Interview: Alan Comer

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Michelle Bush

Before the main event even started, I spent a few minutes with Pro Tour regular Alan Comer. Unlike some players, who were frantically scrambling for last minute cards and filling out deck lists, Alan was cool, calm, and collected. His deck ready to go and decklist complete, he could relax and tell me some of his thoughts about his deck and the Standard environment.

Alan, a 31 year old telecommunications specialist from San Diego, California, is playing a rogue blue/black deck with bounce, discard, and card advantage. Ironically, this is the first Standard deck Alan made with Invasion, and he liked it so much he just stuck with it. I got to see this deck in its infancy as far back at Team Pro Tour - New York. I was there gunslinging, and Alan approached me with an impish grin, saying "I've got this great Type 2 deck..." The only deck I had with me at the time was my Extended Stompy, and Alan had, well... Vodalian Zombies. I think you can imagine what happened from there. The deck has changed very little since then. "I'm playing very annoying creatures that are cheap." He still has the Zombies, along with Chilling Apparition and Waterfront Bouncer. He plans to gain card advantage through Exclude, Repulse, Recoil, and Fact or Fiction, and has plenty of permission to back up his early threats.

Comer is fairly confident about his chances in the field. "I've got a good matchup against blue/white control. They have a real problem with Chilling Apparition." He also plans to do well versus Fires of Yavimaya, green/white, and Nether Go. "A lot of people sideboard out Blastoderm against me," he laughed. His biggest worry is Rebels, which he admits is his one bad matchup. "I wouldn't have played this deck if I'd known there would be so many Rebel decks, but I didn't see any last night. Now it's too late to change." Comer's backup deck was Counter Rebel. "It could make a good showing."

It will be particularly interesting to watch Comer's progress during this event, not only because he is playing a rogue deck, but because he worked on it alone. Lone Magic players are a rare breed these days, with most pros belonging to a team or at least practicing with local players. Comer used to belong to Mogg Squad, along with Scott Johns, Zvi Mowshowitz, Brian Selden, Sigurd Eskeland, Jakub Slemr, and Gary Wise. The Squad dissolved some time ago, leaving players to jockey for new alliances, or in Comer's case, go it alone. "Some people were doing all the work and got sick of those who weren't," Comer chuckled when asked to explain what happened to his former team.

Will a lone player running a rogue deck be able to stand up to the big teams? Comer hopes so. "I'd be happy with 5-2," he said. If Comer is right about his deck and he manages to avoid Rebels, he may be able to do just that.

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