Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Scott and Andrew are both in serious trouble of being eliminated from the tournament. Andrew Mitchell has several high pro tour finishes, but hasn't been playing much recently. Coverage of Scott's draft can be found here. This may be Scott's last English nationals as he plans to move to Canada with his girlfriend about this time next year.

Scott's opening hand is a mulligan but his second hand seems quite good as he plays Steel Wall followed by Neurok Familiar, revealing Darksteel Ingot with his Pristine Angel in hand. Andrew's deck is looking mono red as he plays battered Golem followed by furnace whelp. The Furnace Whelp takes a fair chuck of his life total as Scott plays a Loxodon Anchorite. Scott misses his 5th land drop for several turns, which would allow him to play the Pristine Angel and establish himself a dominant board position, however he does stabilize against Andrews fliers, which now include a Nim Shrieker. He does this by casting Fabricate for Spire Golem and playing a Healers Headress. Soon later Scott used Serum Visions to get the land he needed for the Pristine Angel. The game was far from over, as Andrew had just made a Bone Splitter, a Spikeshot Goblin and a Leonine Bola. Scott was ready though, just as it looked that he was about to lose, Scott Detonated the Bola and cast Magma jet on the Spikeshot. From here on in although Scott had to be careful he was able to abuse his unfair rare for the win.

After the match Andrew mentioned that had he reached 2 black mana he would have had an opportunity to off the Pristine Angel. This game Andrew started quickly with a Blind Creeper, Furnace Whelp and Pewter Golem. Scott just had a few small guys but he was able to off the Blind Creeper by playing three of them on the same turn, Engineer powered out a turn 5, Alter of Shadows for Scott, but it still looked like Andrew would win when he dismantled a sun touch Myr to leave his regenerating Pewter Golem huge.
Andrews next few draws weren't the best and Scott drew into Aether Spell Bomb and played out a Horned Helm so that he had a mana sink, for the large amount of mana his Alter of Shadows generated. Soon after with Andrew's creatures destroyed, Scott killed him.

Scott Will's wins 2-0

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