Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Sam Gommersal is English Magics top pro, with 30 pro points Sam is tipped by many to get a pro tour top 8, Michael was a member of last years national team who finished sixth in the Worlds team competition. Sam is playing blue white control whilst Michale has a goblin bidding deck.

Although only the first round a resonable sized audience had started to gather, the table tak revolved arround accomplishments and that fact that Sam is now sponsored by his local club (The games club in London).

Game 1

Sam lead with a plains and Michael did the now conventional Mountain mana burn for one. This may seam a strange but the plan here is to stop the ridiculous Pulse Of The Fields. Over the next few turns Sam cycled an Eternal Dragon whilst michael starting quickly with a pil ddriver and warchief forcing a Wrath of God from Sam. Soon after a sharpshooter prospector and seige gang finished Sam off who had only drawn land since his starting hand.

Michael 1 Sam 0

Game 2

Pulse of the Fields

Michael starts with a Plunge into Darkness for 7, the first Fifth Dawn card of the match, he removes 3 land a Seige-gang Commander, Goblin Piledriver and Clickslither indicating a good draw on his behalf. Next turn a Warchief is mana leaked which proves bad as Michaels next turn shows a persecute for White.This removed all Sams remaining Spells, 2 wrath of god, an akroma's vengence and forcing him to respond with Pulse of the Field.

Over the next few turns Michael plays 3 Goblin Sharp Shooters and a Cabal Interigator. The interigator removes an eternal dragon every turn from Sams less than impressive hand, whilst Sam returns the Dragon each turn. Sams gets a Dragon into play meanwhile and attacks Michael down to 1. This is quite important as it means he can no longer use City of Brass or his fetch lands so his black mana is severely restricted. Once on 1 Michael kills the dragon by sacrificing a Prospector and shooting the Dragon 5 times. Sam draws a Wrath with 4 mana available whilst still on 20 but bizarrely chooses to keep it in hand and leave conescend avalaible. Unsurprisingly this is removed next turn by the interigator. After this Sam makes a few Dragons but Michael deals easily with these by shooting a creature of his own, the dragon twice and untapping the Sharpshooters and shooting again. Eventually Michael gets a second black mana and Persecute followed by bidding seal the game. Michaels persecute was unecessary as his opponent had only cards he knew of and he could've won the previous turn.

Michael Groves wins 2-0

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