Grand Prix Turin
Round 6 Pairings (Green)

Posted in Event Coverage on March 31, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerPoints OpponentPoints
501Hatto, Steve S [LUX] 15vs.Angeli, Alessio [ITA] 15
502Nuti, Giovanni [ITA] 15vs.Marinuzzi, Lorenzo [CHE] 15
503Bøéa, Lukeš [CZE] 15vs.Lampasona, Simone [ITA] 15
504Busi, Yanez [ITA] 15vs.Sing, Victor [FRA] 15
505Szklarski, Michal [POL] 15vs.Papadakis, Bill [GRC] 15
506Pinto, Antonio [ITA] 15vs.Lam, Wilson [CHE] 15
507Spataro, Luca [ITA] 15vs.Tei, Jacopo [ITA] 15
508Verhulst, Johan [BEL] 15vs.Robin, Yann [FRA] 15
509Pizzi, William [ITA] 15vs.Berti, Francesco [ITA] 15
510Vigne, Bertrand [FRA] 15vs.Progin, David [CHE] 15
511Portaro, Alessandro [ITA] 15vs.Caron, Jean Marc [ITA] 15
512Canavesi, Daniele [ITA] 15vs.Dagen, Pierre [FRA] 15
513Blohon, Lucas [CZE] 15vs.Elfgren, Bertil [SWE] 15
514Sochurek, Petr [CZE] 15vs.Zuñiga, Mario [ESP] 15
515Shmuely, Niv [ISR] 15vs.Darras, Alexandre [BEL] 15
516Christensen, Allan B [DNK] 15vs.Pichon, Elie [FRA] 15
517Campanini, Tommaso [ITA] 9vs.Cenciarini, Damiano [ITA] 9
518Al Takrouri, Karim [ITA] 15vs.Sbardella, Pierfederic [ITA] 15
519Erenyi, Jakub [CZE] 15vs.Aceto, Pierluigi [ITA] 15
520Nagy, Ferenc [HUN] 15vs.Cifka, Stanislav [CZE] 15
521Blumer, Yann [CHE] 15vs.Andrys, Piotr [POL] 15
522Velazquez, Jose Luis [ENG] 15vs.Lüscher, Sascha [CHE] 15
523Nørgaard, Lasse [DNK] 15vs.Dolazza, Marco M [ITA] 15
524Brandtner, Michael [AUT] 15vs.Duparcq, Guy [BEL] 15
525Neri, Antonio [ITA] 15vs.Boscagli, Andrea [ITA] 15
526Piccinino, Stefano [ITA] 15vs.Giaquinto, Simone [ITA] 13
527De Toffol, Cedric [USA] 13vs.Cetrullo, Luca [ITA] 13
528Stihle, Julien [FRA] 12vs.Venchiarutti, Philippe [FRA] 12
529Allouchery, Gonzague [FRA] 12vs.Musial, Lukasz [POL] 12
530Saia, Fabio [ITA] 12vs.Trani, Marco [ITA] 12
531Cusenza, Vincenzo [ITA] 12vs.Varaksin, Aleksey I [UKR] 12
532Bonde, Michael [DNK] 12vs.Sciancalepore, Ivan [ITA] 12
533Tagliaferro, Riccardo [ITA] 12vs.Neumann, Joaquim [DEU] 12
534Macchinizzi, Diego [ITA] 12vs.Oddenino, Edoardo [ITA] 12
535Nesi, Eugenio [ITA] 12vs.Giarola, Andrea [ITA] 12
536Jaklovsky, Lukas [CZE] 12vs.Watsfeldt, Elias [SWE] 12
537Fyssas, Antonis [GRC] 12vs.Burgold, Lino [DEU] 12
538Mengucci, Andrea [ITA] 12vs.Plagge, Julian T [DEU] 12
539Cammilluzzi, Marco [ITA] 12vs.Poinsignon, Pierre [FRA] 12
