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Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2003

By Geordie Tait

Travel Agent -- Dirk Baberowski

Though it's no secret in Pro Tour circles, you might be interested to know that Dirk Baberowski owns a travel agency in his home country of Germany, and has been involved in the business for a little over two years. I wanted to get more information from Dirk, but before I could get into the details, Marco interjected in his booming voice: "Bah! Do it tomorrow! Let's go!" It had been a long day for Phoenix Foundation.

Game Show Contestant -- Ed Fear

Though Ed's real job is probably "store owner", you could also make a case for "actor" or, if he's to be believed, "game show contestant". He was on "Jeopardy" (when he was 16) and more recently, "Win Ben Stein's Money". After doing away with the other two contestants on the show, Ed was narrowly defeated in the final by Ben Stein, who bested him by the slimmest of margins--one point. He still owns the world's only "autographed by Ben Stein" Beta Black Lotus.

Game Developer -- Zvi Mowshowitz

We're in Boston, so it's perhaps appropriate that I can draw in this entry a parallel to a Boston legend--the great Celtics star, Larry Bird. Once, when asked by a reporter what he did while not playing basketball, the Birdman shrugged and answered, "Play basketball." That pretty much sums up the nature of Larry's appeal.

The above quote reminds me of Zvi. I think that if he were asked what he does when he's not gaming, he would reply with some version of Bird's response. A gaming machine with few peers in that regard, Zvi is the developer of Cyberpunk the Collectible Card Game, which is coming out in December. He's has been involved in the project for several months and plans to be the head of organized play if things go as expected.

Comic Book Artist -- Mike Flores

Mike is not only a tremendous writer but also a talented artist! He entered an amateur art contest that was being held on "some site", and made the cut to Top 10 out of 169 artists, and though he didn't win the contest, he was signed by a movie production company as a result of the work he did! Big things coming for BPFlores?

Computer Systems Administrator -- Eric "Danger" Taylor

Now I know why EDT's middle name is "Danger"--he braves boredom that would be beyond any normal man. There is an upside, though, to the position held by everyone's favorite Ann Arbor magician: it leaves him plenty of time to visit the favored chatroom of zany Magic players everywhere, the venerable #mtgwacky. EDT assures me that his favorite thing about the job is actually the money, while the worst thing is, as you might suspect, the boredom.

Lead Singer of Def Leppard Cover Band -- Osyp Lebedowicz

As if there was any doubt. In writing this article, I spent a lot of time scanning the tournament area for players who might have an interesting occupation to include. Eventually, I took a deep breath, sighed mightily, and sidled up to Osyp with the solemn foreknowledge that his response to my question would be a) very entertaining and b) a complete and utter falsehood of grandiose magnitude. Osyp maintains that the best part of his "job" is "the chicks," and that the worst part is "nothing."

He's really a financial analyst in New Jersey.

Project Coordinator, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority -- Ken Krouner

When Ken told me that one, I just smiled and nodded.
I did not ask him what his duties were.
I did not ask him how long he had been working at his position.
I couldn't muster the guts. I'd been frightened into hiding by his mammoth job title. It took me longer to write out than it will take you to read this entry. Ken enjoys his job for the cashola (a popular sentiment amongst interviewees) and says that the worst part is the fact that "there sometimes isn't much for me to do."

That's a downside?

Accountant -- Seth Burn

Seth Burn, who is known not only for writing about the game but for seldom attending the Pro Tours for which he qualifies, is an accountant in the New York area. His favorite part of the job is, and I quote, "stealing money from the government." The worst part? "Seven days of hell around the 15th of various months."

That Seth Burn is something else. Not only can he straighten out your Constructed deck, but also your finances. Double threat guy!

Tennis Instructor -- Ben Ronaldson

The only known tennis instructor on the Pro Tour is Ben Ronaldson of England, who teaches "real tennis," the original version of the game from which all others (including the most popular version played by WTA stars) are derived. He's been involved with it his whole life--in fact, his father was World Champion for seven years! With winning spirit like that in his lineage, it's no wonder Ben continues to find success in Magic.

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