Loser's Bracket Finals Feature Match: Wei Ren Khoo vs. Ben Seck

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By Liam Coltman

After going 1-1in their first 2 finals matches, both Seck and Khoo were playing to stay alive. The winner of the match would face the winner of the other 1-1 matchup to see who would end up 3rd or 4th. The loser would go home bitterly dissapointed to have come so close and left with so little.

Game 1

Both players began game 1 by casting Tsabo's Webs on turn 2, cycling them for what they hoped would be more useful cards in the matchup. Khoo then cast the first Accumulated Knowledge and Seck then took advantage of this by casting his own, except that he got two cards for the price of one. Seck then resolved two Fact or Fictions, netting himself a Lobotomy and a Conterspell from the first, and a Recall and two Underground Rivers from the second. When Seck tried to Accumulate Knowledge again it was Absorbed, and his Recall for 3 was Foiled by a tapped out Khoo.

The two then both resolved Accumulated Knowledges and Fact or Fictions, but Seck was unable to find his Nether Spirit, despite digging half way through his deck. When Khoo resolved a Blinding Angel he was able to protect it from a Vendetta with a Counterspell, and Khoo was still able to Counterspell Secks Ascendant Evincar. Even after Seck managed to Recoil the Angel, when he tried to Tsabo's Decree it was met by a CounterSpell, and then a 3 point Recall for Khoo caused Seck to scoop up his cards.

Game 2

After starting off game 2 with a second turn Millstone Seck looked to be in good shape, however Khoo was up to the challenge and dropped a Millstone of his own. After a few grinds from both players a counter war ensued over a Dismantling Blow on Seck's Millstone, and just when he thought he'd won with a misdirect to Khoo's Millstone Khoo Misdirected Seck's attempt at a counter.

The two then proceeded to grind the others players deck away, but unfortulately for Seck he couldn't get one of his Nether Spirits tripped. When Seck finally got one of his Spirits in to play it was Last Breathed, and he searched in vein for a Recoil to remove the Millstone. However just like the Nether Spirit, he was unable to find a Recoil and perished with no cards left in his library.

Final Result: Khoo defeated Seck 2-0

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