Live Coverage of 2006 Grand Prix-Toronto

Posted in Event Coverage on June 4, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Nuijten, Julien P [NLD]Won 2-1vs.Moore, John E [USA]
2Rood, David [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Sonne, Jonathan E [USA]
3Davis, Robb W [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Boehm, Greg [USA]
4Ferneyhough, Michael F [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.McGregor, Duncan [CAN]
5Wiegersma, Jelger [NLD]Won 2-0vs.Voyer-Perrault, Gaetan [CAN]
6Hall, Zack C [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Anderson, Robert A [CAN]
7Cohen, Justin [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Jiang, Jay Z [CAN]
8Hui, Brian [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Sadeghpour, Johan [SWE]
9sanchez, kyle [USA]Won 2-0vs.Bradford, Chris S [USA]
10Daoust, Guillaume [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Fabiano, Gerard [USA]
11taulbee, brad a [USA]Won 2-1vs.Mechler, Kyle D [USA]
12Phillips, Eric [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Garnelis, Kyle M [USA]
13Vizzacco, Mark J [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Moreno, Billy [USA]
14Krakower, Gary [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Putnam, Taylor E [CAN]
15Ting-A-Kee, Andrew M [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kothari, Vipul H [USA]
16Scheel, Brandon M [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Dettelis, Philip [USA]
17Hansen, Matt P [USA]Won 2-0vs.Tait, Geordie R [CAN]
18Head, Robert V [USA]Won 2-1vs.Goodman, Ben M [USA]
19Fiorillo, John [USA]Won 2-0vs.Lundquist, Benjamin R [USA]
20Maaten, Rogier [NLD]Lost 0-2vs.De Rosa, Antonino [USA]
21Starling, Charles [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Hoaen, Richard G [CAN]
22Smith, Kyle T [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Nagy, Stephen J [USA]
23Lovin, Mark C [USA]Won 2-0vs.Denholm, Derek R [CAN]
24Evans, Murray G [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Stokinger, Andrew T [USA]
25Patterson, Jason E [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Pham, Daniel H [CAN]
26Jonsson, Anton [SWE]Won 2-1vs.Westfall, Matthew A [USA]
27McCarthy, Stephen P [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Kowal, Brian J [USA]
28Dunham, Donald E [USA]Won 2-1vs.Bailly, Henri C [USA]
29Chambers, Adam J [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Breau, Josh A [CAN]
30Stoddard, Samuel P [USA]Won 2-0vs.Swaluk, Jeff M [CAN]
31Clack, Curtis [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Leon Valencia, Francis [MEX]
32Felske, David K [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Karsten, Frank [NLD]

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