Legacy Championship – Semifinals Round-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on August 6, 2011

By Marc Calderaro

Jared Kohler (Merfolk) vs. David Gleicher (Team America)

Game One

Gleicher started the party with turn-one Thoughtseize and took a Lord of Atlantis after Jared Kohler's Æther Vial hit like clockwork. While Kohler spent his time sculpting the perfect board, with Coralhelm Commander, Cursecatcher and another Lord of Atlantis, Gleicher sculpted the perfect hand playing multiple Ponders and a Brainstorm.

Gleicher's grip looked nice with a Dismember, Tombstalker, Force of Will and Jace, the Mind Sculptor. But the scores were 20-10 in Kohler's favor and the Commander was gaining levels. Hands mean diddly without some oomph on the board.

The pivotal turn was when Kohler drew an Umezawa's Jitte, but was a land short to cast and equip it. So he used Æther Vial to add a Silvergill Adept and dig. It was not a land. Kohler then leveled the Commander up to optimal strength and attacked with it and the now 3/3 Cursecatcher. Gleicher's Dismember took out the non-attacking Lord of Atlantis, and the lack of pumps and islandwalk allowed Gleicher to take out Kohler's entire board with his blocking Tarmogoyf and Tombstalker.

Jace, Sculptor Extraordinaire came down the next turn, and that was all she wrote.

David Gleicher 1 – 0 Jared Kohler

David Gleicher

Game Two

When Gleicher went to five after mulligans he said, "You might have to win this way. Sorry."

After Kohler went, Silvergill Adept, Lord of Atlantis, Cursecatcher, Force of Will your Pernicious Deed, then Back to Basics, it appeared he did.

David Gleicher 1 – 1 Jared Kohler

Game Three

Game three proceeded much slower than the previous two. Slight, incremental advantage was used by both players, because without the Æther Vial early, Kohler had to shift his deck into a less aggressive mode. He used two early Wastelands to foil Gleicher's mid-game plans, or at least delay them.

And delay them Kohler did. But said plans came out eventually, in the form of a Tarmogoyf. Kohler Submerged Gleicher's larger, newer threat, Tombstalker, rendering it unable to be re-cast. However, the currently 3/4 Goyf was still able to make the totals 17-15 in Gleicher's favor.

Jared Kohler

Kohler had an Æther Vial at two and a Merrow Reejerey, but that wasn't good enough to get some offense going against Gleicher's America deck in grind-out mode. Gleicher made sure of that with a Ghastly Demise, taking out the Merfolk pumper (with the help of Wastelanding his own Wasteland to fill his Tombstalker-emptied graveyard).

Kohler paid in full for a Force of Will on Gleicher's Thoughtseize, and Gleicher paid the much cheaper alternate cost on his on Force to counter the first counter. The black discard spell took Kohler's only Sower of Temptation and he was left with a Back to Basics and a Pithing Needle, joined shortly by Coralhelm Commander. It was 12-9. Then 12-5.

Just then, Jared top-decked something that caused his opponent to groan – another Sower of Temptation. The Faerie took the 4/5 Tarmo-rocket and now it was three creatures to none. Gleicher put his face on his fist when he passed back, and soon changed the fist into a handshake.

Jared Kohler 2 – 1 David Gleicher

Jared Kohler advances to the finals!

Reed Hartman (NO-RUG) vs. Bernie Wen (U/W Standstill)

Game One

Reed Hartman started with a Noble Hierarch that was quickly taken out with a Swords to Plowshares. Bernie Wen then cast a Standstill that was quickly broken with a second Hierarch.

Bernie Wen

Wen stabilized early with multiple Mishra's Factory, but things started happening when Hartman was able to protect his Green Sun's Zenith against Force of Will with a Force of his own and got a large Tarmogoyf. The two players fought back and forth. Jace, the Mind Sculptor kept the green threat off the board, but it couldn't do the same for the Vendilion Clique. Well, it could have, but at quite a disadvantage for Wen. So he didn't do it.

Eventually, the flying beats and green monsters were too much, and Hartman took the first game.

Reed Hartman 1 – 0 Bernie Wen

Game Two

Game Two was similar to the first in that it started with a Noble Hierarch putting down the swords and picking up the plowshares. Wen's Mishra's Factory was hit by an Ancient Grudge, and though Wen had the Spell Snare to stop Tarmogoyf, Hartman had the Red Elemental Blast to neutralize the Snare.

Reed Hartman

After Hartman then resolved a Jace, the Mind Sculptor, you would have assumed the game would have a more clear leader, but surprisingly, even with ten cards across both graveyards, the green beater was only a 2/3. The ugly monster was soon joined by the three pretty faeries on Vendilion Clique and Hartman made the totals 17-15, then 17-10 in his favor.

Wen had an Elspeth to stem the bleeding, but he still sunk to five life, and the final turn of the game went as follows: Lightning Bolt at Wen's face, Mental Misstep to stop it, Red Elemental Blast to say "No" to the stopping, then Lightning Bolt #2 at aforementioned face.

Reed Hartman 2 – 0 Bernie Wen

Reed advances to the finals.

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