Live Coverage of 2005 Pro Tour Nagoya

Posted in Event Coverage on January 28, 2005

By Paul Sottosanti

These two players sat down at the table with perfect 5-0 records. A conversation revolving around Anton Jonsson almost accidentally drawing a card last match (when his Reach through Mists plus Glacial Ray had its target removed in response) led to an exchange of amusing Magic Online stories as the players shuffled up.

"Got to mulligan. Got to look," said Anton as he checked the top cards of his deck. "Two lands…should've kept," he said, chuckling. He shuffled up for a new six. The players started with Anton wishing good luck and Josh Ravitz replying with "Thanks."


Game 1

Ravitz's early Orochi Ranger had barely traded with Brutal Deceiver when the judge told the table to stop, as there seemed to be an issue with the pairings. Anton smiled about this, speculating about the possibility of a general re-pairing, even if the two got paired again. "I'd lose my mulligan."

"You'll get another one."

It turned out that only one draft pod was affected, so they continued play. Josh played out Orochi Sustainer and Sokenzan Bruiser while Anton made Frostwielder and then a mainstay of successful blue-red decks, Earthshaker.

Josh paused, taking a long time to consider his options. Eventually he summoned Ronin Houndmaster and attacked with everyone except the Sustainer, leaving access to two mana. Jonsson's face scrunched up as he tried to figure out what Ravitz could have up his sleeve, but eventually decided it wasn't worth the risk. He took 7.

Ravitz then tapped out for Ember-Fist Zubera.

"What are you doing?" Jonsson wondered aloud.

He mumbled out loud as he walked through his turn. "Shoot that [with Frostwielder], play something, that dies, that dies, that dies, that dies, that dies, [Earthshaker] doesn't die."

"Okay, play something," shrugged Ravitz.

Sire of the Storm

Sire of the Storms came down and wrathed the board.

Ravitz scooped up his creatures, confusing Jonsson into thinking he had conceded the game. Ravitz stopped him and said, "Okay, my guys are dead; I'm not conceding."

He then made Orochi Hatchery with two counters, but it meant nothing when Jonsson played out Teller of Tales plus Reach through Mists to clear the tokens.

Ravitz sideboarded as follows:

In: Burr Grafter, Honden of Life's Web, Humble Budoka, Stone Rain

Out: Forest, Lure, Matsu-Tribe Decoy, Yamabushi's Storm

After the game, Anton mused, "Guess you just had to hope I didn't have an Arcane or Spirit."

"Yeah…like, it's never gonna matter later. If you didn't have it, it's much better to play them out than to hold them," Ravitz said, referring to the fact that he had no way in his deck to remove the Earthshaker.

Anton Jonsson 1, Josh Ravitz 0

Game 2

Josh chose to draw to start Game 2. He had the first creature with Orochi Ranger, but it fell to Reach through Mists with Glacial Ray. Brutal Deceivers from each player traded while a Ronin Houndmaster snuck through to deal two damage to Anton. Kodama's Might from Ravitz then saved it from the Glacial Ray, now spliced onto an Eerie Procession that fetched Consuming Vortex.

When he again played Earthshaker on turn six, it was all but over. Sire of the Storms again followed on turn 7, then Glacial Ray splicing another Glacial Ray dealt two to Josh, cleared all his creatures, and drew Anton a card. From there the outcome was inevitable.

Anton Jonsson 2, Josh Ravitz 0

"Did you board like...I was thinking Stone Rains?" Anton asked.

"Yeah one, that's all I had," Ravitz answered.

"Why didn't you play first in the second game?"

"I need you to get manascrewed. My deck is not good. I actually can't win. I have no removal…I can't beat Earthshaker."

As Ravitz packed up his cards, he wished Anton good luck.

"It's easy when the packs bail you out," said Anton.

"I know, I saw."

Joshua Ravitz

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Anton Jonsson

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