Magic Online Community Cup: Rise of the Eldrazi Sealed Deck Results

Posted in Event Coverage on June 10, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Here's how the scoring works: For the two Limited formats and Standard, there will be three rounds of Swiss pitting a member of one team against a player from the other team. Your first match win in a format is worth 4 points, your second win 6, and third win 7, meaning that a single player can contribute up to 17 points to his or her team's score in a format. For Commander, players will be placed in four-person pods (two players per team). The winning player earns 17 points, second place is 10, third place 4, and fourth place is worth zero points. Whichever team has a higher total points after all four formats will be declared the winner!

CC Points listed below are cumulative by player. Due to scheduling conflicts, only two rounds of Rise of the Eldrazi Sealed Deck were played.

Round 1CC points CC pointsGame Score
Mark Rosewater0vsBrad Nelson - CC_ FffreaK40-2
Jason Radabaugh0vsMarin Baraba - CC_ Plejades41-2
Mike Gills0vsGavin Verhey - CC_ gavinv40-2
Lee Sharpe0vsCallum Milne - CC_zammm40-2
Eric Pope4vsVictor Bloodgood - CC_ tempesteye02-0
Doug Beyer4vsJoseph Hill - CC_ MTGKaioshin02-1
Jason Smith0vsBill Stark - CC_ Starkpo41-2
Michael Turian0vsEd Grabianowski - CC_ zeppelined41-2
Total8 24
Round 2CC points CC pointsGame Score
Mark Rosewater0vsVictor Bloodgood - CC_ tempesteye40-2
Jason Radabaugh4vsBill Stark - CC_ Starkpo42-1
Mike Gills0vsJoseph Hill - CC_ MTGKaioshin40-2
Lee Sharpe0vsEd Grabianowski - CC_ zeppelined101-2
Eric Pope4vsMarin Baraba - CC_ Plejades101-2
Doug Beyer10vsGavin Verhey - CC_ gavinv02-0
Jason Smith4vsCallum Milne - CC_zammm42-1
Michael Turian0vsBrad Nelson - CC_ FffreaK101-2
Total22 50

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