540Van Holsbeeck, Kristof [BEL] 12vs.Strobl, Manuel [AUT] 12
541Baronchelli, Stefano [ITA] 12vs.Cernigliaro, Marco [ITA] 12
542De Filippi, Matteo [ITA] 12vs.Unfried, Jörg [DEU] 12
543Santopadre, Marco [ITA] 12vs.Anceschi, Marco [ITA] 12
544Marzano, Pierre [DEU] 12vs.D'anneo, Marco [ITA] 12
545Bernabei, Alessandro [ITA] 12vs.Klocker, Elias [AUT] 12
546Catana, Ciprian [ROU] 12vs.Biscardi, Francesco [ITA] 12
547Campanino, Fabrizio [ITA] 12vs.Landoni, Nicola [ENG] 12
548Zorzi, Giulio [ITA] 12vs.Hinz, Levi B [AUS] 12
549Pettenuzzo, Daniele [ITA] 12vs.Corbera Bellalta, Marc [ESP] 12
550Emanuele, Giusti [ITA] 12vs.Wallin, Peter [SWE] 12
551Gehrer, Johannes [AUT] 12vs.Morello, Vittorio [ITA] 12
552Dolar, Robin [SVN] 12vs.Tobiasch, Marc [DEU] 12
553Milis, Michael [BEL] 12vs.Diez, Omar [ESP] 12
554Schemeil, Stefano S [ITA] 12vs.Repetti, Daniele [ITA] 12
555Chiche, Kevin [FRA] 12vs.Rikola, Markku [FIN] 12
556Orsini Jones, Marco [ENG] 12vs.Pavesi, Paolo [ITA] 12
557Barnini, Lorenzo [ITA] 12vs.Marcotti, Davide [ITA] 12
558Mallamaci, Giacomo Alb [ITA] 12vs.Pace, Flavio [ITA] 12
559Marello, Gualtiero [ITA] 12vs.Derory, Wilfried [FRA] 12
560Woshennikov, Artem [RUS] 12vs.Blessent, Claudio [ITA] 12
561Betti, Frida [ITA] 12vs.Armando, Degli Alisi [ITA] 12
562De Colle, Mattia [ITA] 12vs.Grossi, Riccardo [ITA] 12
563Rossi, Davide [ITA] 12vs.Reale, Riccardo [ITA] 12
564Massy, Kevin [FRA] 12vs.Fatutti, Mattia [ITA] 12
565Rubio, Victor [ESP] 12vs.Lepeytre, Florent [FRA] 12
566Koska, Adam [CZE] 12vs.D'angella, Stefano [ITA] 12
567Monno, Marco [ITA] 12vs.Chan, Wai Lok [CHE] 12
568Voutsis, Othon J [GRC] 12vs.Mechilli, Leonardo [ITA] 12
569Mennella, Alessandro [ENG] 12vs.Magaraggia, Davide [ITA] 12
570Bartollini, Jacopo [ITA] 12vs.Gammaitoni, Eli [ITA] 12
571Ameeuw, Sébastien [FRA] 12vs.Calvetto, Marcello [ITA] 12
572Battiston, Dario [ITA] 12vs.Esposito, Alessandro [ITA] 12
573Colleoni, Diego [ITA] 12vs.Bagdadlian, Thomas [FRA] 12
574Vincent, Guillaume [FRA] 12vs.Dobis, David [CZE] 12
575Ble, Iwika [DEU] 12vs.Sabbadini, Massimo [ITA] 12
576Nediani, Andrea [ITA] 12vs.Jandrasits, Marco [AUT] 12
577Merlet, Cedric [FRA] 12vs.Ciocchetti, Matteo [ITA] 12
578Dauppe, Claudia [ENG] 6vs.Demaio, Giovanni [ITA] 6
579Van Heel, Jeroen [BEL] 12vs.Trujillo, Esther [ESP] 12
