Live Coverage of 2004 France Nationals

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2004

By Mark Wraith

Franck was one of only three players with a perfect record coming into this draft. The others, Olivier Ruel and Alexandre Peset were also at his table, which was as follows

Yann Hamon - Steven Gouin - Emilien Barth - Olivier Ruel - Remi Lacorre - Franck Canu - Romain Clere - Alexandre Peset

He opened a decent pack giving him the choice of Arrest, Pyrite Spellbomb, Slith Firewalker, Leaden Myr and Barter in Blood. He chose the white card. The second pack that came had no playable white cards at all but a host of red ones, Wizard Replica, Neurok Spy, and Somber Hoverguard, and nothing else of note, from which he took the Spy. A shallow third pack gave him a red Myr. Black began to show up in large quantities in the boosters, his fourth pack had an Irradiate and a Nim Shambler in addition to the Leonin Scimitar he took.

Fifth pick gave him a Soldier Replica over another Irradiate, followed by a Soul Nova over a Nim Shambler and a Frogmite. It was noticable that apart from his second pack, there had been very few blue cards coming his way. It appeared that noone wanted black, as his twelfth pack had a choice between Irradiate, Nim Shambler, and Necrogen Spellbomb. By the end of Mirrodin he really only had one color, white, with a couple of black cards and the Neurok Spy keeping his options open for Darksteel.

He had a tough choice between Greater Harvester and Loxodon Mystic first up. The Harvester is a much better card (and rare !), but the Mystic is pretty good and it would be a major commitment to black. In any case he went with the black card. A Loxodon Mystic and Razor Golem followed but then the quality picks dried up. He got a couple of arcbound mediocrities and a Pulse of the Field (nowhere near as good in draft as in constructed), a Whispersilk Cloak and approximately 4 Darksteel Citadels, these being the only playable cards he picked.

Because of the miserable Darksteel cards, he needed a large number of playables to round out his deck from Fifth Dawn. He was not in a position to take Sunburst cards, being just two colors with only an Iron Myr.

His first five picks were all fine and beyond rebuke - Auriok Salvagers, Devour in Shadow, Fill with Fright, Wayfarerers Bauble, and Lose Hope. Sixth pick gave him an actual choice between a second Lose Hope and a Mephidross Crocodile. Perhaps because he already had one Lose Hope he chose the 5/1. I've got to admit I'm not the biggest fan of this guy as it trades for a Myr Moonvessel. At least he got plenty of cards he'd be happy to play after the miserable Darksteel packs. His deck was rounded out by 7th-9th pick Cackling Imp, Fill with Fright and Fleshgrafters.

Canu's deck is definitely solid, and at 6-0 he'd be perfectly happy with 2-1 out of this pod. It seems likely he'll manage it.

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