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By Tony Tsai


With a solid lead in the Player of the Year race, Kai Budde only needs a decent finish at Worlds to become the first repeat Player of the Year. For the Standard portion of the Worlds competition, Kai chose to play a blue-green Opposition/Static Orb deck. The deck is fairly simple:

The Combo- Static Orb, Opposition
Card Drawers- Fact or Fiction, Gush
Cantrips- Opt, Slight of Hand
Counters- Thwart, Counterspells
Creatures- Waterfront Bouncer, Spiketail Hatchling, Spontaneous Generation

Static Orb and Opposition with creatures both serve to slow down the opponent independently by preventing creature damage or denying resources. Together, they provide a hard lock as the untapped permanents from Static Orb can be tapped with creatures via Opposition. Static Orb can also be tapped by a creature via Opposition before the untap phase to turn it off, allowing all the controller's permanents to untap.

Besides the Static Orb/Opposition combo, the other cards in the deck have good synergy. The alternative casting costs of Gush and Thwart help fuel the Waterfront Bouncer and Spontaneous Generation. Picking up lands also allows land to be played the next few turns if necessary while under Static Orb. The deck often gives up life in order to solidify board position and control. In the first round, Kai ended his games at 6 and 1 life when his opponent conceded once the hard lock was established.

Kai has great expectations for the deck, "This deck beats control, Fires, and Counterrebel, the three decks we expected the most." With 70% of his playtesting group playing the same deck, Kai hopes to not see many Juntu Stakes and Plague Spitters in the field. "I am very afraid of black and red decks."

Kai Budde

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