Magic Online World Championship Day One

Posted in Event Coverage on December 9, 2010

By Ray "blisterguy" Walkinshaw

Once day one of the Individual World Championship was in the books, the twelve Magic Online Championship Series winners made their way over to the Magic Online Quarter to battle in day one of the Magic Online World Championship. In contrast with the Individual event, which showcased Standard on day one, The Magic Online Champs got started with Extended. Interestingly, the Individual event would be playing Extended on Saturday after playing Standard on Thursday, while the Magic Online Champs would have the opposite. This theoretically creates an interesting dynamic where each event feeds tech to the other.

But before the players could submit their decks, they were given some sweet, custom-made, limited-edition Mirran or Phyrexian Astro A30 Gaming headphones. That's one or the other, of course. In support of Phyrexia were Carlos Ramão, Mongkol Techarattanaprasert, Akira Asahara, Oliver Oks, Logan Nettles, Jakguy Subcharoen, and Shintaro Ishimura. A little outnumbered were the Mirran affiliates, Chris O'Bryant, Reid Duke, Brad Nelson, Meng Fan Xuan, and Bing Luke. Oh, and when I say limited edition, I mean these are the only guys who will ever have these. Ever.

Meng Fan Xuan shows off the Mirran contingents' Astro headphones.

So with the headphone faction selection out of the way, it was time to battle it out over four rounds of Extended. Before long it was clear that the forerunners would be Brad Nelson and Akira Asahara, the only players after three rounds still undefeated. Naturally, they put up their fisticuffs to duke it out in round four to see who would remain undefeated.

Akira Asahara, Phyrexian (and 4-0)

Asahara took Game 1 easily with an early Bitterblossom, after Nelson's Four-Color Control deck failed to deliver him an Esper Charm to deal with it. But if the presence of an Island or two near Asahara's Bitterblossom led you to believe he was playing a typical Faeries deck, think again. Game 2 showcased the true power of his deck, when—after a counter war with Nelson—Asahara resolved a Polymorph on one of his Mutavaults, putting none other than Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into play, leaving Nelson on three wins and a loss. Joining Nelson with that record were Ishimura with his Green-White Summoning Trap Aggro deck, and Nettles with the White Weenie build he designed with his cousin and fellow Magic Online World Championship competitor Reid Duke.


With the Extended rounds behind them, the December Dozen went their separate ways for the night, each well aware they had another full day ahead of them, with two Scars of Mirrodin drafts in the Individual Event, then a (as yet unreleased!) Masters Edition IV draft in the Magic Online Champs.

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