Live Coverage of 2004 Grand Prix Chicago

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

  Team   Opponent
1 Captain Oblivious vs OMG! RTFC Id10T!
2 Age Discrepancy vs Dar Fluggen Taggen
3 For Good or for Awesome vs Get In There
4 The Fighting Mongooses vs Matt Rob Jon
5 Red Neck Wins vs Boneneimers
6 Freaks of the Inudstry vs Bum Fight Krew
7 The Mighty Caucus vs World Police
8 Nogstraordinary vs Nolia Clap
9 Fellowship of the Clamp vs Tenners
10 Booo! vs Buttered Vegetables
11 Insomniac Juice vs Tower Gamerz
12 Switch Hitter vs Nation of Domination
13 Googley Moogly Piggly Wiggly vs XYX
14 Desperate Housewives vs The Atlantic City Trio
15 The Luckiest vs CCR
16 George W. Bushi vs MP3
17 Team Pink vs Crsimakah
18 Always Lost vs Misty Mountain
19 Drop it like it's hot! vs Team Caffeine
20 Elevator Dilemmas vs Erduscey Omerosrey
21 Who's Boseiju? vs Re-elect Mayer Daley
22 Boondock Saints vs The Lovely Turtle
23 Win or Lose vs 7:25
24 Morbid Demise vs Lambda Epsilon Omega
25 1337-187 vs Eugene Has Hat
26 A Tribute to Poison vs Team Miide
27 Wanabees1369 vs Durak
28 X-Treme Games vs Cajin Deep Dish
29 Red Team Wins vs Walking on Moonshine
30 Voracious Cobra vs Steve Perry Fan Club
31 igotapennynoidont vs BattleZone
32 Clair Jordan vs Opac!
33 Yuk Foo vs Throbbing Timepiece
34 RIW Redux vs Team Infinity Matrix
35 vs Team Portal
36 Sorry Folks Dark's Closed vs D.P.S.
37 Team Strangers vs Teh Plink
38 Scrubland vs GLEET
39 Big Pants vs Don Julio
40 Portly Washboy vs City of Compton
41 Succession vs Peninsula
42 The Barn Danner Effect vs Funfte Reich
43 Appollo Clubber and Dango vs Magic Ninjas
44 Team 66 vs Gratuitous Poker Reference
45 Edible Breakfast Products vs Digger Nick
46 Teamsters vs U Got Skulled
47 We Paid How Much for Parking vs 2-7 off suit
48 Stoned Slackers vs RTFDJ with Mr. T
49 WoW FDD vs Fish Food
50 Team Forsaken vs The Sofa Kings
51 Daddy No! vs Pi
52 Gindy's Sister's Fan Club vs Pot Committed
53 Youngberg Sux vs Arrest Artest
54 New Blood vs Buck O'Five
55 Team Two-Step vs Inspiration
56 Project GS vs 3 FM
57 Knights Who Say Nee vs Nacho!Nacho!Nacho!
58 Hareeb al Saq All-Stars vs The Freeman Five
59 Charleston Chew vs Never Undervalue Good Spells
60 Team Camelot vs Three Came Down Two Go Home
61 Injection Fairly Loly vs Pro Tour Wreckage
62 Black vs Team Hopeful
  It was a Horse   * AWARDED BYE *
  Each Hit   * AWARDED BYE *
  Rather Play WoW   * AWARDED BYE *
  Weapons of Mass. Destruction   * AWARDED BYE *
  The Max Fischer PLayers   * AWARDED BYE *
  46 & 2   * AWARDED BYE *
  Captain Jack's Buried Treasu   * AWARDED BYE *
  The Alliance   * AWARDED BYE *
  Team Destiny   * AWARDED BYE *
  Care Bear Stare   * AWARDED BYE *
  The 888 Collective   * AWARDED BYE *
  Don Sam and Omid   * AWARDED BYE *
  No Cash Value   * AWARDED BYE *
  Dave's the Boss   * AWARDED BYE *
  :B   * AWARDED BYE *
  Team Action Sports   * AWARDED BYE *
  Imperialism Plus Plus   * AWARDED BYE *
  Josh Day Loves Pudding   * AWARDED BYE *
  The Crew   * AWARDED BYE *
  Check Minus   * AWARDED BYE *
  GP Chicago Champions   * AWARDED BYE *
  Old School   * AWARDED BYE *
  Doombot   * AWARDED BYE *
  Brock's Bottom   * AWARDED BYE *
  Smug Snobby and Arrogant   * AWARDED BYE *
  Eu-Gi-Noh!   * AWARDED BYE *
  I Don't Care   * AWARDED BYE *
  He's Not Our Dad   * AWARDED BYE *
  Watermelon Chicken & Grits   * AWARDED BYE *
  Girls Girls Girls   * AWARDED BYE *
  Girl Scout Cookies   * AWARDED BYE *
  Three Small Children   * AWARDED BYE *

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