580Francato, Gianluca [ITA] 12vs.Mulato, Daniel [ITA] 12
581Terrier, Lucas [FRA] 12vs.Karlinski, Anton [DEU] 12
582Valenza, Ezio [ITA] 12vs.Esteves, Julio [FRA] 12
583Surkamp, Florian [DEU] 12vs.Rinaldi, Giuseppe [ITA] 12
584Mattioli, Alberto [ITA] 12vs.Rampini, Stefano [ITA] 12
585D'innocenzo, Andrea [ITA] 12vs.Beltramo, Luca [ITA] 12
586Marcozzi, Emanuele [ITA] 12vs.Schnell, Philipp [DEU] 12
587Barossi, Davide [ITA] 12vs.Kirenes, Panagiotis [GRC] 12
588Croitoru, Denis [ROU] 12vs.Stradner, Stefan [AUT] 12
589Chhen, Patrick [CHE] 12vs.Bianchini, Federico [ITA] 12
590Ortiz De La Torre, Dav [ESP] 12vs.Kopec, Mateusz [POL] 12
591Stückler, Thomas [AUT] 12vs.Molino, Santo [ITA] 12
592Oliver, Carrie H [ENG] 12vs.Le, Nam [ITA] 12
593Passow, Christopher [DEU] 12vs.Rega, Guido [ITA] 12
594Sonzogni, Andrea [ITA] 12vs.Pöpper, David [DEU] 12
595Guevara, Asier [ESP] 12vs.De Rosa, Marco [ITA] 12
596Barry, Olivier [FRA] 12vs.Rutar, Andrej [SVN] 12
597Hillmann, Alexander [DEU] 12vs.Longa, Piotr [POL] 12
598Rizzi, Mattia [ITA] 12vs.Fiabon, Alex [ITA] 12
599Romoli, Federico [ITA] 12vs.Colombatti, Mariano [ITA] 12
600Scarantino, Marco [ITA] 12vs.Magarotto, Francesco [ITA] 10
601Franceschini, Saverio [ITA] 10vs.Michlits, Mario [AUT] 10
602Domizi, Roberto [ITA] 10vs.Pilurzu, Stefano [ITA] 10
603Zijp, Teun [NLD] 10vs.Sajgalik, Eduardo [ENG] 10
604Delfino, Marco [ITA] 10vs.Contardi, Paco [ITA] 10
605Romagnoli, Filippo [ITA] 10vs.Rossi, Christian [ITA] 10
606Bergamaschi, Paolo [ITA] 10vs.Ciufolotti, David [ITA] 10
607Vetrò, Marco M [ITA] 10vs.Michail, Theodore [GRC] 10
608Mendoud, El-bouzidi [FRA] 10vs.Gutierrez Gallego, Jos [ESP] 9
609Gomes, Gualberto [PRT] 9vs.Spano, Daniel [ITA] 9
610Lamonaca, Fabio [ITA] 9vs.Guerci, Elia [ITA] 9
611Vilain, Arnaud [ENG] 9vs.Terrasse, Nicolas [FRA] 9
612Cortesi, Luca [ITA] 9vs.Cantore, Stefano [ITA] 9
613Markopoulos, Chris [GRC] 9vs.Genovese, Jonathan [ITA] 9
614Shunkov, Valeriy [RUS] 9vs.Capecchi, Niccolo [ITA] 9
615D'innocenzo, Giacomo [ITA] 9vs.De Matteis, Luca [ITA] 9
616Sekretarev, Nikita [RUS] 9vs.Zaffiro, Gabriele [ITA] 9
617Corongiu, Carlo [ITA] 9vs.Brescianini, Omar [ITA] 9
618Orgera, Andrea [ITA] 9vs.Richard, Armel [FRA] 9
619Sirito, Mario [ITA] 9vs.Bonizzoni, Andrea [ITA] 9
620Rivoire, Christian [FRA] 9vs.Donoso, Ferran [ESP] 9
