Grand Prix New Jersey 2002 Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

The Jokas- Grand Prix New Jersey Champions!SundayPlayers
The Jokas staring down their destinySundayPlayers
Judges and spectators surround the finalsSundayStaff
Justin Gary thinks as Tony Tsai looks onSundayPlayers
Is this shot of The Jokas intimidating?SundayPlayers
The inspiration for the team nameSundayPlayers
Zvi watches Justin Gary, as Alex does his impression of a deer staring into headlightsSundayPlayers
Zvi tries to bend an Acorn Harvest with his mindSundayPlayers
Is Justin Gary smug or confident?SundayPlayers
Rose, flanked by Woods and JamesSundayPlayers
The over-the-shoulder shot!SundayPlayers
This is Shvartsman's 5435994589458th top Grand Prix finishSundayPlayers
Justin Gary seems a little depressedSundayPlayers
Kyle Rose puts on his best poker faceSundayPlayers
Eric James deep in thoughtSundayPlayers
This one is for all the marblesSundayPlayers
That is one savage Druid Lyrist!SundayPlayers
Norman Woods in profileSundayPlayers
"Are you talkin' to me?"SundayPlayers
The Top 4 drafts gather quite a crowdSundayPlayers
A silent argumentSundayPlayers
Eric James has a suggestion, but Kyle Rose isn't so sureSundayPlayers
Paul Sottosanti points, and Adam Fischer frownsSundayPlayers
Zvi and Alex seem optimistic, but Justin senses the end of the world is nearSundayPlayers
Team Cardshark had an impressive run to the Top 4, but a win over Illuminati would prove they are the real dealSundayPlayers
Zvi searches somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind for the answerSundayPlayers
The Jokas are calm, cool and collectedSundayPlayers
Benafel thinks while a concerned Eric Froehlich looks onSundayPlayers
If Alex Borteh's eyebrow piercing and bald head don't intimidate you, his game probably willSundayPlayers
Benafel surprises nobody as he bites down on his hand, and sucks out the blood for a snackSundayPlayers
Paul Jordan, Tim McKenna and Brian David-Marshall are playing David to Illuminati's GoliathSundayPlayers
If they can win this match, Illuminati will have a Grand Prix Top 4 to go along with their Pro Tour Top 4SundayPlayers
A true East Coast battle. Jordan, McKenna and Mowshowitz frequently duel at Neutral Ground, a store Brian David-Marshall owned for years until selling it a few months ago. Shvartsman recently opened his own store, King's Games, and Gary wears the Your Move Games banner.SundayPlayers
Illuminati is looking to take down Your Move Games on the way to the Top 4SundayPlayers
Your Move Games, sporting the "poorly drawn pigeon" logoSundayPlayers
Justin Gary and Darwin Kastle may be wearing the same shirt, but they're not teammates hereSundayPlayers
Alex points, and Zvi takesSundayPlayers
BDM looks somewhat concerned SundayPlayers
YMG leans in to get a better look at their optionsSundayPlayers
Two of the most accomplished three man teams around face off in the second draft of the daySundayPlayers
Justin Gary points to the culprit, who simply grinsSundayPlayers
Players and spectators congregate around the Feature Match tablesSundayPlayers
Today's Team Pro Tour QualifierSundayPlayers
Canadians converge- last year's National Champion and Finalist Terry Tsang and Elijah PollockSundayPlayers
Illuminati takes a break at Shvartsman's dealer table between roundsSundayPlayers
Harvey, Turian and Lebedowicz ham it up while a dejected Eric Taylor wonders where it all went wrongSundayPlayers
Mike Long stops a judge just to let him know how much he appreciates what they doSundayPlayers
