Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Craig Jones is more often noted for his event coverage but back in 1998 he did win GP Birmingham. Tom Harle has done well at English Nationals before with a top 8 a number of times.

Game 1

Turn one Viridian Longbow defines this game leaving Tom with a hand of uncastable one-toughness creatures. Craig followed up with Aurioc Champion and Loxodon Anchorite locked the board down with Tom's Bruiser and Vulshok Warboar un-able to get through. A Loxodon Punisher backed up by a Neurok Hoversail quickly finished this game

Game 2

Craig makes the first play with a Auriox transifixer and stasis cocoons Tom's Leaden Myr. Tom has an Arcbound Crusher, which gradually gets big but is never able to attack. A Loxodon Anchorite for Craig again holds the fort and Tom is stalled again. Both player add more creature but can't seen to break though, until a Razor Golem starts to push 3 though a turn. So it is joined by a Neurok Prodigy and Tom tried to answer with Thermal Navigator backed up by the Arcbound Crusher and Arcbound Hybrid. Tom tried to block and pump his creature but an Echoing Truth deals with the modular counters. A Vulshok Warboar tried to stop the Razor Golem, but infused Arrows from Craig makes blocking very had and he forces enough damage through with the Aurioc Transfixed to finish Tom off

Final result Craig Jones 2-0

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