Grand Prix New Jersey Round 3 Pairings

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

12 Stones and a roc6vsWhipped Wizards6
2Bergerons6vsHuey Brock and Linde6
3Better Lucky than Good6vsNooooot....Payin'6
4BFG6vsTight Fung Tight6
5Mudhole for the Win6vsChubby6
6Wormfang Newt6vsFob Squad6
9Chocolate Popcorn Gangstas6vsBarnacle Brothers6
10Team TOGIT6vs20176
11Ugly in our Way6vsLand-Squid Puma Burglers6
12Exhisposition Center6vsRDU6
139-Iron6vsAnand Khare's Fantabulous Fl6
14Big Daddy6vsGiant Cockroach6
15R/W Hobby6vsGusto & Friends6
16ZZZZ6vsNameless Race6
17No Fun Zone6vsYour Enemy6
18Doomstrike6vsTaco Fresca6
19Good verns6vsJBL6
20Team Nutburst6vsAffirmative Action6
21Goombas6vsThe Jokas6
22Raw Dogs6vsyourmovegames.com6
23The Ancient Kavus6vsBlunt Force6
24Team Toxic Idiosyncrocies6vsThe Syndicate6
25Arsenic6vs100 Piastres sur le Rouge6
26Josemagic.com6vsSteel Reserve Duo6
27The Heatmiser Experience6vsHoof Hearted6
28Unknown Comics and Games6vsFamilyGamesCenter.com6
29Little Wizards6vs3 Big Asians6
30The TOGIT Connection6vsTo the Bar6
32Team Psycho6vsYour Move Games6
33Scarecrow6vsWatching Dan Clegg6
34Green Monsters6vsPeking Duck4
35Unsufficiently Randomized4vsRandom White People4
36Team Loony Toonz4vsMedium Pimpin Wizards4
37Kraft and Cheese4vsTeam Deadguy4
38Team Spirit4vsDSD4
39Stalking Anna4vsTeam Cardshark4
40Kolderson Got Us4vsMotown Droogies4
41Toughguy4vsScoop & Tuck4
42Complicated3vsDead Rockstars3
43Team Seaford3vsMCC3
44ROBOTS that go to Heaven3vsIts 3AM Do you know where Tr3
453 Fly Brothaz3vsThe Replacement Bunnies3
46Dyslexic Penguin3vsUnknown3
47The Taint3vsJohn C's Bregoli Cutout3
48The Guilty Feeders3vsCFish and the Rockettes3
49The JD'z3vsDrag Your Luggage3
50Late Addition3vsEnegry3
52No offense to Rory Walker of3vsBlank3
53Team $20 Dolla Billz3vsHuy's Playhouse3
54The Power Trio3vsGrouch3
55Chadha of the Squirrels3vsTeam Smooth3
56Snow Covered Poison Counters3vsETTCNH3
57Team Alpha Q3vs23 Cents3
58Kneel before ZOD3vsTeam 0-3 Lunch3
59Suicide Kingz3vsMTGPlanet.com3
60Team Spongebob3vsCall of the Nerd3
61100 MPH3vsTwo White Guys and Chrispy3
62Team Salvi3vs2 Scrublands and a Plains3
63Klever Kitties3vsTeam BMF3
64Team Chair3vsODB3
65Seppuku with Frisbee3vsLaziness3
66Matt Sitarski and his Millio3vsTHL3
67Semi Colons are not vulgar3vsWehadababyitsaboy3
68Leet Crew3vsMizers Inc.3
69Team Atog3vsJudgment3
70Red Hot Chilly pepper3vsXLXS3
71Ramoneurs Oraliens3vsCCGHouse.com3
72Dead Wizards3vsDig Dug3
73Big Coffin Hunters3vsNeutral Tech II3
75Hookie Jookie3vsCBS3
76Son of Sam WK3vsCDA3
77Style Project3vsO-Town3
78Phoenix Rising2vsCroatia1
80Upper Decker1vsSMD Connection1
81Sun-Downers1vsThe Draw-Goats1
82HKS-Dae Han Meen1vsMIA1
83Team A & T1vsTeam Jank0
85Hell Razors0vsBlack Knight0
86Team Rock0vsMPP0
87Clueless0vsTeam Odyssey0
88Questing Pheldagrifs0vsChico's Bail Bonds0
89Nightmare0vsTeam Just Met Today0
90Three Imaginary Boys0vs3 sticks in the Mud0
91Smashers0vsDark Knight of the Apocalyps0
92Team Kickback0vsTeam Roadtrip0
93Team GHQ0vsTeam Sayerville Hobby0
94The Squiggles0vsTeam Strikeforce Lansdale0

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