Grand Prix Providence
Round 16 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on June 9, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

  Team Result   Opponent
1 Tao/Hwang/Brown 030 vs. McCullough/Lax/John
2 Juza/Nakamura/Stark 210 vs. Harvey/Hoaen/Cuneo
3 Mazio/Bilt/Pyle 120 vs. Longo/Philli/Berger
4 Cowley/Manning/Bohlmann 210 vs. O'Donnell/Burnett/Blevins
5 Morgan/Lewis/Landale 120 vs. Usman/Garia/SIDHU
6 Tom/Frankel/Sowers 210 vs. Castro/Walker/Huynh
7 Chang/Lasky/Pearlman 120 vs. Caplan/Hayne/Stern
8 Sigrist/Taylor/Morawski 030 vs. Cheon/Scott-Vargas/Froehl
9 Vidugiris/Mowshowitz/Black 300 vs. Hielscher/Fernando/Schmi
10 Saredo/Ostrovich/De Diego 210 vs. Petrilli/Hovis/Ladouceur
11 Blanchet/Grigg/Blanchet 300 vs. Marchand/Beckemeye/Castellon
12 Mcclain/Davoudi/Nelson 300 vs. Drogg/Morga/Chabo
13 Patni/Darli/Majla 300 vs. Arends/Polsky/Ellis
14 Pardee/Wilson/Nass 300 vs. Adams/Hobler/Kassis
15 Tietze/Imperiale/Ingram 300 vs. Akpinar/Robichaud/Loman
16 Chambers/Lipczynski/Hayner 030 vs. Strong/Serignese/Pincus
17 Brown/Jordan/Friedman 300 vs. Phillips/Aten/Sacher
18 Li/Hopkins/Izzo 030 vs. Siu/Dyke/Kirsch
19 Magararu/Lloyd/Tully 030 vs. Goscin/Cuenca/Brown
20 Terry/Easton/Finlayson-Schue 210 vs. Lundquist/Fabiano/DeRosa
21 Burningham/Song/Whalen 030 vs. William/Rietz/Guevin
22 Bragg/Wescoe/Tice 300 vs. BROCK/Maginnis/Gilmer
23 Cieszynski/Garner/Buchta 300 vs. Newbol/Gutter/Ellis

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