Live Coverage of 2004 Pro Tour Seattle

Posted in Event Coverage on July 10, 2004

By Mike Turian

Before joining Magic Online as its digital product manager, Mike worked as a producer for Wizards's technology department, a product manager for organized play, and as an R&D lead developer. He has played Magic Online since it came out in 2002 and Magic since The Dark.

Bram Snepvangers from has made Top 8 at Pro Tour Nice and Pro Tour Chicago. The Max Fischer Players' Igor Frayman was best known for teaming with Brian Hacker and Gab Tsang, but he would have been happy to make his first Top 4 with any two teammates.

Game 1

Snepvangers won the roll and decided to play first. Both players kept their hands and Snepvangers started off this crucial match with a Swamp, a Mountain and then a Talisman of Dominance. Frayman brought down a Slith Bloodletter but Snepvangers dispatched it with Lose Hope. Snepvangers then spent four mana for a Dross Golem. The Golem could have traded with a 2/2 Suntouched Myr on Igor's side, but Frayman decided not to block. Snepvangers then showed up Fraymans' 2/2 Suntouched Myr by playing a 3/3 Suntouched Myr.

Frayman cast a Myr Quadropod, whose four toughness would have been helpful had Snepvangers not played out Cranial Plating. Snepvangers attached the Plating to his Myr and hit Frayman for seven. After Frayman played down a Arcbound Slith. The Slith didn't scare Snepvangers at all. He played down a Pentad Prism to power up the Plating even further. Snepvangers sent both of his creatures into the red zone.

Frayman put his Suntouched Myr in front of Snepvangers' Myr and his Arcbound Slith chumped the Dross Golem. After Snepvangers played a Nim Lasher, Frayman killed the Suntouched Myr with Lose Hope.

As Chris Pikula lost his first game, Josh Ravitz won his. They started to discuss Holland, and Ruud Warmenhoven said "We're the ones who sold New York to you."
Before Igor blocked he cast Echoing Decay on Dross Golem but Snepvangers responded with a Predator's Strike keeping the Golem alive. As Myr Quadropod traded with Nim Lasher the Dross Golem got through for eight damage. Igor only had two life left and played out Arcbound Hybrid to protect those two life.

During Snepvangers' upkeep he decided to Lose Hope the Arcbound Hybrid. At the very least his Golem could get a chump block. The Scry ability gave Snepvangers the chance to find a removal spell to just end the game. After the Hybrid had died Snepvangers played out Chittering Rats. Frayman looked at his hand and knew he wouldn't be able to deal with both Dross Golem and Chittering Rats.

Frayman 0 - Snepvangers 1
Ravitz 1 -Warmenhoven 0
Pikula 0 - Didier Deurloo 1

Game 2

Frayman decided to play and Snepvangers mulliganed to start the second game. Frayman laid down a second-turn Cranial Plating while Snepvangers had a Blind Creeper. The Creeper got to hit Frayman for three as Frayman had no play.

Meanwhile, Pikula and Ravitz had won and lost, respectively, leaving each of their matches tied at one game apiece.

Frayman's turn four was as unimpressive as his third. For the second-straight turn he had no play. Snepvangers kept the pressure up with Nim Lasher and then Spikeshot Goblin.

Turn five again saw no play from Frayman. Snepvangers kept spending his mana and making threats while Frayman hadn't cast a spell since the Cranial Plating on turn two. Snepvangers brought down Nim Shambler and finally Frayman cast a spell, Trinket Mage. The Mage let him fetch Aether Spellbomb but Frayman didn't have the crucial third spell to finish off Blind Creeper.

Blind Creeper

Frayman had only 8 life remaining when Snepvangers began his turn. Snepvangers played down Cranial Plating, a nice spell in combination with Spikeshot Goblin. In response to the equipping, Frayman used Aether Spellbomb to send home the Goblin. Snepvangers attacked with his remaining three creatures, sending Frayman went to 3 life. Frayman finally cast the Rustspore Ram to destroy Snepvangers' Cranial Plating. Snepvangers sent Frayman to 1 with his attack and recast Spikeshot Goblin. Frayman had no more tricks up his sleeve and extended his hand.

"I lost, Chris," was all Frayman could muster as took a 1-0 advantage in the match.

Frayman 0 - Snepvangers 2
Ravitz 1 - Warmenhoven 1
Pikula 1 - Deurloo 1

Game 3

Unfortunately for The Max Fischer Players, they could not muster a match win as Pikula fell to Deurloo. For more information on that showdown, check out Saturday's weekend blog. Ravitz's victory over Warmenhoven offered little solace.

Final Score
The Max Fischer Players 1 - 2
Frayman 0 - Snepvangers 2
Ravitz 2 - Warmenhoven 1
Pikula 1 - Deurloo 2

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