Live Coverage of 2004 Pro Tour Seattle

Posted in Event Coverage on July 9, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

1You're retired3vsThe Unusual Suspects3
2Tomtom.com3vsFunf gegen Willi3
3Mach 3 Power Rangers3vsRanko Bongo Slim Boy3
4Bottom Set3vsThe Max Fischer Players3
5No Links3vsBlunt Force Trauma3
6Illuminati3vsAvenue Ghetto STREET BOYS3
7System3vsThaaaat's Me3
8Pocket Rockets3vsMexican Big Slick3
9Moin Moin3vsShenanigans3
11Cult of the Beard3vsAntoine Ruel3
12Simeon Inc.3vsBmh3 castle Team3
14Tight Ship3vsTeam Niccolo Macchiavelli3
15Ludipia3vsCosmic Tones for Mental Therapy3
16Tool Time3vsI Blame Bung3
17Passion of the Ken3vsFreestyle for Rebel Souls3
18The American Way3vsNo mas Pinguinos3
19Gallop's Comics & Games3vsNo.13
20Ready Go!!3vswww.impulsemagic.com3
21Jeff, Jordan and Gabe3vsBold Calimero Sisters3
23Must be a PRO!3vsBearl Anathema3
24Von Dutch3vsMonster Rod Deux3
25Dead Money3vsBeat Valley3
26Veni Vidi Vici3vsThe 13th Step3
27Truly Lazy Men3vsTeam Work with Josh1
28Original Slackers1vsYour Move Games0
29gameforce.nl0vsSomething Amazing!0
30Bamf0vsZombie Pirate Ninja Robots0
31Undercover Normal People0vsFinding Jaba0
32Lotus Noir0vsSomething Cool0
33We Q'd at the Mall0vsmy little Pony0
34Team Swan0vsGet a life0
35Uff!0vsPriests of Titania0
36Troll Ecstatic0vsT.O.L. = N. oka0
37Dragonquest0vsFerreal and the Echoing Trut0
38Make Fetch Happen0vsPeter Paul + Scary0
39Masters of the Universe0vs$Mir II0
40Team Geddes0vsSilverhawks0
411nz0vsPants Pants Revolution0
43Crazy with the Cheese Whiz0vsTwo Red Heads and Stepchild0
44The Champ is so stupid0vsEvolution0
45Greyjoy0vsMort Subite0
46Men of Leisure0vsTeam Name0
47Outta Left Field0vsPhoenix Foundation0
48Truck Oasis0vsTeam Burkas0
49The Money Makers0vsTj-10000
50Bipolar Bears0vsThe 3 Tokens Live Performanc0
51Moore Ice Time0vsDragonkind0
52Wonder Twins & Gleek0vs$ Mir0
The Brave Little Toaster0* BYE *

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