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Posted in Event Coverage on May 17, 2013

By Blake Rasmussen

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You're going to hear a lot about Pro Players Club levels this weekend. Our talented video coverage team will be breathlessly breaking down the chase for end-of-season points, and you'll surely read multiple stories about players striving for, reaching and even falling just short of Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels.

But what, exactly, are those?

The Pro Players Club was created to reward players for exceptional seasons at the professional level with qualifications for future Pro Tours, byes at Grands Prix events, and other perks that we'll get to in just a moment.

Players accumulate Pro Points by playing in—and doing well at—professional-level events such as Grands Prix, Pro Tours, the World Championship, and the World Magic Cup. Each level has a threshold of points you must meet to earn the benefits of that level for the season.

  • Silver: 20 Professional Points (previously 15 points)
  • Gold: 35 Professional Points (previously 30 points)
  • Platinum: 45 Professional Points

The winner of a Pro Tour immediately receives Platinum status, regardless of how the rest of their season goes. After all, winning a Pro Tour has always been the pinnacle of a Magic player's career, and we want to treat it as such.

Pro Tours are where the real points are at, as first place awards a whopping 30 points, while second gets 24, third and fourth get 22, and the rest of the Top 8 get 20 points each—enough to guarantee reaching Silver level. From there, Pro Point awards get progressively lower, but everyone who just plays on a Pro Tour gets three points no matter where they finish.

Grands Prix tournaments hand out points to the Top 64 finishers, starting with a single point to anyone finishing 33nd through 64th, all the way up to eight points for winning the whole thing. As of this year, only the top five Grand Prix finishes count towards a player's Pro Level.

Now that we've established how you earn Pro Points, we can talk about the really cool stuff: all of the great perks you receive when you reach each level.


Attaining silver is the gateway to getting on the Pro Tour train, as Silver carries with it an automatic invitation to the next Pro Tour for which the player is not already qualified. That means Silver gives qualifying players another opportunity for more Pro points and another opportunity to gain some momentum on the Pro Tour.

Silver-level players are also automatically qualified for their country's World Magic Cup Qualifiers, an invitation which normally requires reaching a threshold of Planeswalker points. This ensures each country's best players will have a chance to represent their nation at the World Magic Cup.

These players also receive two byes at every Grand Prix they attend and 10 Qualifier Points ("QPs") for each Magic Online Championship Series season.


Gold is where the rubber hits the road for regular admission to Pro Tours. Players who achieve Gold level status in a season are:

  • Invited to every Pro Tour
  • Receive three byes at all Grands Prix
  • Are invited to their country's World Magic Cup qualifiers
  • Receive 15 QPs for the Magic Online Championship Series
  • Receive a $500 appearance fee when competing in a Pro Tour

The QPs for Magic Online and the appearance fee are both new additions to the Gold-level.


Platinum is the mountaintop, the apex of seasonal Magic accomplishment where Wizards does everything short of offering free back massages by way of perks. Platinum is incredibly difficult to achieve—only about 30 players do it ever year—but the rewards are worth it. Check out the bevy of bonuses you get for being among the best in the world. Platinum-level players:

  • Are invited to every Pro Tour
  • Receive three byes at all Grands Prix
  • Receive free sleep-in specials at all Grands Prix, where available
  • Are invited to their country's World Magic Cup qualifiers
  • Receive 20 QPs for the Magic Online Championship Series
  • Are provided free airfare and hotel for all Pro Tours
  • Receive a $3,000 appearance fee for competing at a Pro Tour
  • Receive a $1,000 appearance fee for competing in the World Magic Cup
  • Receive a $250 appearance fee for competing at a Grand Prix

A detailed breakdown of everything concerning the Pro Players Club, including eligibility and other fine print-type stuff can be found here.

How awesome is all of that? Getting paid to play Magic? Having Wizards put you up in a sweet hotel? Receiving free sleep-in specials?!

Platinum is the goal for every aspiring Pro player out there, and for very good reason.

So if you want to reach these heights, if you want to become part of the club that only admits the best of the best, get out there and qualify for the Pro Tour today!

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