"Mouth" and Zev play a little Five ColorSundayPlayers
A big part of Five Color is scribbling all kinds of random stuff on cardsSundayPlayers
Frown. Exhisposition Center got a match loss because Tim McKenna didn't show up on timeSundayPlayers
ODB goes up against LovespellSundayPlayers
Froelich, Benafel and Borteh of LovespellSundayPlayers
"Uncle Pete" and Mike Long were playing Magic before most current JSS players learned how to walk"Uncle Pete" and Mike Long were playing Magic before most current JSS players learned how to walkSundayPlayers
Bergerons vs. 2017SundayPlayers
Ben Rubin looks on with concern, hoping Kibler doesn't swallow his pen capSundayPlayers
Canadian team 2017SundayPlayers
The Ancient Kavus vs. SaturdayPlayers
Gab Tsang looks on as fellow Canadian Jeff Cunningham holds a small piece of his destiny in his handSaturdayPlayers
Mikey P mugs...smiles...okay, Mikey P acknowledges the cameraSaturdayPlayers
JBL may be unknown to most Pro Tour fans, but they were undefeated heading into their match with IlluminatiSaturdayPlayers
A National Champion, a Pro Tour Champion, and the Uber-Grand Prix competitorSaturdayPlayers
YMG shirts all around for this feature matchSaturdayPlayers
It's hard to argue that Your Move Games doesn't have the most impressive resume in the history of team Magic.It's hard to argue that Your Move Games doesn't have the most impressive resume in the history of team Magic.SaturdayPlayers
There are countless Top 8 finishes represented in this Feature MatchSaturdayPlayers
Your Move Games won the first Team Pro Tour, as well as Grand Prix ColumbusSaturdayPlayers
A true battle of the titansSaturdayPlayers
Internet writers Seth Burn and Sean McKeown make up Scarecrow along with Kevin AnSaturdayPlayers
Rune Horvik and Scott Larabee- the men behind the MagicSaturdayStaff
Judges scrutinize decklists, searching for errorsSaturdayStaff
Notorious, thy name is Mike LongSaturdayPlayers
Top hat duels against wizard hatSaturdayPlayers
Matt Rubin, Rudy Edwards and Matt Ranks of Land-Squid Puma BurglersSaturdayPlayers
Pro Tour Top 4 finishers Illuminati are currently 4-0SaturdayPlayers
East coast residents Zvi Mowshowitz, Alex Shvartsman and Justin Gary are looking to defend their home turfSaturdayPlayers
Justin Gary leans in to get a closer look at what Alex is talking aboutSaturdayPlayers
Ben Rubin seems a bit flusteredSaturdayPlayers
Rubin, Ho and Kibler are certainly a team to fear, and their undefeated streak going into the second sealed deck confirms itSaturdayPlayers
Ho and Kibler discuss the little, but important detailsSaturdayPlayers
Judge pow-wowSaturdayStaff
Dougherty, Kastle and Humperhys are no strangers to team successSaturdayPlayers
Pikula, Hacker and Tsang reminisce about the old days, while Ben Rubin falls asleep to some easy listening jazzSaturdayPlayers
Old school veterans Kyle Rose, Pete Leiher and Eric PhilippsSaturdayPlayers
Neutral Grounders Rich Fein, Zev Gurwitz and Elden Lee seem less than enthusiasticSaturdayPlayers
Sean McKeown caught at a vulnerable momentSaturdayPlayers
Steve OMS shows Brian Davis the quality fabric of his new shirtSaturdayPlayers
The Jew, the store owner and the redhead judgeSaturdayPlayers
Raw DogsSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham mugs for the cameraSaturdayPlayers
The rouges' gallery meetsSaturdayPlayers
Deadguys Dave Price and Tony TsaiSaturdayPlayers
Brook NorthSaturdayPlayers
PTR captivates an audience with discussion of 18th Century LiteratureSaturdayPlayers
