Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2004

By Stuart Wright

This matchup heavily favors the U/R Obliterate deck as the U/W deck struggles to kill fast enough to prevent Obliterate creating an insurmountable board position.

Game 1

Darksteel Gargoyle

Neil mulligans down to 6 and the game starts slowly with each spell by Neil getting countered by a string of Condescends and Mana leaks. Chester tries to finish Neil off before get can get to eight Mana with a two point cycled Decree of Justice and an Eternal Dragon. Chester attacks for 5 but has no more spells and continues to play out land, not preparing for Obliterate. The last turn before Neil died he played a Darksteel Gargoyle. Both players played nothing for a few turns and then Neil drew a 8th land and Obliterated. Chester drew plenty of land afterwards but still died in 6 turns to the 3/3

Game 2

Neil continues his poor luck with a mulligan down to 5 this time. This time the early game had even less action with Chester ramping up his mana with Wayfarer's Bauble. Eventually Chester cycles a Decree of Justice but Neil has a Stifle for that exact purpose. In seeming fear of another Stifle Chester next casts a 2nd Decree of Justice but Neil has a Mana Leak for this expensive spell. Chester then tried to use an Akroma's Vengeance to destroy one of Neil's lands and a counter war erupted over the spell with Neil's Discombulate being countered by a Mana leak. This however allowed Neil to untap and resolve a Darksteel Gargoyle. Neil managed to get in for 3 before Chester tried again to cycle a Decree of Justice and again it got Stifled. However Chester drew very well first drawing his 4th Decree of Justice and which made him 2 angels and then a Thirst for Knowledge, which found a Eternal Dragon. Neil needs an answer fast and luckily top decked an Obliterate which instantly ended the game.

Neil Rigby wins 2-0

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