Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Richard Edbury

Regular readers of this site should already be familiar with Scot Wills who writes the Limited Information Column every Monday. Although down on draft table 9 with a mixture of players on 2-1 and 1-2 Scott's table is really tough. Seven of the eight players have previously played a pro tour with the remaining player, Gideon Moss having been a Wizards employee for 5 years thus limiting his chances of qualifying.

The table reads

Mark Voisey
Rob Salmon
Dan Jenkins
Steve Baltrop
Scott Wills
Gideon Moss
John Ormerod
Andrew Mitchell

Pack 1 Mirrodin

Altar of Shadows

Scott's opening booster contained a choice of Bone Splitter, Sky Hunter Patrol, Myr Enforcer or Detonate with Scott choosing the Detonate. Scott second picked Altar of Shadows over Shatter, Barter in Blood and Leonine Den Guard. This is a pretty controversial pick but Scott feels that Alter of Shadows just wins games and is therefore better than the more consistent Shatter. Booster 3 gave Scott the choice of Fabricate, Thoughtcast, Frogmite and Fractured Loyalty, the often-undervalued Fabricate was his selection. After this he settled into drafting blue, red for the remainder of the booster collecting in order Aether Spell Bomb, Krark Clan Grunt (Over Pewter Golem and Atog), Lumengrid Sentinel and Thoughtcast over Nim Shrieker. He rounded off the remaining picks by getting a Neurok Familiar, Steel Wall over Alpha Myr and Lumengrid Warden.

Pack 2 Darksteel

Scott's second, first pick contained Hoverguard observer, Barbed Lightening and Pristine Angel, Scott may have been red, blue at this stage, but so what Pristine Angel really is that good. Engineer was his choice over Spire Golem and Murderous Spoils, then Neurok Transmuter over Echoing Truth and Chittering Rats. His next picks were Spire Golem, Echoing Truth and Arcbound Bruiser over another Echoing Truth (his third bounce spell). In these last few boosters he had passed 3 Grimclaw Bats indicating that if he was drafting black, he would have had a very good deck, when I asked him about this afterwards he said "Once I had past the Pewter Golem in the first booster I felt I had passed too much black to switch". The boosters were rounded off by an Arcbound Hybrid and an Arcbound Worker.

Pack 3 Fifth Dawn

Scott had a tough pick first booster again, This time Loxodon Anchorite was his choice over Cranial Plate, He then had little choice for 2 Squires and a Magma Jet finally he finished with 2 Serum Visions and Sun Touched Myr.

Scott's deck isn't amazing but also isn't bad he is going to struggle against a likely amazing black deck and expects a 2-1 record with the deck. Pristine Angel is arguably the best card in the format and his two Serum Visions should help him here in a big way.

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