Interesting Play Styles

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Sideboard Staff

Everyone knows that different people have different styles of play. In an effort to find out more about what constitutes a "Play Style", players who made Day 2 at Grand Prix - Kobe were given a questionnaire and asked to describe the way they play the game. Below is a list of some of the more unexpected responses. We here at hope they encourage you, the reader, to be just as introspective. Responses were in Japanese, unless otherwise noted.

  • Casual
  • Trendy
  • Japanese King of Beatdown
  • Maybe too cautious
  • Floating like a jellyfish
  • Regressive
  • Aggressive
  • Lots of mistakes
  • Whatever
  • By and by
  • Weenie
  • Wild
  • Play creatures
  • I love beatdown
  • My own sweet time
  • Difficult
  • Cowardly
  • Telepathic
  • "I'll counter that."
  • Metagame-based control
  • Childish
  • Fast
  • feeling! (in English)
  • Perverted
  • Push! (in English)
  • Mysterious
  • None
  • So-so
  • Statistical
  • Slow
  • Awful
  • Thoughtful
  • Simple
  • Reflexive
  • Blue
  • Danger (in English)
  • Korean
  • Poor
  • Long thinking (in English)
  • Slothful
  • Attack first, ask questions later
  • Better to be lucky than good
  • Relaxed
  • Sticky draws
  • Top-deck
  • Burn
  • Thoughtless
  • Green/red forever!
  • Used to be aggressive but now control
  • Can only do what I've practiced
  • going MY way (in English)
  • Fun
  • Indecisive
  • Young
  • ?
  • Rolling
  • Ride the wave
  • Smart
  • I use weird cards
  • Reactive
  • Great destiny

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