Mike Long distracts people even in discussion!SaturdayPlayers
Matt WangSaturdayPlayers
Mike LucarelloSaturdayPlayers
Feming ChanSaturdayPlayers
David BachmannSaturdayPlayers
Eric PhillipsSaturdayPlayers
Head Judge Rune HorvikSaturdayStaff
John Shuler's jaw glowsSaturdayPlayers
Matt Urban deep in thoughtSaturdayPlayers
John Becker sports a beanie baby on his skullSaturdayPlayers
Have we used "Pro Tour Dreamboat" too much yet?SaturdayPlayers
Philip Freneau had problems with ScalpalexisSaturdayPlayers
East coast Magic out in full forceEast coast Magic out in full forceSaturdayPlayers
Brian Hegstad begs for some promotion, and flashes a smileSaturdayPlayers
Hotel food can be expensive. Always come prepared.SaturdayPlayers
New Jersey residents Paul Jordan and Brian David-Marshall.SaturdayPlayers
Adrian Sullivan and Ed Fear in Round 1 action.SaturdayPlayers
Mike Lucarello looks on as Andrew Longo casts some spells. looks on as Andrew Longo casts some spells.SaturdayPlayers
Judges work diligently to catch decklist errors.SaturdayStaff
Tim McKenna, Chris Pikula, Thomas Pannell, Zev Gurwitz and Josh Ravitz take a break in the hallway.SaturdayPlayers
Dave Bartholow and Ben Bleiweiss hard at work for Sideboard.Dave Bartholow and Ben Bleiweiss hard at work for Sideboard.SaturdayStaff
Giant Cockroach vs. GrouchSaturdayPlayers
Old school Jersey player Feming ChanOld school Jersey player SaturdayPlayers
Canadian Powerhouses Gab Tsang and Jeff Cunningham build their first sealed decksSaturdayPlayers
Team Raw Dogs get down to businessTeam get down to businessSaturdayPlayers
Brian Hacker looks over his team's cardpoolSaturdayPlayers
Mike Turian, Osyp Lebedowicz and Eugene Harvey are the odds on favorite to win this weekendSaturdayPlayers
TOGIT carefully analyzes their optionsSaturdayPlayers
Turian and Harvey are masters of Odyssey LimitedTurian and Harvey are masters of Odyssey LimitedSaturdayPlayers
A sea of playersSaturdayPlayers
The Reverend Toby WachterSaturdayStaff
King of Beatdown Dave PriceSaturdayPlayers
Jon Finkel lets his hair down while Chris Pikula watches some StandardSaturdayPlayers
Darwin and Justin watch a draftSaturdayPlayers
Ed Fear picked up Backgammon during his "break" from the gameSaturdayPlayers
The Meddling Mage signs his cardSaturdayPlayers
Recent GP Champion Eric TaylorSaturdayPlayers
Sideboard writer and perennial Player of the Year contender Alex Shvartsman is also a dealerSideboard writer and perennial Player of the Year contender Alex Shvartsman is also a dealerSaturdayPlayers
Eugene and Mike hear yet another mana screw storySaturdayPlayers
Does anyone look better in tie-dye than Brian Kibler?SaturdayPlayers
"Baby Huey" Jensen dwarfs his friendsSaturdayPlayers
Dave HumpherysSaturdayPlayers
Zev Gurwitz, creator of Zevatog, plays Five Color Magic as Adrian Sullivan looks onSaturdayPlayers
The tournament hallSaturdaySite
Artist Donato Giancola signs cards for his fansSaturdayStaff
Team Grand Prix bring old school players out of hiding: Brian HackerSaturdayPlayers
...and the old New Jersey crew: David Bachmann, Feming Chan, "Happy" John Chinnock, Mike Lucarello, Eric Phillips and Andy "PT Competitor" Longo...and the old New Jersey crew: , , "Happy" John Chinnock, , and Andy "PT Competitor" LongoSaturdayPlayers
"Mouth" Kambourakis, banned but still hereSaturdayPlayers
Jeff Fung smiles like he knows somethingSaturdayPlayers
The Crowne Plaza, event siteSaturdaySite

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