Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Jake has a 2nd place finish at Pt Boston, while Mark won the 1999 UK nationals.

The match is u/w control Vs incubator ironworks. The match favours the works deck Game 1 but after side-boarding, stifle and March of the Machines are hard to overcome.

Game 1


Both players started off with a turn 2 talisman, which let Jake ramp to double Night's Whisper while Mark played out a Damping Matrix, which was used mostly to stop this exact deck. Jake was able to force a Krark Clan Iron Works down by leaking Marks Mana Leak. When mark had no play next turn Jake went off, playing Myr Incubator, Echoing truth on the matrix and then Goblin Cannon for the kill.

Mark brought in 4 March of the Machines and 2 more Stifle

Game 2

Jake mis-read his hand and kept a 1 Glimmervoid hand and had to discard on turn 1! This game ended very quickly as after two turns Jake drew a land but was much too far behind and scooped to Akroma's Vengeance.

Game 3

This time Mark kept a 1 land hand and missed one land drop before recovering with Talisman of Progress. Jake was also having land trouble unable to find a second even with Thoughtcast. Both players drew a few lands and again Jake forced though his Krark Clan Iron Works with Mana leak over Mana leak. However this time Jake then passed the turn and let Mark uptap and then at end of turn sacrificed all his artifacts to use the Myr Incubator, however as Mark now had blue open it was Stifled and the game was pretty much over, Jake with no permanents in play.

Final Score 2 -1 to Mark Wraith.

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