Live Coverage of 2005 Pro Tour Columbus

Posted in Event Coverage on October 30, 2004

By Gary Wise

While constructed environments have been known to be inbred, this is a little ridiculous. The players at the top of the standings had so thoroughly played one another that they all got paired down, creating a plethora of bubble matches between players with 36 and 33 points. Mike Turian covered the Nicholas West vs. Jeff Garza match. Here's how the others went down:

Daru Spiritualist

Geoffrey Siron vs. Arita Ryuichi: Game 1 was destructive, with Arita casting a turn-two Daru Spiritualist, turn-three Shaman En-Kor, activate targeting the Spiritualist for a million (he tried to change this to 2 million, but Siron quickly objected. And no, Siron wasn't going to be doing a million points of damage any time soon.), sacrifice the Spiritualist to Starlight Sanctum. A turn later, Enlightened Tutor for Test of Endurance sealed the deal.

Game 2 was a lot closer, with Siron starting things off with Careful Study, discarding Wonder and Basking Rootwalla, which was joined by Wild Mongrel on turn two and a second of each on turn three. Ryuichi, meanwhile, again played turn-two Spiritualist, this time joined by turn-four Nomads En-Kor to go with Sanctum… but with a trick. Arita was at one life, played the Nomad, tapped City of Brass for white, then responded to the trigger by pumping a million times then sacrificing the Spiritualist to the Sanctum. Siron just slumped in his chair, and Test of Endurance came out a turn later. The match left both players at 36 points.

Pierre Canali vs. Javier Dominguez: Canali wanted the insurance point despite great tiebreakers, while Dominguez needed the win to get to the 36-point threshold. Game 1 saw Canali, playing Affinity, keep a one-land hand and suffer the consequences as Javier's Cephalid Breakfast deck went off on turn three.

Nomads en-kor

Game 2 saw Javier cast a turn-one Birds of Paradise, turn-two Cephalid Illusionist after double mulliganing, but with the Nomads En-Kor in hand, he failed to find the third mana he needed to go off on turn three. That one turn was all Pierre needed, as Ravager-Disciple finished him off.

Game 3 saw Canali take the following turn three: Cranial Plating, Frogmite, Frogmite, activate Aether Vial for Arcbound Worker. The Plating granted +8/+0 when the Vial brought forth Arcbound Ravager on the next turn, and that Onslaught was just too much for Javier to handle. Pierre finished the Swiss in first place.

Masashi Oiso vs. Kyle Goodman: Masashi needed a draw to ensure top 8, while the belief was that Kyle could not advance even with a win. Oiso finally convinced Goodman to draw. Thing worked out for both players: Oiso got his insurance point, putting him in, while Goodman's draw moved him from 11th to 9th. If they'd played and Goodman had won, he'd have finished….9th.

Olivier Ruel vs. Torben Twiefel: Olivier had the worst tiebreaks amongst the 36s, so he definitely needed an insurance point. Twiefel, coming into the round 12th, agreed to the draw, which moved him up to tenth. Olivier makes top 8.

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