621Sevegnani, Michele [ITA] 9vs.Rabionet, Raul [ESP] 9
622Waelkens, Wim E [BEL] 9vs.Andrea, Tamiatti [ITA] 9
623Bortolotti, Marco [ITA] 9vs.Bogolepov, Boris [RUS] 9
624Wieser, Dominik [AUT] 9vs.D'espinay, Geoffroy [FRA] 9
625Cabrit, Nicolas [FRA] 9vs.Rivoire, Jean-luc [FRA] 9
626Kanelis, Paulos [GRC] 9vs.Ricciardi, Mauro [ITA] 9
627Riccio, Stefano [ITA] 9vs.Isaeades, Vasilis [GRC] 9
628Heidinger, Thomas [AUT] 9vs.Cuocci, Fabrizio [ITA] 9
629Vlcek, Jaroslav [CZE] 9vs.Nervoso, Alan [ITA] 9
630Vetere, Riccardo [ITA] 9vs.Van Der Vaart, Martijn [NLD] 9
631Norman, Charles [ENG] 9vs.Flips, Lionel Pierre [BEL] 9
632Vardeu, Elias [ITA] 9vs.Bennardo, Lorenzo [ITA] 9
633Bonaventura, Alessandr [ITA] 9vs.Verdoodt, Philip V [BEL] 9
634Ajmone, Alessio [ITA] 9vs.Bertone, Simone [ITA] 9
635Alarcón, Jorge [ESP] 9vs.Barberio, Stefano [ITA] 9
636Laudati, Pietro [ITA] 9vs.Masini, Alberto [ITA] 9
637Bergonzoni, Luca [ITA] 9vs.Tosoni, Martin [CHE] 9
638Summersberger, Helmut [AUT] 9vs.Cecilia, Manuel [ITA] 9
639Liapatis, Theodoros [GRC] 9vs.Magro, Francesco [ITA] 9
640Chiaravalle, Giovanni [ITA] 9vs.Demomi, Mathias [ITA] 9
641Vogelsanger, Andreas [CHE] 9vs.De Lorenzo, Gianluca [ITA] 9
642Simoncic, Matej [SVK] 9vs.Zulian, Simone [ITA] 9
643De Simone, Luigi [ITA] 9vs.Venturi, Matteo [ITA] 9
644Köstler, Jonas [DEU] 9vs.Mitodo, Dominik [CHE] 9
645Cesatti, Marco [ITA] 9vs.Ludin, Michael [FRA] 9
646Alfiniti, Nicolò [ITA] 9vs.Dictus, Mark [BEL] 9
647Almaraz, Pierre [FRA] 9vs.Santinelli, Enrico [ITA] 9
648Petruzzella, Mauro [ITA] 9vs.Caraceni, Lorenzo [ITA] 9
649Tocchi, Gabriele [ITA] 9vs.Gamarino, Claudio [ITA] 9
650Borri, Michelangelo [ITA] 9vs.Sevaux, Yoann [FRA] 9
651Fugallo, Alessandro [ITA] 9vs.Sorribas, Xavier [ESP] 9
652Schultze, Max [DEU] 9vs.Volpone, Marco [ITA] 9
653Papadopoulos, George [GRC] 9vs.Navarro Garcia, Javier [ESP] 9
654Giovannini, Luca [ITA] 9vs.Chiodini, Giorgio [ITA] 9
655Pietra, Gianluca [ITA] 9vs.Marie, Julien [FRA] 9
656Johnson, Matthew [ENG] 9vs.Leone, Angelo [ITA] 9
657Giommi, Danilo [ITA] 9vs.Cordeschi, Nicola [ITA] 9
658Vazzoler, Giulio [ITA] 9vs.Zampirollo, Luca [ITA] 9
659Sesani, Alessandro [ITA] 9vs.Fethi, Khellif [FRA] 9
660Baroni, Stefano [ITA] 9vs.Matsoukas, Makis [GRC] 9
661Benincasa, Giuliano [ITA] 9vs.Gerace, Francesco [ITA] 9
662Paleocrassas, Dimitrio [ENG] 9vs.Belova, Zoya [RUS] 9
