Live Coverage of 2004 Pro Tour Seattle

Posted in Event Coverage on July 10, 2004

By Ted Knutson

Coming into this round, Von Dutch (Jeroen Remie, Jelger Wiegersma, and Kamiel Cornelissen) were sitting at 8-1, meaning that a win would guarantee them a seat for Sunday while they could absorb another loss without facing elimination. Seattle locals Make Fetch Happen ( Matt Goldman, Mike Thompson, and Kevin Pettinger) finished sixth at Grand Prix: DC and are the last local team in contention. On one hand , they are at 7-2 after having reeled off seven wins in a row, but because the they dropped their first two matches, they need to keep the streak going for at least another round to make the final day.

Game 1 (Seat C)

Vulshok Berserker

The first game started off slowly, as Kamiel stalled on two land, while Pettinger merely laid some lands and said go. Kamiel finally found land number three and played a Krark-Clan Stoker, only to see it die immediately to Echoing Ruin. More "land, go" ensued until Kamiel played a Tangle Golem, which Pettinger let live for approximately two seconds before killing it with Devour in Shadow. The Dutchman wasn't done laying fatties, as he cast Tyrannax on the next turn. The dinosaur lived this time, but was bounced back to Kamiel's hand with a Crystal Shard on Pettinger's turn after Kevin cast a Cackling Imp.

Vulshok Berserker from Kamiel netted his first real damage of the game, dropping Pettinger to 12 from Talisman activations and Devour in Shadow. Essence Drain ended that line of attack and reset Pettinger's life total to 15. He then cast Arcbound Worker and a Dross Crocodile on consecutive turns to try to fend off Kamiel's Tyrannax, while the Imp slowly whittled away his opponent's life total. A sneaky Tangle Spider ended that plan, and the board stalled for a moment as Kamiel looked for a way to maximize his fat against Pettinger's one-toughness creatures.

Over in the B seat, Jelger put away game 1 of the U/W mirror.

Seat B: Thompson 0 - Wiegersma 1

Kamiel finally found some action in Ensouled Scimitar and Krark-Clan Ogre, and thought long and hard the next turn before attacking, trying to figure out what Pettinger's blocking plan would be, as well as what damage would be inflicted from Pettinger's new Mindslaver. Kamiel eventually equipped the Ogre with the Scimitar and sent in his team. A lonely Arcbound worker stepped in front of the Tyrannax, as Kamiel thwacked Pettinger for seven, dropping him to 3, and then cast Tangle Golem.

Pettinger drew his card, activated Mindslaver and passed the turn. Pettinger cast Anodet Lurker from Kamiel's hand and then sacrificed Tangled Golem, the Lurker, and the Scimitar to Krark-Clan Ogre, then attacked his Tangle Spider and Tyrannax into Dross Crocodile and Dross Golem, resulting in a clear board except for the Ogre, which of course, died to Consume Spirit the next turn. What a bloodbath!

Seat A: Goldman 1 - Remie 0

Kamiel finally cast the Panoptic Mirror he'd been holding in hand for half the game, and on his upkeep imprinted Blinding Beam, effectively locking down any possible offense Pettinger might generate. The game stalled for some time until Kamiel also imprinted Reap and Sow on the Mirror and began filtering lands from his deck while waiting to draw another creature. Sylvok Explorer wasn't really what he was looking for, but he just shrugged and imprinted Echoing Ruin on the Mirror as well. The Explorer died to Essence Drain, and Echoing Ruin cleared away Pettinger's army.

Entwined One Dozen Eyes with one card left for Kamiel finally gave him the pressure he was looking for, and a Blinding Beam on Explorer, Tyrannax, plus a Deconstruct on Nim Replica cleared the way for Kamiel to win with no cards left in his deck and four cards imprinted on his Mirror.

Because this game took so long, both the other seats had already played two games. Down in Seat A, Matt Goldman went up a game on Jeroen Remie before losing the second. The seat B match finished with Wiegersma taking it 2-0.

Seat A: Goldman 1 - Remie 1
Seat B: Thompson 0 - Jelger 2
Seat C: Pettinger 0 - Cornelissen 1

Game 2 (Seat C)

Sylvok Explorer

An early duet of Arcbound creatures for Pettinger put Kamiel on a slow clock, while Kamiel literally ramped from nothing up to Tyrannax, only to see it get Devoured without living a full turn. That was fine though, since Kamiel just cast a Panoptic Mirror and imprinted it with One Dozen Eyes the next turn, creating a 5/5.

"Come on Stinger! I'm still in it, I'm still in it!" came the cry from Pettinger, and he added a Cackling Imp to his team to increase the beatdown. Incredibly, it proved to be enough, as Echoing Courage plus an Essence Drain off the top proved a turn too fast for Kamiel to recover from.

Seat A: Goldman 1 - Remie 1
Seat B: Thompson 0 - Jelger 2
Seat C: Pettinger 1 - Cornelissen 1

Game 3 (Seat C)

The third game in this battle for elimination started with twelve minutes left on the clock and the seat A match still in flux. Both players kept their hands, and the action began on turn three with an Ensouled Scimitar for Kamiel and Dross Golem for Pettinger. Tangle Golem for Kamiel looked good for about two seconds, but once again died to an early Devour. "Land, Mirror" was the feared play from Kamiel's side, so Pettinger was somewhat assuaged when Kamiel went "land, Krark-Clan Ogre" instead. Dross Golem got in a couple of swings and was joined by Cackling Imp, giving Pettinger an impressive clock of evasive creatures.

Scimitar blocked the Golem for the next attack, but died as the Golem gained a boost from Echoing Courage, and Fleshgrafter joined the squad. Another Tangle Golem from Kamiel again looked to stall the ground, dropping Pettinger's damage to only two in the air. Fangren Pathcutter from Pettinger one-upped the 5/4 with a 4/6, again stabilizing a tenuous board situation. Kamiel found a Plains for a possible Blinding Beam and passed the turn, but had no response as Pettinger played a Crystal Shard and pushed Fleshgrafter, Pathcutter, and Cackling Imp into the red zone. The Grafter traded with a Tangle Golem and Kamiel dropped to four life. Kamiel looked at the top card of his deck, frowned and picked up his cards, congratulating Pettinger for winning a tough match.

Unfortunately Pettinger's win was for naught, as at the very moment Kamiel scooped, Jeroen Remie stood up and high-fived Jelger, celebrating yet another Day 3 appearance for this team of Dutch stars.

Final Score - Make Fetch Happen 1 - Von Dutch 2
Seat A: Goldman 1 - Remie 2
Seat B: Thompson 0 - Jelger 2
Seat C: Pettinger 2 - Cornelissen 1

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