Grand Prix Phoenix Day 1 Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on April 5, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Day One of Grand Prix Phoenix has wrapped up, and a field of 1463 players has been knocked down to 172. Sitting at the top of the standings are Michael Peterson, No. 6 Ranked Player Shahar Shenhar, No. 23 Ranked Player Eric Froehlich, Grand Prix San Diego 2013 Champion Nathan Holiday, and 2012 Magic Online Champion Dmitriy Butakov.

Butakov in particular stands out as the lone combatant not representing one of the recognized Standard archetypes from the previous three weekends. The Magic Online player from Russia is taking advantage of his trip to the United States to compete in last weekend's 2013 Magic Online Championship in order to compete in a Grand Prix or two while he is here. His Bant Control deck, an interesting departure from his choice of Esper Control in last weekend's tournament, gives him some unique tools, but will they be enough to maintain his solid record?

Tune in tomorrow as we bring you live coverage from here in Phoenix, Arizona!

Constructed Last Chance Qualifier Winning Decklists

by Event Coverage Staff

Brian Peltz – Standard – White Weenie

Joe Weber – Standard – Mono-Blue Devotion

Caleb Tefft – Standard – White Weenie

Michael Braverman – Standard – White-Black Control

Jett Lowe – Standard – Blue-Black-Green Control

Thomas Bell – Standard – Red-Green Midrange

Conor Moran – Standard – Azorius Control

Alex Amato – Standard – Mono-Red Aggro

James Cummings – Standard – Esper Control

Dustin Cox – Modern – Affinity

Brandon Baker – Standard – Esper Control

Cyle Swanstrom – Standard – Naya Hexproof

Farland Lee – Standard – Big Naya

Benjamin Bailey – Standard – Black-Green Dredge

Max Delia – Standard – Mono-Blue Devotion

Lawrence Barkac – Standard – Jund Monsters