Latin America Championship Standard Deck Analysis

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Jeff Donais

The most popular decks at the Latin America Championship were Replenish, Angry Hermit and Control Black.

Many people saw the success Jon Finkel playing Control Black at US Nationals and quickly built a similar deck for themselves. Angry Hermit has been popular among som of the Latin America countries since they saw the deck from US Regionals report (some of the players emailed Aaron Forsythe about the deck). Replenish is ever-present in the current Standard environment and is very popular among the top players, especially from Brazil and Mexico. A large group of Brazilian players also chose to play Ponza, although it was not popular for players of other countries.

This event, along with various national tournaments (including US Nationals) will studied by players who are preparing for the APAC Championship, Euro Championship and World Championships.

Here is the deck breakdown, sorted by popularity:


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Creature (2)
2 Covetous Dragon
Sorcery (17)
15 Replenish 1 Bargain 1 Tinker
Enchantment (1)
1 Opposition
Other (38)
10 Angry Hermit 10 Control Black 6 Ponza 3 Stompy 2 Accelerated Blue 2 Hermit/Plaguelord 2 Trinity Green 1 Ankh-Tide 1 Blue Control 1 Red Deck Wins
58 Cards

Here is the deck breakdown, sorted by country:

Standard Deck Name Country
Control Black Baptista, Marco Venezuela
Opposition Alejos, Franz Venezuela
Replenish Peraza, Edward Venezuela
Bargain Remersaro, Santiago Uruguay
Stompy Kim, Jong-Won Uruguay
Trinity Green Veiga, Fernando Uruguay
Hermit/Plaguelord Albareda, Eduardo Peru
Tinker De la Riva Fort, Juan Carlos Peru
Angry Hermit Chapela Gaxiola, Gustavo Mexico
Angry Hermit Galimbertti, Victor U Mexico
Angry Hermit Godinez-Estrada, Gerardo Mexico
Angry Hermit Hernandez, Cesar Mexico
Blue Control Garcia Barbosa, Francisco Mexico
Replenish Araiza, Hugo Mexico
Replenish Chacon, Salomon Mexico
Replenish Sacal, Alexander Mexico
Replenish Vazquez Ayala, Julio C Mexico
Stompy Rodamilans, Enric Mexico
Accelerated Blue Le Saux, Rafael Chile
Accelerated Blue Reutter, Juan Chile
Control Black Luncimilla, Mario Chile
Control Black Undurraga, Christian Chile
Ponza San Juan, Basilio Chile
Ponza Sanchez, Rodrigo Chile
Red Deck Wins Hojman, Andres Chile
Replenish Alvarez, Fernando Chile
Ankh-Tide Costanza, Rodrigo J Brazil
Control Black Possato, William C Brazil
Covetous Dragon Sousa, Alex Brazil
Covetous Dragon Simao Teixeira, Eduardo Brazil
Hermit/Plaguelord Hino, Celso M Brazil
Ponza de Lima Filho, Joao Roberto Brazil
Ponza Pereira, Christiano Brazil
Ponza Romao, Carlos E Brazil
Ponza Sousa, Erico T Brazil
Replenish Alvarenga, Rafael A Brazil
Replenish Barbosa de Castro, Rodrigo C Brazil
Replenish Felsberg, Thomas E Brazil
Replenish Lima, Eduardo L Brazil
Replenish Possato, Dawton Brazil
Replenish Soares, Marcus V Brazil
Replenish Svaldi, Guilherme D Brazil
Replenish Svaldi, Rafael D Brazil
Stompy Edel, Willy Brazil
Trinity Green Longo, Sergio Brazil
Angry Hermit Biasotti, Franco Argentina
Angry Hermit Huerta, Pablo Argentina
Angry Hermit Mamczyc Haro, Leandro Argentina
Angry Hermit Moro, Andres Argentina
Angry Hermit Neiman, Luis G Argentina
Angry Hermit Zagalsky, Alejo Argentina
Control Black Alvarez Rivera, Joaquin Argentina
Control Black del Gerbo Actis, Gustavo Argentina
Control Black Maioli, Douglas Argentina
Control Black Mignorance, Ernesto Argentina
Control Black Monteavaro, Ignacio Argentina
Control Black Ostrovich, Diego Argentina
Replenish Barbero, Jose Argentina
Replenish Gomez, Matias Argentina
Replenish Rafael, Miguel Argentina

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