Looking at Draft One

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2003

By Jun-Wei Hew

Several hours into the day, the first draft games have been completed, and the results tabulated. By far the most popular draft archetype was black-green. Sixteen players took to this colour combination. The next most popular mixture of colours were white-red and red-green, each bringing along eleven followers. A cursory glance across the board reconfirms what many players know- blue is nearly non-existent, with just ten players choosing to run blue as one of their major colours, and an additional six running blue as a splash.

Looking at just the 3-0 players, it may also be of interest to note that not a single Red-Green player managed to sweep the table, with the sweeping combinations more or less evenly split amongst the other viable combinations. Some may want to take note of the fact that white and black were each responsible for three 3-0 decks, although just one white-black deck reached the perfect record. Perhaps red has finally been overdrafted to exhaustion?

Another observation one might make is that communication and effective signaling are even more important than ever. Out of the seven decks that ran the table, five of them did not share any colours with both their neighbours. One of the other 3-0 decks split white with the person on his left (a good deal), while the other 3-0 split the same two colours, but again with the player on his left. Some may just want to peruse through the pods, taking particular notice of Pod 8, where over half the table went B-G. Madness ensues.

We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Colors No. of Notes
B-G 16 3 players splashed blue, 2 players splashed red
W-R 11  
R-G 11 2 players splashed blue, 1 player splashed black
W-B 8  
U-R 8  
B-R 5 1 player splashed blue
U-B 2  
W 1  
W-G 1  
U-G 1  
Pod 1: Colors Record
Rubin B-R 2-1
Regnier B-G 0-2-1
Darling W-B 0-2-1
Kibler W-R 2-1
Breider W-G 2-1
Horvath R-G 1-1-1
Tsang B-R 1-1-1
Wagener U-G 2-1
Pod 2: Colors Record
Kirsch W-R 1-2
Zajdner B-G 3-0
Jordan U-B 2-1
James R-G 2-1
DeTora R-G-u 0-3
Stark W-R 1-2
Choma W-B 1-2
Gilmore R-G 2-1
Pod 3: Colors Record
Wachter R-G 0-3
White W-R 2-1
Fear W-B 2-1
Baker U-R 1-2
Imperiale W-B 1-2
Van Cleave R-G 2-1
Mowshowitz U-R 3-0
Tautic B-G 1-2
Pod 4: Colors Record
Vienneau B-G-u 1-2
Burn U-B 2-1
Laroche R-G-u 1-2
Glavin W-B 3-0
Cory B-G-u 2-1
Chapman B-R 1-2
Rodriguez U-R 0-3
De Rosa W-R 2-1
Pod 5: Colors Record
Walls U-R 3-0
Linde B-G 2-1
Wright U-R 0-3
Turian R-G 2-1
Crosby W-R 1-2
Orellana B-R 1-2
Howard R-G-b 1-2
Berkowitz W-B 2-1
Pod 6: Colors Record
Moore B-G 2-1
Freneau R-G 2-1
Mondon B-R-u 1-2
Larson W 3-0
Freedman W-B 2-1
Gauthier B-G 1-2
Russell U-R 1-2
Thomas B-G-r 0-3
Pod 7: Colors Record
Impellizzieri W-R 2-0
Lynch B-G 1-2
Jackson U-R 1-2
Benanzer W-B 0-3
Fuller U-R 2-0
Ruggiero W-B 2-0
Bachmann W-R 1-2
Flores B-G 3-0
Pod 8: Colors Record
Fitch B-G-u 1-2
Christensen B-G 2-0
Glacken B-G 0-3
Patel B-G-r 1-2
Becker W-R 3-0
Heal W-R 2-0
Gerhardt B-G-u 2-0
Nolan R-G 1-2

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