Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2004

By Stuart Wright

Sam is England's top pro player with over 30 pro point. Stefano has been to a number of pro tours

Game 1

Sam leads with a Leaden Myr and is able to make a Cathodion desipite not finding a 3rd land. Stefano makes a few 2/2s in Tel-Jihad Wolf and Krark Clan Stoker. Sam is held off my the two creatures and is only able ot make two pieces of equipment Leonin Bola and Banshes Blade. Stefano however fails to apply any real pressure with a Tel-Jihad Archers and Sam draws an artifact land and has an explosive turn, Myr Enforcer Qumolox. Stefano has no comeback and the 5/4 flyer is Banshe Bladed up and starts the clock. A Sam then makes another huge affinty guy in Quicksliver Behmoth and uses his Leonini Bola to fore through enough damage to end the game in two swings, even Stefano's Tornado Elemental doess help.

Sam brings in two counters in Condersend and Last Word for Stefano's Savage beating and Tonado Elemental

Game 2

Stefano starts the game with a qucik three damage of a turn 3 Oxidia Golem. Whiel Sam starts with a Banshes Blade and a Yotain Soldier. Stefano answers this with Thunderstaff which will prevent the blade from gaining counters. Both players make random 2/2s and the board starts to fill up. Once again Sam is able to make a cheap Enforcer and soon it is swinging in. Chromshell Drake continues the affinty theme and Stefan is under a lot of pressure. Sam backs his creatures up with a Condersend on Stefano's next creature, a Fangren Pathcutter. Stefano trys to stablize with a Darksteel Gargol, but Sam is able to use the Banshee's Blade to force though damage each turn. The Thunderstaff reduces the damge but still after a few turns Stefano is reduced to 5 and Sam ends it with a Sharpnel Blast

Final Result 2-0 to Sam

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