Magic Online Community Cup: Touring Seattle

Posted in Event Coverage on June 9, 2010

By Nate Price

A longtime member of the Pro Tour and Grand Prix coverage staff, Nate Price now works making beautiful words for all of you lovely people as the community manager for organized play. When not covering events, he lords over the @MagicProTour Twitter account, ruling with an iron fist.

It's not just wall-to-wall Magic for the nine Community Cup participants. Before the action started Wednesday, they were herded onto a shuttle for a day-long jaunt around the city of Seattle.

After arriving at the Pike Place Market, the players were given a scavenger hunt designed to take them throughout the market, interacting with people along the way as they explored and learned about one of the most memorable and historic parts of Seattle. While wandering around myself, I ran into the trio of Joseph Hill, Marin Baraba, and Victor Bloodgood hunting for information while enjoying the scenery.

After wandering through the Pike Place Market and enjoying a little food and drink at the Pike Place Brewery, we were all packed up and sent off to the Science Fiction Museum in downtown Seattle. As expected from a group of self-proclaimed dorks, all of us were soon lost amidst a sea of bat'leths and Dr. Zaius statues as we wandered in awe. Here's a little footage.

Sharing a building with the Science Fiction Museum was the Experience Music Project. After we had all stoked and satiated our inner fanboys, the majority of us wandered throughout the museum checking out such cool things as the history of guitars, the music scene in Seattle, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience experience. In addition to all of the museum-style exhibits, there was an entire floor of the museum devoted to a more hands-on style of learning. Surrounding us were instruments of all varieties, including guitars, keyboards, and drum sets, hooked up to computers with very informative learning programs that taught anyone interested how to make more than just the occasional sound. Evan Erwin and I even took the chance to hit one of their jam studios for a little live time with the instruments (footage intentionally not included).

Perhaps the coolest thing on the floor to me, though, and the one that received the most attention from the players was the massive drum circle in the center of the room. Large enough to fit seven or eight of us around it and featuring an equal number of different percussion instruments, this drum circle drew us in like moths to a flame. Here's a little footage of us making some sweet, sweet music together.

After getting our rock on, it became time to mosey on over to the next fun location. While in Seattle, one thing that needs to be done is a visit to the Space Needle. To leave Seattle without being at the foot of the massive monument would be like taking a trip to China and failing to visit the Great Wall. With this in mind, we set off to find it.

After standing at the base of the Space Needle for a little bit and musing on how much damage a penny dropped from the top would cause, we started to amble off to dinner. On the way, we walked through a small carnival taking place in the area. Brad Nelson and Gavin Verhey made the brilliant suggestion to ride the carousel. This is what ensued...

After a nice dinner of burgers and ice cream from Dick's, we hopped the shuttle to make a quick jaunt out to Bellevue to play some cards against the local community at Uncle's Games. This community wasn't your everyday community, either. With Wizards just a few minutes away, the local community in Seattle and its surrounding communities has a strong contribution of players from the company that makes the game in the first place, which is really cool. There is nothing like sitting down to an EDH deck with Ken Nagle right after ganging up with two other players to take down the evil archenemy Aaron Forsythe. It's truly a unique gaming experience, and the community team players certainly took full advantage of it.

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