Last Chance Qualifier - Round 4 - Don Lippincott (Academy Games) vs. Creed Allen (TJ Collectibles)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Alex Shvartsman

These players are at 3-0 so far, so a win can propel one of them into a top 8 with a draw and some good tiebreakers. Allen is the reigning MA state champion, while Lippincott provided a description of himself as “an all around Magic personality.” Allen showed up with a blue-green tempo deck, which he has not lost a game with yet today. Lippincott was playing a metagame black-green deck.

Game 1

Lippincott started off with a mulligan. Things only got worse as he missed with Cabal Therapy while his opponent got Wild Mongrel and Basking Rootwalla on turn two. The beatings continued as Allen summoned more creatures and Lippincott missed more land drops. On turn four, Creed missed a land drop too – despite the fact that he had land in his hand. He later explained that he did not play the land in solidarity with his opponent. Surely it had nothing to do with Wild Mongrel he had in play. Within less than two minutes the game was over and the state champ was one up.


Allen: +2 Stupefying Touch, +1 Persusion, -2 Quiet Speculation, -1 Ray of Revelation
Lippincott: -2 Cabal Therapy, +1 Raveonous Baloth, +1 Centaur

Game 2

Second turn Wild Mongrel was once again Allen’s play – except it met with a Smother this time. A second Mongrel would have been matched with Ravenous Baloth, if Creed did not have a Circular Logic at the ready. He then summoned a Merfolk Looter ready to gain some serious card economy and countered Phantom Centaur with a second Logic.

Allen allowed his opponent to smother a Roar of Wurm token – which was just one of the barrage of creatures he was putting into play, but used yet another Logic to counter a Stronghold Assassin. Lippincott got another Assassin into play, but was forced to use both Birds of Paradise he summoned previously to chump block. It was over next turn, the entire match taking less than ten minutes.

Allen 2 – Lippincott 0

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