Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2004

By Richard Edbury

Both players now have the relief of having Qualified for Worlds, although this match should still be hard fought. The pride of national team and the title of English national champion is still to be decided, as well as the small matter of cash prizes. John is Playing Tooth and Nail vs Jeremy's Goblin deck. John's deck is a very minorly modified version of a deck from the Junior supies, where as Jeremy's deck orriginates from Dave Humpreys and the winning deck from Japanese Nationals.
Goblin Sharpshooter

Jeremy starts with a Skirk Prospector which he sacs on turn 2 to allow him to play a Goblin Warchief, after this his draw is poor and he just has a Sledder, another Prospector and an Oxidise for Johns Oblivion Stone. This being said John is still low on life when he can cast Tooth and Nail. Tooth and Nail brings in a Triskellion and a Darksteel Collosus into play and a Ravenouss Balloth into hand. This turn John has repeatedly berated himself for not playing a Forest, rather than Stalking Stones the previous turn. This would have allowed him to play the Baloth as well and garauntee the win. Jeremies draw is another land however and John Omerod moves 1 game up.

John Omerod Wins 1-0

Jeremy's start is again slightly slow, Goblin Sleder on turn 1 followed by Goblin Sharpshooter on turn three and just a Sleder on turn 4, Johns draw quickly establishes the full Uzra's set with a Vine Trellis. With the full set John Makes an Oblivion Stone leaving 5 mana open. Jeremy here makes a some what questionable play, by making a Seige-Gang Commander before attacking. Unsurpising John Lets this resolve and blows the Oblivion stone taking 7 and going down to 11 from the Sharpshooter. The next turn John hard casts a Darksteel Colosus and a Vine Trellis but he is forced to mana burn for 1 to do this. Although Jeremy has another Seige Gang Commander he is still on the ropes and shortly afterwards dies to the Collosus. John Omerod Advances to The finals of the Engliash nationals, whilst Jeremy must win his 3rd-4th place play-off to make the national team.

John Omerod Win 2-0

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