Interesting M14 Team Sealed Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on August 2, 2013

By Frank Karsten

The first format for the World Magic Cup competitors is Magic 2014 Team Sealed. With twelve boosters in total to build three decks out of, it is much more likely to get multiples of a certain card than in a six-booster individual Sealed event. Moreover, there tend to be more interesting synergies and combos to choose from. As I walked around the room during deck construction, I saw a bunch of sweet decks being built. Here are my highlights.

Spain - Mario Zuñiga's Slivers

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The Spanish team opened as many as four Predatory Sliver and two Blur Sliver. And let me tell you: attacking on turn three with a hasty 3/3 is not just a good start to a game---it's a great start. Besides the two-drop and three-drop slivers, the Spanish team had access to Slivers of the Megantic, Battle, and Steelform variety. If they would manage to get every single Sliver in Zuñiga's deck on the table at the same time, then Mutavault would turn into an 11/10 monster. Not bad at all.

But that Mutavault could get even bigger. Did you see the Door of Destinies lingering in Mario's pool? Now that typically is a hard card to pull off, but it fit perfectly with the multitude of Slivers in Zuñiga's deck.

USA - Daniel Cecchetti's Mono-Green Howl

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Going mono-green without splashing any other color has two advantages. First off all, it ensures that you can always cast Kalonian Tusker on turn two. But more importantly, it turns Howl of the Night Pack from merely decent into insanely powerful. It's like getting an extra rare. Accordingly, many teams who opened Howl of the Night Pack tried to build a mono-green deck. Of all those decks, Team USA built the most interesting one, as it featured Bubbling Cauldron and Trading Post, which could combine very nicely with Voracious Wurm. Two mana for a 6/6 creature? Not bad!

China - Yi-liu Liu's Mono-Black Prophecy

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Two Corrupt and two Quag Sickness is already a great start to a mono-black deck. But the double Dark Prophecy is what really makes this deck tick. The dream is to assemble the combo of Tenacious Dead, Blood Bairn, and Dark Prophecy. When you get all three out simultaneously, you can draw a fresh card for every two mana you have. Although this would reduce your life total in the process, you will usually draw into Bubbling Cauldron, Child of Night, or Corrupt to gain it all back.

Hong Kong - Derek Charm's Red-Green Hexproof

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Gladecover Scout is a card that regularly goes as a last pick in draft. After all, it's just a fragile 1/1 creature for one mana, and hexproof rarely matters on a 1/1. Unless, of course, you combine it with two Lightning Talons and two Trollhide. With those enchantments, Gladecover Scout suddenly turns into an imposing, hard-to-deal-with threat. Team Hong Kong saw the interaction and made sure to put all those cards in the same deck.

France - Raphaël Lévy's Black-Red Act of Treason

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Many, many decks chose to submit a Black-Red sacrifice theme deck. When you have Blood Bairn in play, Act of Treason turns into a hard removal spell with a bonus. It's one of the stronger synergies available in M14 Limited, and one that many teams made sure not to miss. France was one of the teams who opened as many as four Act of Treason, but surprisingly chose to leave two of them in the sideboard.

Raphaël Lévy was one of many players sporting the synergy between black's sacrifice outlets and red's Act of Treason today."

I sought out Pro Tour Hall of Famer Raphaël Lévy to ask him why. "We didn't have that many sacrifice outlets," he told me. "Two of them are Gnawing Zombie, so you need 5 lands for the Act of Treason combo, which can be difficult. Also, if you draw 3 Act of Treason in your opening hand without a sacrifice outlet, what are you going to do?" His explanation makes sense, and teaches us an important lesson in restraint.

That said, I had trouble restraining myself from firing up an M14 draft to assemble some of these sweet synergies myself.

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