Looking at Draft Two

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2003

By Jun-Wei Hew

In a format as young as this, information tends to spread quickly. For the second draft, the lessons of the first draft of the day had been raked over the coals, enlightening the players somewhat. Theories abounded as to what is good, what is not, and what just seems good, but isn’t. The changes seen in the results of the second draft are telling.

By far the most surprising aspect about the second draft is the number of decks that defy the rule of “black or red”. White-Blue decks have sprung out of nowhere, using quick beatings through the skies to deal with any opposition. It seems that Provoke has given white some desperately needed creature control. On the other hand is the rise of Blue-Green. The two don’t feel terribly synergetic, but using green creatures to lock the ground while blue fliers take the game through the skies doesn’t seem like a bad plan. Crown of Ascension has already sent more than its fair share of monstrous beasts airborne. Only time will tell how these unorthodox matches in colour will fare. With the conclusion of the second draft, a long White-Blue deck stands undefeated. Something is up.

Regardless, Black-Green is still the king. Drawing an equal number of followers in this draft as in the last, this kind of showing can say a lot. Either Black-Green really is one of the best colour combinations out there, and people go into drafts gunning for it, or far too many players are being forced into those two colours. One thing is certain though- with a sixteen-pod average of two Black-Green decks per pod, one should take its presence into consideration. Also of note is the exodus of Red-Green players. Tales of Red-Green’s failure from the first draft has scared away many, and now its followers stand at just over half of what it used to me.

Of interest now is Pod Four, which has (somehow) managed to generate not one, but two monochrome decks- Jordan Christensen, trying to continue Matt Larson’s 3-0 streak with mono-white from the last draft, and Matt Linde, who has managed to draft himself a deck along the lines of “mono” and “green”.

Once again, we’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Colors No. of Notes
B-G 16 2 players splashed red, 1 player splashed blue
U-R 9  
W-R 7 1 player splashed black
B-R 7  
W-B 6  
R-G 6 2 players splashed black
W-U 5  
U-G 4 1 player splashed red
B-u-r 1  
W 1  
G 1  
Pod 1: Colors Record
Wagener U-R 1-1-1
Glavin B-G 1-2
Mowshowitz W-U 1-0-2
Zajdner W-B 1-0-2
James B-G 2-1
Kibler R-G 2-1
Rubin W-R 1-1-1
Walls B-G-u 0-3
Pod 2: Colors Record
Flores B-G 1-2
Becker W-B 2-1
Tsang W-R 2-1
Gilmore B-G 1-2
Jordan B-G-r 0-3
Larson B-G 1-2
Horvath W-U 2-1
Breider B-R 3-0
Pod 3: Colors Record
White R-G 0-3
Burn W-B 2-1
Van Cleave U-G 2-1
Moore W-B 2-1
Cory W-R 3-0
De Rosa R-G 1-2
Fear W-R 1-2
Berkowitz B-G 1-2
Pod 4: Colors Record
Ruggiero B-R 0-3
Christensen W 1-2
Turian U-R 1-1-1
Kirsch U-R 2-1
Impellizzieri B-G 1-2
Freneau U-R 3-0
Freedman B-G-r 2-1
Linde G 1-1-1
Pod 5: Colors Record
Heal W-B 1-2
Fuller U-G (Drop)
Gerhardt R-G-b 2-1
Darling B-G 1-2
Regnier U-R 3-0
Choma W-U 2-1
Tautic B-G 1-2
Stark R-G 2-1
Pod 6: Colors Record
Gauthier U-G 2-1
Vienneau B-R 2-1
Crosby W-U 3-0
Imperiale B-R 1-2
Laroche G-U-r 0-3
Orellana B-R 1-2
Chapman B-R 2-1
Howard U-R 1-2
Pod 7: Colors Record
DeTora B-G 3-0
Russell B-u-r 2-1
Fitch B-G (Drop)
Bachmann U-R (Drop)
Mondon R-G-b 1-2
Patel W-R 2-1
Jackson U-R 0-3
Lynch W-B 2-1
Pod 8: Colors Record
Rodriguez B-R 2-1
Wachter B-G 1-2
Nolan W-R 1-2
Wright U-R 2-1
Benanzer B-G 3-0
Glacken W-R-b 1-2
Thomas W-U 2-1

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