Magic Online Championship
Round 1 Pairings

Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

Player Points Opponent Points
Andrew Shrout / JohnnyHotSauce 0 vs. Hiroki Yamashita / ht991122 0
Samuel Pardee / Smdster 0 vs. Oscar Jones / pyromaniac4290 0
Jacek Cezar Sadurski / jacksad 0 vs. David Caplan / goobafish 0
Christopher Hartman / cozmo 0 vs. Reid Duke / reiderrabbit 0
Ari Malka / Lord.NazguL 0 vs. Jorge Pinazo / painas 0
Jan van der Vegt / Dzy 0 vs. Andreas Eklund / Eken. 0
Dimitri Butakov / Butakov 0 vs. Daniel Botoff / Sylenced1 0
Malte Holm / Malteko 0 vs. Sean McLaren / ArsenalMunch 0

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