Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Game 1

The goblin deck failed to apply early pressure with only a turn 2 Sparksmith and a turn 4 Goblin Sharpshooter. These where Pyroclasm, but Jeremy came back strong with a Clickslither which is hard for Neil's deck to deal with. Another Goblin Sharpshooter is played and countered by Condescend. A Darksteel Gargoyle is played to answer the Clickslither as Neil has been beaten down to 1. All Jeremy needed to do was draw any goblin but failed to do so and Neil untapped and Discombobulated another Shooter. This drew him into a Solemn Simulacrum. Then two turns later Jeremy still having drawn just land Obliterate sealed the game.

Game 2

Jeremy mulligans down to 6 and plays out a slow hand. His turn 3 Goblin Warchief is killed by Magma Jet and turn 4 Goblin Sledder is much too slow. Jeremy tried to beatdown with a Goblin Goon but Neil has an Oblivion Stone to deal with it. Goblin Sharpshooter again isn't a threat but it still dies to Magma Jet. A Clickslither resolves and starts to chip away at Neil's life so a Darksteel Gargoyle is deployed to deal with it. A Siege Gang Commander and a Goblin Sledder allow it to trample over and put Neil very low, but Neil has the Obliterate again to finish the game.

Game 3

Jeremy mulligans down to 5 this time. He was able to start a bit faster this time with two Goblin Sledders and a Goblin Prospector. However after a few poke a Solemn Simulacrum arrived to hold them off. Even the Goblin Warchief next turn still didn't enable an attack. With Neil untapped he was abler to Condescend a Goblin Sharpshooter which threatened his blocker. Jeremy was still struggling with just two lands at this point. The arrival of Darksteel Gargoyle made attacking look hopeless and Pyroclasm removed the rest of the goblins bar the Goblin Warchief. Neil then lets a Goblin Goon resolve and Magma Jets the Goblin Warchief preventing the Goblin Goon from attacking. Neil then started attacking and flipped over a hand full of counters and a few turns later it was over

Neil Rigby Win 3-0

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