [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hennick, Michael [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Chang, Morgan M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Omar-bujak, Haki [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gushattey, Jared M [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Sebbag, Cedric [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Bertoncini, alex s [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dickmann, Patrick [DEU] * Awarded Bye *
Muller, Paul [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mackl, Valentin [AUT] * Awarded Bye *
Culligan, Michael J [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Walker, Noah [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Woolridge, Nicholas [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Sokol, Greg [USA] * Awarded Bye *
(11) Hayne, Alexander [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Dwinell-Yardley, Sayer [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dryden, Mike [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Victory, Robert [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tucker, Jeff W [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Boettcher, Jared A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Frontel, Josh [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Luk, Andrew [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP Bradley, Morgan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Wiles, Jason [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
zzVIP O'Donnell, Devon [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ingram, Peter L [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Trottier, Charles [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Woods, Conley [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Snook, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Boyer, Patrick [CAN] * BYE *

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