Grand Prix Tampa Photos

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Sol Malka, the winnerSundayPlayers
In addition to getting money for winning, Sol gets a trophy and a handshake!SundayPlayers
Sol Malka and his new trophySundayPlayers
Sol Malka, the People's (and Grand Prix Tampa) ChampionSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham receives his finalist plaqueSundayPlayers
Finalist Jeff CunninghamSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham vs. SundayPlayers
The Finals. Sol Malka considers his next playSundayPlayers
Sol Malka in the finals of Grand Prix TampaSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham in the finals of Grand Prix TampaSundayPlayers
Sol Malka in the SemifinalsSundayPlayers
Semifinalist Jeff CunninghamSemiSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham in the SemifinalsSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham vs. SundayPlayers
Koby Kennison in the SemifinalsSundayPlayers
Mike Emmert in the SemifinalsSundayPlayers
Sol Malka vs. Koby Kennison in the SemifinalsSol Malka vs. SundayPlayers
Sol Malka in the Quarterfinals.SundayPlayers
Quarterfinalist Sol MalkaSundayPlayers
Brian Kibler in the Quarterfinals.SundayPlayers
Sol Malka vs. Brian Kibler in the Quarterfinals.Sol Malka vs. SundayPlayers
Koby Kennison vs. SundayPlayers
Koby Kennison in the Quarterfinals.SundayPlayers
Adam Prokopin in the Quarterfinals.SundayPlayers
Adam Racht in the QuarterfinalsSundayPlayers
Mike Emmert in the QuarterfinalsSundayPlayers
Adam Racht vs. Mike Emmert in the QuarterfinalsAdam Racht vs. SundayPlayers
Antonino De Rosa in the QuarterfinalsSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham in the QuarterfinalsSundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham vs. Antonino De Rosa in the QuarterfinalsJeff Cunningham vs. SundayPlayers
Quarterfinalist Antonino De RosaSundayPlayers
Dragonlord Brian Kibler was one of the favorites in the Top 8 draft.SundayPlayers
It was standing room only for the Top 8 draft.SundayPlayers
in Round 13SundayPlayers
Jeff Fung in Round 13SundayPlayers
Round 13 Feature Match: vs. Jeff FungSundayPlayers
Round 13 Feature Match: Adam Prokopin vs. Nick EiselSundayPlayers
Nick Eisel in Round 13SundayPlayers
Adam Prokopin in Round 13SundayPlayers
Who would you kick out of the colony?SundayPlayers
in Round 12SundayPlayers
in Round 12SundayPlayers
Round 12 Feature Match: Noah Weil vs. Sol MalkaSundayPlayers
Sol Malka in Round 12SundayPlayers
Noah Weil in Round 12SundayPlayers
Laurie DunningSundayPlayers
Mike Turian in Round 11SundayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham in Round 11SundayPlayers
Round 11 Feature Match: Jeff Cunningham vs. Mike TurianSundayPlayers
Round 11 Feature Match: Eugene Harvey vs. SundayPlayers
Eugene Harvey in Round 11SundayPlayers
in Round 11SundayPlayers
Florida locals Koby Kennison and Antonino De Rosa draft side by side on table 1.SundayPlayers
Floridian Frank Hernandez is poised to make a run at this Top 8 and return to the Pro Tour. SundayPlayers
Frank Hernandez in the second draft. SundayPlayers
All day long, a large crowd of Floridians has been following Antonino De Rosa's every move. SundayPlayers
Quite a crowd gathered to see whether Brian Kibler or Antonio De Rosa would be the lone 10-0 player.SundayPlayers
Brian Kibler did his best to prove that Randy Buehler's coverage of his first draft was just plain wrong.SundayPlayers
Torment? What's that? Antonio De Rosa beats down with a red-green deck that came almost entirely from his two Odyssey packs. SundayPlayers
in Round 9SundayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Rubin vs. KastleSundayPlayers
Darwin Kastle in Round 9SundayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Fung vs. DoughertySundayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Brock Parker vs. Tammy EhrhartSundayPlayers
Jeff Fung in Round 8SundayPlayers
Rob Dougherty in Round 8SundayPlayers
Brock Parker in Round 8SundayPlayers
Tammy Ehrhart in Round 8SundayPlayers
Brian Kibler in the first draftSundayPlayers
Kibler felt that the cards forced him to change his draft colors partway throughSundayPlayers
