Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2004

By Kevin Desprez

Both of these players were going to Worlds but here they were playing for the extra pride that a spot on the National Team will give (along with extra pro points and an extra $1000 minimum. Like practically everyone else in the top eight, they are both playing red, Peset with Goblin Bidding and Reaubourg with big red.

Game 1

Peset busted out some early creatures but they were taken out by Magma Jet and Electrostatic Bolt. Damien was screwed for mana, and had to just idly watch while Peset played a Sparksmith, a Prospector and then a second Sparksmith. The creatures got a few hits in while Damien did nothing. He finally reached three mana but all he could muster was a fairly irrelevant Stone Rain which resulted in a Read the Runes from Peset.

Peset attacked again and after Damien destroyed another land, Alex cast another Read the Runes, discarded a Warchief and a Sharpshooter, untapped and sacrificed his Skirk Prospectors for the mana to cast Patriarch's Bidding, easily attacking for the win. For some reason Reaubourg destroyed Peset's Mountain instead of a Swamp, but it's not clear it would have mattered.

Alexandre Peset 1 - Damien Reaubourg 0

Game 2

Damien again did nothing on the first two turns as Alex dropped a Sledder and a Prospector. Third turn saw a Stone Rain and then a Simulacrum on the fourth. This was Incinerated but Reabourg Demolished Alex's City of Brass and played Pyroclasm, reducing Peset to two Swamps.

Peset fetches a Mountain with his Bloodstained Mire and drops a Piledriver. He was being attacked in the air by a Blinkmoth Nexus the whole time. Reabourg Pyroclasms it away but had absolutely no gas. Alexandre continued to draw lands as he dug through his deck with Read the Runes, discarding Goblins along the way.

Soon Peset had enough mana to cast a Bidding, fetching back six Goblins which swing in and put Reabourg on 'dead next turn'. Reabourg Pulses Peset to five, untapped and did not draw the Rorix he needed (or a Pulse or Magma Jet) and scoops.

Alexandre Peset 2 - Damien Reaubourg 0

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