Live Coverage of 2004 Pro Tour Seattle

Posted in Event Coverage on July 9, 2004

By Mike Turian

Before joining Magic Online as its digital product manager, Mike worked as a producer for Wizards's technology department, a product manager for organized play, and as an R&D lead developer. He has played Magic Online since it came out in 2002 and Magic since The Dark. was once known as AlphaBetaUnlimited (Ryan Fuller, Noah Boeken, and Chris Benafel), but with new sponsors comes a new team name. Their biggest success as a team came when won the Tokyo Team Masters. Team Geddes (Antonino De Rosa, Ben Stark, and Rich Hoaen) has never played together in a Pro Tour as a team but individually they have each had their own share of success. Hoaen replaced Geddes Cooper as the third on the team. Stark has two Top 8's this season in San Diego and Kobe while Hoaen has made one Top 8 in 2003.

Game 1

Fuller and De Rosa found themselves watching their teammates play their matches as they were informed that they will be deck checked. When Fuller found out about the deck check, he responded "Oh, that's funny! Just me right? Not the whole table, huh."


Boeken had already finished beating Stark in Game 1 before either of the other games began. The combination of Slith Ascendant, Raise the Alarm, Soldier Replica and Blinding Beam had fought off Stark's Grab the Reins to win the first game of the match for

Benafel and Hoaen got off to a late start but not because of a deck check. They managed to argue for five minutes about which side the Feature Match play mat would face. Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk came over but would have none of the antics, and after making his final ruling got the match underway.

Benafel started the action versus Hoaen with a Neurok Spy. Hoaen answered with a Razor Golem from his mono-white deck. On turn four Hoaen brought out a Heartseeker and exclaimed, "GG!"

"What's that?" responded Benafel.

"It's Visara, oh wait, you probably don't know what that is either," said Hoaen.

Benafel brought out a Myr Enforcer but watched helplessly as his Voltaic Construct died. A Leonin Bola helped his situation, but a Mirror Golem on Hoaen's side and the continued pressure of a 5/5 that doesn't tap to attack ended Benafel's game.

Boeken 1 - Stark 0
Benafel 0 - Hoaen 1
Fuller 0 - De Rosa 1

Game 2

Stark's fortune did not improve in the second game of his match versus Boeken. He added a Bonesplitter onto a Krark-Clan Grunt but Boeken had an Echoing Decay. Boeken then played out a Grimclaw Bats and Raise the Alarm but the real problem for Stark was Boeken's Loxodon Warhammer. The Warhammer placed onto a Raise the Alarm token finished Stark in no time.

In Game 2, Fuller had out a Nim Replica and Goblin Brawler but De Rosa shut down Fuller's offense with a Tel-Jilad Archers and a Viridian Lorebearers. At this point Fuller called out to Benafel, "Chris, come on! You gotta win Chris, you gotta win because I'm not going to."

Viridian Lorebearers

De Rosa played out an Opaline Bracers for two and a Fangren Hunter to make matters even worse for Fuller. De Rosa finished Fuller off with an Engineered Explosives for three that killed Fuller's Replica and Brawler, and De Rosa's fatties did the rest.

Benafel would need to win two straight games for to win the match. The second game was a breeze for Benafel. Hoaen once again played out a third-turn Razor Golem, but this time he didn't have the Heartseeker to go along with it. Benafel used his Silver Myr to play a Myr Enforcer and Cranial Plating to make for a very strong turn four. Hoaen removed the Enforcer from the game with an Altar's Light but the Plating proved to be a problem. After the Vulshok Morningstar went onto the Razor Golem, it traded with a Synod Centurion. Hoaen failed to replace the Razor Golem with another creature, and Benafel went to town with Cranial Plating to take Game 2.

Boeken 2 - Stark 0
Benafel 1 - Hoaen 1
Fuller 0 - De Rosa 2

Game 3

All of gathered around for the last game of the match.

Benafel started the game with a Viridian Longbow. Hoaen seemed visibly upset, as he knew the Longbow could single-handedly beat a white deck. Benafel then brought down a Neurok Familiar and turned over a Silver Myr from the Familiar ability. Hoaen cast a Raise the Alarm followed by an Auriok Transfixer and a Pteron Ghost. Benafel remarked, "Oh, this game is over," as he equipped the Longbow onto his Familiar.

A Sun Droplet for Benafel meant that Hoaen's weenie swarm came to an almost complete stop in terms of damage. Furthermore, Hoaen couldn't manage to find his fourth land passing the turn. Benafel showed no mercy when he played out Aether Spellbomb, Frogmite and Myr Enforcer. Hoaen tried to muster a little defense with a Leonin Den-Guard but Benafel had too much momentum and took the game -- and match -- for 2 - Team Geddes 1

Boeken 2 - Stark 0
Benafel 2 - Hoaen 1
Fuller 0 - De Rosa 2

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