in the first draftSundayPlayers
in the first draftSundayPlayers
started Day 2 by drafting blue-white with a splash of blackSundayPlayers
Ben RubinSundayPlayers
Brian Kibler tried to explain why he drafted the way he did during the first draft on day 2.SundayPlayers
Day 1's leader, Mike EmmertSundayPlayers
Tammy Ehrhart in round 6SaturdayPlayers
Tammy Ehrhart, still in round 6SaturdayPlayers
Mike Turian in Round 6SaturdayPlayers
vs. vs. SaturdayPlayers
Terry TsangSaturdayPlayers
Dan CleggSaturdayPlayers
Alex BortehSaturdayPlayers
Ed Fear in the last round of Day 1SaturdayPlayers
Alex Borteh vs. Ed Fear vs. Ed FearSaturdayPlayers
14-year old Zach Parker made a splash at the team Pro Tour when, at age 12, he led his older brothers to an upset win over Zvi Mowshowitz, Alex Shvartsman, and Mike Pustilnk. Here he puts his undefeated record on the line against Nick Eisel at table 2 in round 5. SaturdayPlayers
Ed Fear's was still serving out his suspension when Grand Prix byes were calculated so he started this tournament with none. That didn't stop him from rattling off four wins and earning a round 5 feature match. SaturdayPlayers
"Did you know Shakespeare invented the word Submerge?" SaturdayPlayers
Jeff Cunningham made Top 8 at the last Pro Tour and *then* took a month off from school to work on his game. Look out, world ... SaturdayPlayers
John Shannon was given this cake in honor of his retirement as a tournament organizer. SaturdayPlayers
There were some large men gathered at this round 4 feature match.SaturdayPlayers
Rumor has it that Chris Benafel has not yet completed five turns of Magic at the Colony.SaturdayPlayers
"Baby Huey" attempts to mise at the feature match table.SaturdayPlayers
Frank Hernandez was 1/4th of the 2000 Worlds Team Champion squad from the USA but he has struggled to get back to the Pro Tour since then. Here he plays Charlie Manter in round 2.SaturdayPlayers
Florida local Andrew Pacifico made a big splash back in 1998 when he won the JSS and then made Top 8 at US Nationals. Here he is in his round 2 feature match.SaturdayPlayers
The round 2 Feature MatchSaturdayPlayers
Jon Becker is one of the few members of Tongo Nation that hasn't retired.SaturdayPlayers
Dark Jedi Lord Peter Szigeti doesn't want anyone to see his face lest it dispel his magical powers.SaturdayPlayers
Eric Taylor, colorful as always, in a round 3 feature match against Peter Szigeti.SaturdayPlayers
edt takes on ptr in the AIC (All-Initials Championship) during round 3.SaturdayPlayers
Tampa local Laurie Dunning, of Team Goodfellas, takes on Nolan Blackwelder in a round 3 feature match.Tampa local , of Team Goodfellas, takes on Nolan Blackwelder in a round 3 feature match.SaturdayPlayers
Sy Johnston watches on as Becky Hiebert prepares to play round 1.SaturdayStaff
It takes a lot of volunteers like these fine judges to make a Grand Prix run smoothly.SaturdayStaff
The one, the only, the Scott Larabee looks down from his perch on the stage.SaturdayStaff
Head Judge Collin "The Sheriff" Jackson shows off his new beard.SaturdayStaff
Tournament Organizer John Shannon looks over decklists with Grand Prix Trial head judge Suzy LifeSaturdayStaff
Jacob Weissman does his best to look scared while the Sheriff does his best to tell him that only he can prevent forest fires.SaturdayStaff
The festive setting for Grand Prix TampaSaturdaySite
Thanks to a tantrum late Friday night, Kurtis “Fatman” Hahn was already holding a notebook and doing Sideboard coverage before the first round even began.SaturdayStaff
The decorations may have made the players think they were in New Orleans, but this is actually just the ballroom where St. Petersburg's finest come to dance. SaturdaySite
Chris Benafel builds his sealed deckSaturdayPlayers
Magic Colony member Chris Benafel does his best to show disdain for the camera. SaturdayPlayers
Mike Turian builds his sealed deckSaturdayPlayers
Mike Turian proudly shows off both copies of Laquatus's Champion that he found in his sealed deck -- one foil, one regular. SaturdayPlayers

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