Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Richard Edbury

The table Sam finds himself at contains:

Gideon Moss
Matthew Ballie
Stefano Gattolin
Sam Gomersall
Kevin O'Conner
Pete Norris
Tom Whiting
Chris Knowles

Pack 1

Sam quickly settles into drafting a blue affinity deck his opening picks are fairly clear
With Myr Enforcer over Tel-Jilhad Archers, Copperhead Vorrac and Copper Myr, then Neurok Spy over Deconstruct and Pearl Shard. Talisman of Dominance, a 4th pick Shrapnel Blast!!! And Leaden Myr Are all easy choices. Sams sixth pack is derisively weak with Tree of Tales clearly being the best card for him. A Yotian Soldier, Cathodian, Banshees Blade and Inertia bubble round out a reasonable set of Mirrodin picks for him.

Pack 2

Serum Visions

Quicksilver Behemoth is Sams first pick passing Essence Drain, Auriok Transmutter and Thunderstaff. His second and third picks are clear being Spire Golem and Arcbound Crusher. The next pack is powerful featuring Leonine Bola, Savage Beatdown, Neurok Prodigy and Vedelken Engineer Sam follows Zvi's school of drafting taking the Leonine Bola (Zvi Stated at U.S. nationals that Bola was Defining in this limited format). After getting Chromescale Drake, Arcbound Worker, and Nerok Prodigy. Sam has a choice of Thunderstaff, Neurok Transmutter and Gemini Engine. We discussed this pick after the draft, Sam knew he had passed a Transmuter and Thunderstaff first pack, this meant his next booster may contain either of these cards. He suspected he would get a Transmutter back and if he did he would rather take the Gemini Engine. He took the Transmutter to be safe, I found this pick interesting as I would probably have taken the Thunderstaff. His remaining Picks where the Transmutter which did indeed come back, Last Word and Pulse of the Grid.

Pack 3

Rain of Rust over battered Golem, is Sam's less than inspiring pick although he was reasonably happy here as it was his first piece of artifact removal. He then took two clear picks in Thought Courier and then a Rain of Rust over Skyreach Manta. This gives him a mini Combo with Auriok Transmutter. Condescend followed by Quomlux!!!, Sun Touched Myr, Serum Visions over Solarion Batton of Courage over Serum Vision and Iron Barbed Helion round out his draft.

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