663Cabras, Giomaria [ITA] 9vs.Wilks, John-joseph [ENG] 9
664Sponza, Giovanni [ITA] 9vs.Linden, Carsten [DEU] 9
665Duport, Olivier [CHE] 9vs.Marchi, Gabriele [ITA] 9
666Di Cola, Lorenzo [ITA] 9vs.Kourkoutis, Giorgos [GRC] 9
667Magoga, Fabio [ITA] 9vs.Forneris, Riccardo [ENG] 9
668Nardi, Dario [ITA] 9vs.Vanek, Tomas [CZE] 9
669Mühlböck, Marc [AUT] 9vs.Turrian, Kévin M [CHE] 9
670Massuda, Luca [ITA] 9vs.Leigh, Simon [DEU] 9
671Martinez, Andres [ITA] 9vs.Vallin, Hannu [FIN] 9
672Lippi, Alessandro [ITA] 9vs.Bastos, Frederico [PRT] 9
673Valenti, Ezio [ITA] 9vs.Guedj, Thomas [FRA] 9
674Kiritsis, Giannis [GRC] 9vs.Lesaege, Clement [FRA] 9
675Rapilly, Sylvain [ITA] 9vs.Wolf, Stefan [AUT] 9
676Nobili, Luca [ITA] 9vs.Frena, Andrea [ITA] 9
677Ingrasciotta, Gaetano [ITA] 9vs.Engleitner, Herbert [AUT] 9
678Dolenc, Andrej [SVN] 9vs.Mangione, Vincenzo [ITA] 9
679Carabias, Alexandre [FRA] 9vs.Picciafuochi, Riccardo [ITA] 9
680Redondo Ruiz, Enrique [ESP] 9vs.Battistuzzi, Nicolò [ITA] 9
681Pezzo, Fabio [ITA] 9vs.Bignami, Andrea [ITA] 9
682Scuderi, Walter [ITA] 9vs.Salvadori, Nathan [ITA] 9
683Rondine, Fabio [ITA] 9vs.Gallo, Andrea Gaetano [ITA] 9
684Arnaud, Christophe [FRA] 15vs.Holzinger, Thomas [AUT] 15
685Nai, Enrico [ITA] 9vs.Bassy, Martin [FRA] 9
686Bevere, Gianluca I [ITA] 9vs.Menta, Kristian [ITA] 9
687Minghetti, Riccardo [ITA] 9vs.Mariani, Giovanni [ITA] 9
688Travaini, Andrea [ITA] 9vs.Monni, Riccardo [ITA] 9
689Salvadè, Luca [ITA] 9vs.Careghini, Alessandro [ITA] 7
690Nocci, Federico [ITA] 7vs.Nicolella, Valeriano [CHE] 7
691Russo, Alfio [ITA] 7vs.Liprandi, Lorenzo [ITA] 7
692Cialdella, Marco [ITA] 7vs.Andreolli, Eros [ITA] 7
693Romanovskiy, Alexey [ENG] 7vs.Jean-michel, Gely [FRA] 7
694Nötzli, Matthias [CHE] 7vs.Carbone, Francesco [ITA] 7
695Cesaro, Christian [ITA] 7vs.Bortolussi, Giorgio [ITA] 7
696Pintus, Daniele [ITA] 7vs.Lemaitre, Francois [FRA] 7
697Friedrich, Martin [CZE] 6vs.Madé, Samuel Thomas [ITA] 6
698Valentini, Nicolo [ITA] 6vs.Mingarelli, Marco [ITA] 6
699Cappe, Lorenzo [ITA] 6vs.Amerio, Matteo [ITA] 6
700Covili, Sebastien M [FRA] 6vs.Morelli, Antonio [ITA] 6
701Goursseaud, Loic [FRA] 12vs.Von Kalkstein, Christi [DEU] 12
702Locoge, David [FRA] 6vs.Le Briand, Loic [FRA] 6
703Dotto, Marco [ITA] 6vs.Jovic, Ivan [AUT] 6
