Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Tom has made the top8 of English Nationals before and is strong limited player
Rain of Rust

Pod 1

Aaron Cadwallader
Chris Stowers
Stephen Williams
Paul Hillary
Jon Hopkins
Jeremy Duck
Mark Waterhouse
Tom Harle

Tom Harle's draft

Pack one Mirrodin

Tom's first pick was between Electrostatic Static Bolt. Platinum Angel and Viridian Shaman. Tom picked the green card indicating a desire to draft green cards, a colour that many avoid. He was passed Looming Hoverguard and Fangren Hunter and stuck to his first pick and took the Fangren Hunter. He looked to branch off with his third pick of Skyhunter Cub looking towards g/w. Green continued to flow with 4th and 5th Deconstructs and late a Predator's Strike. This pack was round out my two very late myrs for him. A few red cards rounded out this pack, Krark Clan Grunt and Hematite Golem.

Pack two Darksteel

First pick Tom was left with little to pick from other than Savage Beating, so he was pushed more into red. The next pack Tom was forced to pick his colours as he was passed Leonin Battlemage, Razor Golem and Vulshok Morningstar. He decided stick to g/r and picked the Morningstar. Picking where fairly slim in Darksteel as he picked up a Tangle Golem and a Viridian Zealot. However a flow of black cards pass though him including 3 Chittering Rats and 3 Echoing Decays. He did manage another red card in Dismantle which has improved greatly with 5th Dawn

Pack three 5th Dawn

Again the pack Tom opened was fairly weak with his pick being Ouphe Vandal over Sylvok Explorer. He then took an explorer over a Rain of Rust, having plenty of artifact kill already. Beacon of creation was a another early pick out of a weak booster that might be pretty good as he was almost mono green at the time. 5th Dawn wasn't looking too strong for Tom but then he got two late Vulshok Sorcerer to rounds his deck out with some creature kill. Overall his deck was pretty powerful and during the draft a lot of very good card went round much too late, indicating inexperienced drafters

Tom should probably manage 3-0 with his very powerful deck. He has an awful lot of removal, but some of his creature are a bit weak.

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