Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2004

By Mark Wraith

Despite playing against many of the top players in the field so far, Franck Canu is still undefeated. After he took out Olivier Ruel last round, that honour is shared by only one other, Alexandre Peset. Alexandre has a PT top eight this season, and made top eight in this event last year as well. The winner of this match would still not be a lock for top eight, with a record of 9-2-1 likely to be necessary, but they would definitely be in a very nice position.

Game 1

Franck mulliganned yet again (he also took one in two of his games versus Olivier Ruel last round). He thought for a while about his second hand too, and kept a one-lander. He dug for a second land with Lose Hope when Peset made a Tel-Jilad Chosen, but didn't find one. He did draw a land on his next turn and a Wayfarer's Bauble got him out of the manascrew. Peset wasn't exactly applying much pressure with just an Ouphe Vandals which Canu halted with a Razor Golem.

Peset only had to wait till turn 5 to play a Spire Golem. Canu dropped a Soldier Replica and attacked with his Golem. Alexandre added a Trinket Mage but apparently a Pyrite Spellbomb he had already cycled was his only possible target as it didn't find anything. When Franck attacked again with the Razor Golem, Peset cast Ferocious Charge on his Trinket Mage before blocking to get around the Soldier Replica. It didn't resolve as Franck had a Devour in Shadow and the Razor Golem got through again.

Peset drew an Eternal Witness and got back Ferocious Charge with it, although Tel-Jilad chosen would also have been a good target versus Canu's board of Razor Golem, Soldier Replca and Iron Myr. Franck was only on ten though, so perhaps Alexandre was just trying to get the game over with quickly with the Spire Golem. Franck showed some ability by immediately drawing Arrest for the Golem, although he could no longer attack with his Razor Golem (Peset had an Ouphe Vandals to stop the Soldier Replica, if you recall). He remedied this situation on his next turn, by drawing Whispersilk Cloak and equipping it to the Razor Golem. Alex thought for a while and attacked with his Witness, Ouphe, and a 2/2 Etched Oracle. Canu was on ten and he knew about the Ferocious Charge so he blocked with Iron Myr and Soldier Replica.

Unfortunately for him Peset had a rather better trick, Stand Together. Canu attempted to use his Soldier Replica and Alex didn't forget to counter it's ability with the Ouphe. As well as keeping his creatures alive, this turned the Oracle into a potential Ancestral Recall. Canu didn't draw anything and died to the Ferocious Charge on Alex's next attack.

Alexandre Peset 1 - Franck Canu 0

The game was a fairly lengthy one, and there were only twenty minutes left in the round at this point.

Game 2

Franck finally found an opening hand he didnt have to mulligan. He played an Arcbound Worker and Devour in Shadow on Peset's Tel-Jilad Chosen. Franck had only three lands and nothing he could cast so he sat around while Peset killed the Worker with Pyrite Spellbomb, played an Eternal Witness and recast it. To rub salt into the wound he dropped a Psychic Overload on Franck's Plains. Canu repeatedly failed to draw land and Peset added a Trinket Mage to his squadron, then a 4/4 Etched Oracle. Franck was down to seven before he played his next spell, a Greater Harvester, which blocked the Oracle. Peset drew three cards from it and dropped a Skyreach Manta. Franck conceded.

Alexandre Peset 2 - Franck Canu 0

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