Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2004

By Richard Edbury

After day 1 these are the only remaining undefeated players, both sitting on a 6-0-1 record. Neil's past include top eight's in Grand Prix Birmingham (1998 in tempest block constructed) and Manchester for which the format was Invasion Block limited. Steven Williams is a pleasant player, originally from the Isle of Wight he has been playing tournaments for a year or two, but has never achieved a top finish until now.

Game 1

Relic Barrier

Steven starts with Relic Barrier which faced off against Neil's Leaden Myr, Emissary of Hope started to beat Neil down, whilst he played out an Ouphe Vandals and an Arcbound Hybrid. The next turn Steven made the impressive play of Acquire for Razormain Masticore, Neil had Rebuking Ceremony in hand but a tap from the Relic Barrier on the Leaden Myr delayed it for a turn. This was all Steven needed Hoverguard observer joined his team and next turn Stir the Pride finished Neil.

Steven Williams Leads 1-0

Game 2

In between games Neil mentioned that green was really underdrafted and he was able to get 12th pick Creeping Mold amongst many other gems. Steven had a great draw this game with turn 2 Thought Courier, turn 3 Emissary of hope and turn 4 Hoverguard Observer, but Neil's Lose Hope and Barter in Blood topped this. Next turn it appeared that the Barter had really hurt when Steven, just dropped Horned Helm and Vulshok Morningstar against Neil's Scavenging Scarab, but he had a Pteron Ghost (quite impressive due to the Equipment) and Goblin Dirigible. Neil's deck could Find no way to answer those beasts and his attempts to race were stymied by a Sunbeam Spell Bomb and Leonine Den Guard.

Steven wins 2-0

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