Grand Prix Valencia 2013 - Tiago Chan vs. Jack Amy

Posted in Event Coverage on November 10, 2013

Tiago Chan, the two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor and former Invitational champion from Portugal, was facing Englishman Jack Amy this round. Both had piloted their sealed decks to a pristine record of 6-0 so far, green-black in Chan's case, red-white in Amy's case. Of course, only one of them would remain undefeated after this round ...

Chan won the die-roll and started quickly, with Voyaging Satyr, Nessian Courser, and a bestowed Leafcrown Dryad, all before Amy had even made his first play. Amy had Ray of Dissolution for the Dryad but, unfortunately, never found a fourth land. Chan's 4/4 Reverent Hunter soon sealed the deal.

In the second game, Amy made the first move in Traveling Philosopher, enchanted it with Dragon Mantle, and followed it up with Purphoros's Emissary. Meanwhile, Chan had summoned Nessian Courser and an Insatiable Harpy which died to Magma Jet immediately. Next, thanks to Chan's Anthousa, Setessan Hero, the game entered a rather slow phase, with both players building up their respective armies. This suited Chan just fine because, whereas his opponent had an Ill-Tempered Cyclops and turned it monstrous, he himself had Nylea, God of the Hunt, already active thanks to Nylea's Presence. Hopeful Eidolon was bestowed upon the 6/6 Cyclops and it attacked. Chan blocked with Anthousa and Nessian Courser, Amy turned his monster 10/8 via Titan's Strength, and Chan saved Anthousa with Boon of Erebos. The end result of this massive combat was: Amy back up at 21, Chan at 9, and his Nylea, God of the Hunt no longer a creature.

Voyaging Satyr turned Nylea back into a creature and Amy went to 15. Then, he cast Spear of Heliod and attacked with all of his creatures: Hopeful Eidolon, Purphoros's Emissary, and Traveling Philosopher wrapped into Dragon Mantle. Anthousa blocked the latter and was saved by Feral Invocation. Amy went to 17, Chan fell to 3. On his turn, Chan smoothly cast his second Boon of Erebos on Anthousa and attacked with the now 8/7 Setessan Hero itself, the 6/6 God, Voyaging Satyr, and three 2/2 lands—well in excess of lethal damage. Amy extended his hand in concession.

Tiago Chan 2-0 Jack Amy

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