704Bernardini, Davide [ITA] 6vs.Quadri, Andrea [ITA] 6
705Manera, Lorenzo [ITA] 6vs.Boccalini, Luca [ITA] 6
706Maffei, Loris [ITA] 6vs.Comandù, Elia [ITA] 6
707Vaisitti, Niccolò [ITA] 6vs.Kuleshov, Vasiliy [RUS] 6
708Maffei, Paolo [ITA] 6vs.Vouillemin, Gael [FRA] 6
709Bontorno, Antonio [ITA] 6vs.Bonini, Andrea [ITA] 6
710Penard, Adrien [FRA] 6vs.Bruscoli, Emiliano [ITA] 6
711Chanoux, Andrea [ITA] 6vs.Montagner, Fabio [ITA] 6
712Nicolli, Francesco [ITA] 6vs.Malvasi, Alessandro [ITA] 6
713Barsamian, Yann [FRA] 6vs.Altamore, Federico [ITA] 6
714Re, Alberto [ITA] 6vs.Peretti, Paolo [ITA] 6
715Temoins, Sylvain [FRA] 6vs.Melita, Luigi [ITA] 6
716Cassini, Damien [FRA] 6vs.Grandi, Elena [ITA] 6
717Francioni, Michele [ITA] 6vs.Sponza, Marco [ITA] 6
718Dario, Biondo [ITA] 6vs.Bertuzzo, Matteo [ITA] 6
719Ayena, koffi William [FRA] 6vs.De Giuli, Francesco D [ITA] 6
720Marziali, Riccardo [ITA] 6vs.Martello, Mattia [ITA] 6
721Cuomo, Michele [ITA] 6vs.Ambrosino, Lorenzo [ITA] 6
722Maccagnani, Andrea [ITA] 6vs.Schreiber, Martin [DEU] 6
723Bickel, Bernd [DEU] 6vs.Breviglieri, Massimo [ITA] 6
724Driussi, Lorenzo [ITA] 6vs.Carrella, Alessandro [ITA] 6
725Corbet, Bryan [FRA] 6vs.Ambrosiani, Christian [ITA] 6
726Albarelli, Nicola [ITA] 6vs.Boyer, Alexandre [ENG] 6
727Heinrich, Artie [DEU] 6vs.Klaudy, Jiri [CZE] 6
728Gaviglio, Luca [ITA] 6vs.Carozzo, Luigi [ITA] 6
729Corsanini, Michele [ITA] 6vs.Ampollini, Davide [ITA] 6
730Cassina, Triano [CHE] 6vs.Vecchieschi, Giacomo [ITA] 6
731Castro, Federico [ITA] 6vs.Renner, Mark [AUT] 6
732Bisca, Dario [ITA] 6vs.Sacco, Sergio [ITA] 6
733Rocco, Alessandro [ITA] 6vs.Poggi, Mauro [ITA] 6
734Monticelli, Fabio [ITA] 6vs.Court, Gordon J [ENG] 5
735Vassalle, Fabio [ITA] 4vs.Menta, Markus [ITA] 4
736Puel, Vincent [FRA] 4vs.Cozzaglio, Enrico [ITA] 3
737Ferrara, Giacomo [ITA] 3vs.Lazzarini, Chiara [ITA] 3
738Obererlacher, David [AUT] 3vs.Civelli, Daniele [ITA] 3
739Iania, Tiziano [ITA] 3vs.Bacchini, Davide [ITA] 3
740Kuss, Sylvain [FRA] 3vs.Desogus, Mattia [ITA] 3
741Brogio, Carlo [ITA] 3vs.Ferretti, Luca [ITA] 3
742Fontana, Christian [ITA] 3vs.Zanotti, Matteo [ITA] 3
743Monet, Yves [FRA] 3vs.Gremese, Roberto [ITA] 3
744Bruno, Christian [ITA] 3vs.Vannozzi, Leonardo [ITA] 1
745Furione, Ivan [ITA] 0vs.Dal Cero, Luca [ITA] 0

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