Magic Invitational 2002 Introduction

Posted in Event Coverage on October 10, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to the 2002 Magic: the Gathering Invitational. This is our seventh event and sixth continent. But more importantly, the Invitational is going someplace it's never been before: online.

The Invitational is very different from most other Premier-level Magic events. Don't get me wrong. The Invitational will involve top pros (sixteen of the best from around the world will be flown to Seattle to play on Magic Online) competing for a big prize: the chance to design their very own Magic card. But the nature of the event, the mood of the event, the very structure of the event is very different from the run-of-the-mill Pro Tour.

The Invitational is Magic's all-star game. The competitors will test their Magic skills in five different formats, three Constructed and two Limited, over fifteen rounds. This means each player will play each other player once. For a full schedule, click here. The top two finishers at the end of the fifteen rounds will compete against one another in a best of three match finals using all three Constructed formats.

The Invitational is designed to challenge the competitors while providing maximum entertainment for the spectators. The formats are as varied as they are fun. Over the course of the event, you will see the top players in the world play formats of the future, bid for Alphabet decks and play Two-Headed Giant. Watch as these players enjoy the many facets of the game of Magic.

At the Pro Tours, we have a special area called the Feature Matches where we stick the most exciting matches of each round. These matches are watched by numerous spectators and are covered online. The Invitational is the tournament where every match is a Feature Match.

In addition, this year, you all have an opportunity to not just read about the matches but actually watch them. Spectators can watch replays of all the matches moments after they end. Or a week from now. Or sometime next year. What happens at this year's Invitational will be permanently recorded.

So please join us as we make history with the very first Premiere Magic event to be held online. For analysis and further coverage of the event, check out, this year's sponsor.

Let me just end by wishing all our competitors the best of luck. And most of all, have fun.

Mark Rosewater
Creator & Head Judge, Magic Invitational

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